Chapter 52

It was almost 1 am. Mo Zhen planned on washing up and sleeping after carrying Li Yan’s luggage into her room. Li Yan was also really sleepy, so she planned to take out everything and tidy up in the morning after she woke up. Her hand hit the bag swung across her shoulder as she suddenly turned her body to face the Mo Zhen who was already at the door, “Emperor Mo!”

  Mo Zhen turned his head back, his half-lidded eyes looking sleepily at her, “What’s wrong?”

  ”Uh, that …” Li Yan was suddenly a little embarassed, “Can I put up a poster in your room?”


  He suddenly remembered Piao Piao telling him Li Yan had won his special limited edition poster. The corners of Mo Zhen’s lips raised as he took a step into the room, “It depends on who is on your poster.”

  ”It’s not a person…Just a…Landscape painting!”

  ”Landscape painting?” Mo Zhen stood in place as he stared at Li Yan, even his eyes seemed to be smiling, “No, it will destroy the style of my room.”


  Li Yan’s mouth twitched as she unashamedly asked him,  “Then what kind of posters won’t ruin the style of your room?”

  ”Of course it should be my poster.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Hehe, she had already guessed.

  But if she were to bring out that morally wrong poster in front of Mo Zhen’s face… Sorry, she really could not.

  ”Nevermind, I won’t put it up. You can go back to your room now.” Li Yan smiled, squinting as she pointed in the direction of the door, like she was telling someone to “walk slowly, I won’t send you” kind of manner.

(TN: Hmm… How do you explain this… Walk slowly, I won’t send you is something polite to say when your guests leave in China. EN: In the vernacular, ‘Glad you came. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here’.)

  Mo Zhen blinked and did not say anything as he turned to walk out of Li Yan’s room.

  After Li Yan rummaged through her luggage for some clean clothes, she went into the bathroom to take a shower. When she walked out, her entire appearance gave off a rosy red colour. Li Yan buried her face in her pillow as she rolled around on the bed. She felt this entire situation was kind of extraordinary.

  She and Emperor Mo were living together?! If Shampoo was to find out, would she grab a knife and stab her to death?

  Thinking about how she had cheated her out of a poster before, Li Yan’s heart suddenly felt a little guilty. If she knew earlier that she would be able to see the real version, why would she go seek a small small poster ah!

  She should find a chance to get Shampoo a poster autographed by Emperor Mo. Thinking about it, she was quite pitiful..

  At the same time Chen Qingyang, who was sitting on her bed as she struggled to code, suddenly sneezed.

  Li Yan’s thoughts kept circling around the poster and sure enough, if she did not place the poster above her bed, she would not be able to sleep.

  Standing up on the bed, Li Yan opened her big bag and took out the carefully wrapped poster. He had said that his poster was allowed to be put up, so it didn’t matter if she put it up, right?

  Li Yan unwrapped the poster and giggled twice, then she put up the poster above the bed.

  The next morning, Mo Zhen had been standing in Li Yan’s room for five minutes when her alarm clock started to ring.

  Mo Zhen glanced at the non-stop ringing alarm clock and quickly silenced it.

  ”Wu … …” Li Yan rubbed her face on the pillow as she slowly opened her eyes. Mo Zhen was standing beside her bed, his eyes smiling as he watched her.

  Li Yan was stunned for a moment and then quickly wrapped the quilt around her body. With a piercing shriek, she sat up immediately: “You you you why why are you here!”

  Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows. Not only did he not have the slightest trace of embarrassment from being caught in the act, he even possessed a noble and chivalrous expression, “This is my house, why can’t I be here?”

  ”But you have given me the room!”

  ”Given you?”

  ”I mean, let me live …”

  Mo Zhen’s mouth twitched as his gaze moved to the opposite wall. Li Yan’s reaction took a second, then she quickly threw herself onto the wall, “Do not look ah!”

  Mo Zhen finally could not help but laugh. Hearing his laughter, Li Yan’s face became more and more red, making Mo Zhen laugh even more.

  Li Yan was ashamed to show her face as she listened to Mo Zhen’s laughter. Pasting a naked poster of someone above her bed and then having the same person discover it… Lying cow! Would she able to live through this!

  Mo Zhen came over and placed one hand onto the bed as he leaned over her, “In fact, if you really want to see, I can take it off for you to look at.”


  Li Yan’s brain had already completely crashed; all that was left was an empty shell staring silly at Mo Zhen.

  Mo Zhen moved closer, even his voice was enveloped with an enchanting charm: “The real person looks even better than the poster.”

  Li Yan swore her heart had never beat so quickly in this lifetime. Even when her college examination results came out her heart had not beat so quickly. She gulped, raising her head to gaze at the handsome face in front of her as she sincerely asked: “How much can be taken off?”

  ”How much do you want to see …” Mo Zhen’s voice became a little hoarse. He slightly lowered his head and met Li Yan’s lips softly.

  ”The dragonfly touches the water lightly” kind of kiss.

(TN: In other words, a superficial contact.)

  Li Yan’s brain exploded with a boom like fireworks. She felt her heart was almost jumping out of her chest.  

Mo Zhen slightly breathed a few breaths and then quickly left her room.

  Li Yan sat there motionless. All that was left in her brain was the kiss. Perhaps it wasn’t even considered to be a kiss, but, but … … she has not brushed her teeth yet ah!!!

  Li Yan’s heart was indignant and ashamed, if it weren’t for her boss’s handsome looks, she would certainly push him and then brush her teeth!

  Taking out her phone, Li Yan used all of her emotions to write a Weibo post, “Not afraid of the rogue being bad, afraid that the rogue looks handsome.”

