Chapter 56

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edited by Ocelot

Mo Zhen could almost hear the sound of Du Du’s roar across the computer screen.

  He was somewhat annoyed at himself for impulsively telling Du Du this information. Knowing his family’s character, they would definitely pester him for three nights and three days on this issue.

  As he predicted, a call coming from Du Du’s mother appeared on his phone screen.

  Mo Zhen reluctantly picked up the phone; playing taichi with his sister for half an hour was even more exhausting than having to deal with than those gossip reporters. If his family was thrown into a group of paparazzi, they could become the eight elders of the industry in just a few minutes.

  After waiting patiently for Du Du’s mother to finally finish, Mo Zhen took the opportunity to decisively hang up the phone and encountered Li Yan as she walked down the stairs.

  ”Zhen Zhen.” Li Yan had just woken up and the sleepiness in her expression had not completely disappeared, making her look like a lazy small kitten.

  Mo Zhen placed his slightly hot phone down. He subconsciously walked up to her and pulled her to sit down on the couch beside him, “Does your head still hurt?”

  A person couldn’t help but act spoiled when faced with that gentle water-like tone. Li Yan looked at him and nodded slightly, “Just a little.”

  Mo Zhen touched the piece of gauze wrapped around Li Yan’s head; his tone was once again gentle and soft, “Be good, it’ll heal very soon. Are you hungry now?”

  ”I’m hungry!”

  Mo Zhen could not hold back his laughter and handed her a box of unopened white chocolate biscuits from the table. “Eat a little first to fill up your stomach. Tang Qiang’s coming to cook dinner later. “

  Li Yan: “Tang Qiang?!”

  ”Do you have any questions?”

  ”…” Was there no problem in his statement?

  Li Yan did not think that Tang Qiang would actually come to cook dinner, she was even more surprised when he swiftly arrived five minutes later. At that moment, the white chocolate biscuit in Li Yan’s hands was still unfinished.

  Li Yan put down her unfinished white chocolate biscuit when she saw Tang Qiang come in and stood cautiously: “Good evening Supervisor Tang!”

  The corners of Tang Qiang’s mouth raised as he carried a large bag of groceries through the door, “Are your injuries okay?”

  ”Nothing, just a little scratch.”

  Tang Qiang turned his head to stare at Mo Zhen. A small scratch had almost caused Mo Zhen to threaten to peel off all his skin? Was being the opposite sex meant that they would be treated differently by everyone?

  As it turns out, it was very possible.

  Mo Zhen touched Li Yan’s head and smiled mysteriously, “Just tell Uncle Tang whatever you wish to eat later, he knows how to cook everything.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  Laozi is China’s young leader, not China’s old leader!

  ”It is truly an honour to serve Emperor Mo.” Tang Qiang’s mouth twitched as he disappeared into the kitchen. Mo Zhen watched his silhouette and smiled, “You’re welcome. You deserve it.”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  As an older single youth, Tang Qiang could raise himself into a chubby small white meat, but  there were definitely two uses to every brush. Li Yan looked at a table full of dishes and sighed, “Supervisor Tang, you’re amazing! If you didn’t become agent, you could definitely work in a restaurant!”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  Thank you.

  Mo Zhen chuckled lowly and looked up at Tang Qiang. “When your opening day arrives, I’ll definitely send you the biggest flower basket, Big Boss Tang.”

  Was it necessary to constantly throw stun grenades at him? It’s not as if he, Tang Qiang, was someone nobody wanted right? There were countless stars that had wanted to hug this big tree of his, and yet there was still a certain someone who wanted to use him as a cook?!

(TN: 用得著這樣一唱一和地放閃光彈嗎, is anyone familiar with the use of stun grenades as internet language? I’m guessing he’s using it as slang, but I only know the literal meaning of the word.)

  Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows and stared at Tang Qiang with meaningful eyes, “Tang Qiang, how many times have I told you? Your inner thoughts should be kept secret in your heart, don’t display them so openly.”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  Smiling silly, Tang Qiang got up and attentively took the empty bowl in front of Mo Zhen. His appearance was like a hard-working conch girl, “Emperor Mo, I’ll help you get another bowl of rice.”