(TN: rhymes in Chinese!)

  When Mo Zhen came out of the bathroom, his heart was still slightly agitated. His behavior a moment ago was truly somewhat like a rogue’s. In Li Yan’s view, did it look like after playing rogue, he made a complete escape from the scene?

  Just as he was pondering this, a notification about Li Yan’s newest Weibo post from ten minutes ago popped up on his phone.

  Not afraid of the rogue being bad, afraid that the rogue looks handsome.

  Mo: “…”

  He actively mobilized his twenty years of literary talent that had not been touched, but when he was still thinking about his next move, a true literary maiden appeared.

  Boiled lemon @ Da Li not Da Li: Even if he is handsome, cannot save the rogue from being bad.

  Mo: “…”

  He boarded his trumpet Eating Pears and replied under Boiled Lemon comment.

  Eating pear @ boiled lemon: First of all, you need a rogue. 🙂

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  What is wrong with this man?

  She wanted to hang him from the ceiling! Hang him to death!

  Li Yan brushed her teeth three times until she was finally satisfied. After she changed her clothes and walked out the bedroom, she had a slight headache as she thought about what expression to have when she encountered Emperor Mo.

  However, the real person suffering from a headache was Emperor Mo. His heart was gloomy, and even as he scrolled through Taobao he wasn’t very passionate.

  Because they had slept earlier last night, they both woke up before ten o’clock. It was too late to eat breakfast, but too early to eat lunch- a really awkward time period.

  So Emperor Mo chose not to eat so that when it was 12 o’clock, he could go out for lunch.

  When Li Yan came down, Emperor Mo was still gloomily shopping on Taobao. Pretending to casually go up to him to look, Li Yan found that he had a Taobao page open. Suddenly her headache got bigger.

  Even a person who lives in a grand mansion scrolls through Taobao to buy things? It can also give them a way out!

(TN: I think it means that it gives the rich people an alternative way to buy things.EN: Even the rich use Taobao for retail therapy.)

  ”Keke.” Standing behind Mo Zhen, Li Yan pretended to cough twice. Mo Zhen’s hand on the mouse suddenly stiffened as he listened to Li Yan behind him ask, “Emperor Mo, visiting Taobao ah?”

  ”…En,” He clicked on a white chocolate biscuit and pretended to stare at the merchandise. Li Yan was instantly attracted by the picture of the chocolate. She dragged a chair over and sat by Mo Zhen’s side, “Wow, this chocolate biscuits look very delicious. Is it made in Hokkaido?”

  ”Ah, en, do you like it?” Mo Zhen asked while he placed the item into the shopping cart, “This store has many snacks. Their fruit pudding is also very good.”

  Mo Zhen opened the home page,and an array of snacks instantly attracted Li Yan’s eyes, “They all look very delicious ah! This cake is so cute, and I’ve wanted to eat this chocolate for a very long time!”

  Mo Zhen listened to her and at the same time added all of the snacks she mentioned into the shopping cart. When it was time to checkout, Li Yan looked at the RMB that was quickly catching up to her monthly salary. Her mouth couldn’t help but twitch, “You like to buy snacks to eat online?”

  She did not realize that more than 90 percent of the snacks in here were personally added by her.

  Mo Zhen used his bank card to pay. Facing the computer he nodded, “En, I buy them every month.”

  After he replied, Li Yan did not respond for a very long time. He could not resist any longer and turned his head to look at Li Yan, “What’s wrong?

  ”No, it just feels a little meng.” Li Yan endured her laughter

(TN: meng means cute, meng meng da!)

  Mo: “…”

  Xiang Yunze and Tang Qiang have always laughed at him for eating snacks. However, no one has ever said they “felt it was a little meng.” A little meng this sentence… … was actually not bad, because he also felt it was a bit meng.

  Looking at Li Yan’s smile, Mo Zhen’s lips moved and said: “What happened just a moment ago, I apologize…”

  Li Yan: “…”

  She deliberately didn’t mention this matter, so why must he mention it?!

  Her cheeks could not help but heat up; Li Yan rose from the chair and turned to walk towards the kitchen: “I’ll make lunch.”

  Mo Zhen opened his mouth. He had wanted to say they were going out to eat, but the words that came out of his mouth were, “Remember to make the rice.”

(TN: Xixi suddenly remembered she has to make the rice… whoops)

  Li Yan: “…”

  She will not make the same stupid mistake a second time okay!

  She had used up all the tomatoes in the fridge yesterday, so today she could not cook a tomato feast again. Fortunately she found some microwave-ready meals to heat up. The fridge also had some vegetables that were perfect for lazy people. They were all pre-cut and spiced and only needed to be thrown into the pot to be fried.

  Putting it all together, Li Yan made three dishes and a soup in the end. She suddenly missed the time they ate lunch boxes in the studio.

  Although the dishes Li Yan cooked could not be considered delicious, they were not tasteless. Moreover, in Emperor Mo’s eyes, even if Li Yan fed him poison, it was honey to him. After finishing the meal there was not much left in the dishes; Li Yan looked at the time. After washing the dishes it would be time to go to the studio.

  Tidying up the dishes and chopsticks from the table, she was ready to take them into the kitchen to wash when Mo Zhen suddenly stopped her, “You cooked the meal, I should be the one washing the dishes ah.”

  ”Ah,” Letting Emperor Mo personally wash the dishes, she was afraid it wasn’t a good idea, “No need, this is my responsibility anyway.”

  Mo Zhen ignored her and carried the pair of chopsticks to the kitchen.

  Li Yan looked at Emperor Mo working hard in the kitchen. Somehow, they didn’t seem like an actor and his assistant – more like a husband and his wife.

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