(TN: Conch girl – based on a folk tale about a beautiful conch (sea snail) girl  and a fisherman)

  Looking at Tang Qiang’s disappearing figure, Li Yan had trouble swallowing her white rice, “Is he really Supervisor Tang?”

  Mo Zhen’s eyes drifted to Li Yan as he asked her a rhetorical question, “The Tang Qiang you’re acquainted with, what’s he like?”

  … Anyway, he was definitely not like this.

  Li Yan smiled and continued to put rice into her bowl.

  ”Don’t just eat rice, eating more meat will help your wounds heal quicker.” Mo Zhen said as he placed a piece of beef into Li Yan’s bowl.

  ”Thank you.” Li Yan was moved to tears; whomever married Zhen Zhen in the future really had good fortune. A husband who persuaded their wife to eat more meat was a good husband!

  After Tang Qiang finished serving the rice, he returned to see Mo Zhen endlessly adding food to Li Yan’s bowl.

  He really wanted to take a picture of his single dog life and post it to Weibo to display, but Tang Qiang’s weakness laid in that fact that he never dared to make any of his ideas into reality.

  After dinner, washing the dishes naturally fell onto Tang Qiang’s head. As Mo Zhen had stated, Li Yan was wounded and needed rest and care. As for him …haha, where was the sink?

  Li Yan watched Tang Qiang’s miserable figure as her guilty heart also became sad, “I should go help Tang Qiang.”

  ”No, you sit well.” Mo Zhen handed a warm cup of milk to Li Yan’s hands, “Drink it and go up to bed. You can also take a day off tomorrow to rest at home. “

  ”How is that okay!” Li Yan held the cup in both hands as her eyes shined brightly at Mo Zhen. “How can I rest here alone when you’re so busy? My injury has almost completely healed, I’m not that delicate. “

  Mo Zhen looked at the person opposite him. His expression was as calm as water. She had been in a coma for half a year and there was a limit to how quickly a body could recover. Even more, she had just gotten into a car accident. Although the injury was not heavy, she must’ve been in a lot of shock. The more he thought about it, the more distressed he became. Finally he spoke: “Don’t worry, I won’t deduct your salary.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  That wasn’t the problem to begin with!

  ”If you don’t want to rest at home, go out and help me get a gift. My niece’s birthday is the day after tomorrow.” Going shopping was also considered to be relaxing.

  ”Your niece’s birthday?” Li Yan’s eyes lit up as she appeared to be very interested in this topic, “How old is she?”

  ”Eight years old.” He had recently been too busy. If it weren’t for Du Du reminding him, he would have completely forgotten about her birthday.

  ”Eight years old …” Li Yan muttered to herself, contemplating what to give a young eight year girl as a birthday present. “Oh yeah, isn’t the day after tomorrow the 30th? Her birthday is only one day away from mine! “

  Mo Zhen was surprised for a moment. His eyebrows and even the atmosphere around him tensed as he asked, “You were born on the 29th?”

  ”No, I was born on May 1st. The working people are the most honourable!”

  Mo Zhen sighed in relief: good, there was still enough time.

  Li Yan stopped here and suddenly remember what she had wanted to tell Mo Zhen: “Oh yeah Zhen Zhen, I may have to go home for dinner on the 1st.”

  Mo Zhen’s gaze moved as he nodded to Li Yan, “Ok, but you have to return by nighttime to sleep here.”


  ”Because this is the most efficient way for me to take you to the studio the next morning.”


  However, she obviously can take a taxi ah.

  Li Yan looked at Mo Zhen’s glowing eyes that were filled with water. It seemed that if she dared to object, they would start dripping down into puddles.

  ”En,” she had finally succumbed to his beauty.

  Satisfied with her reply, the corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth finally rose again. Tang Qiang had just returned from the kitchen when he saw this scene. He clicked his tongue. It seemed Mo Zhen was really planted this time… Planted well!

  His joy in seeing others’ misfortune filled the kitchen. He even felt quite energized while washing the dishes.

  The next day, Mo Zhen went to the studio on time as Li Yan dragged Chen Qingyang out to choose a gift.

  Chen Qingyang massaged her sour calves as she carried a handbag in her right hand and sat down on the street bench –  complaining, “Da Li, it’s your boss’s niece’s birthday and yet you have to go buy a present. Are you working as an editor or a nanny? “

  ”En,” Li Yan took the milk tea into her hands and sat down next to Chen Qingyang. “Boss is usually too busy, he doesn’t have the time to buy presents.”

  ”That’s none of your business!” Chen Qingyang stared unrelently at Li Yan, “It’s none of my business either!”

  ”I just don’t know what to buy.” Pulling Chen Qingyang from the bench, Li Yan finally threw the bait. “I’ll invite you to eat later, we can swipe my boss’s card.”

  As soon as Chen Qingyang heard this remark, she asked, “Da Li, your boss is rest assured to hand his bank card to you? How much is in his card?”

  Li Yan’s mouth twitched as she continued to move forward. “It’s best if you don’t ask. If you know, it’ll ruin all three of your concepts.”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  Her three views were as hard as iron, how could they be so easily destroyed!

(TN: three concepts are the three philosophies in life, truth, goodness and beauty blah blah blah. Li Yan’s referring to the fact that if Chen Qingyang knew how much money Mo Zhen had, she might be tempted to do something bad and thus ruin her three concepts of goodness and life.)

  The two finally chose a dress for Du Du. Although they had no experience, the dress was truly quite cute – so cute that they wished they could return to eight years old and try it on.

  Li Yan sighed in relief after selecting a present. They were both tired from shopping all day and decided to just rest in a nearby sushi restaurant. Since Li Yan had already explained that they would be swiping her boss’s card, Chen Qingyang ordered bluntly, not contemplating the best dish, but rather just directly picking the most expensive one.

  Li Yan’s heart was a little uneasy as she stared at the bill. Did they go too far? Chen Qingyang was still complaining about how she had not eaten enough and wanted to continue to go eat at the next restaurant. Li Yan patted her thick face and carried the dress back home.

  Mo Zhen returned earlier today, waking Li Yan up when he opened the door. Li Yan looked up at the clock; it was just a little after midnight.

  When Mo Zhen came in, he saw Li Yan sitting on the couch and could not hold back his frown, “Didn’t I tell you not to wait for me? You’ll catch a cold if you sleep here.”

  Li Yan stood up from the couch and smiled at Mo Zhen, “Zhen Zhen, I brought sushi back. Wait for me to go heat it up.”

  Li Yan ran to the kitchen and turned to the microwave oven. The sushi had long been placed inside and was waiting for Mo Zhen to return home. After a short time, Li Yan hurried back to the living room and handed Du Du’s gift and Mo Zhen’s credit card back to him.

  ”Zhen Zhen, I ate a little more at night……” Li Yan hesitated. Should she give the receipt to Mo Zhen?

  Mo Zhen couldn’t help but chuckle. He took the gift from Li Yan’s hands but did not pick up the bank card, “You can keep the card.”


  ”En … If later I ask you to buy something for me, I won’t have to give you the card every single time.”


  ”Oh yes, didn’t you say that it’s unsafe using a birthday as a password? Help me change it to 724501.”

  ”……” I’ve also told you not to tell me the new password ah. Did you not hear it? Wait, 724501?

  Li Yan’s face suddenly turned red, Mo Zhen pretended not to understand as he came closer to her, “Why is your face so red? Do you have a fever?”

  His placed his right hand on Li Yan’s forehead as he spoke. Li Yan randomly yelled in response. Shoving the card into Mo Zhen’s chest, she violently ran up the stairs.

  Mo Zhen was left by himself in the living room and couldn’t stop laughing. It was finally the sound of the microwave [Ting] that ended his burst of laughter.




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