Chapter 57.1

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Chapter 57.1

Li Yan had already prepared Du Du’s present. However, he hasn’t prepared Li Yan’s present.

  Mo Zhen felt anxious while browsing through the women’s fashion site. Cosmetics? Designer bags? Perfume, shoes or clothes?

  Li Yan did not usually put on any makeup, designer bags were too tacky and he didn’t know which perfumes or shoes she liked. Mo Zhen made a list of possible presents in his mind and started to cross out options.

  Mo Zhen continued to stare at the computer with a bitter hatred as his finger persistently scrolled down on the mouse. When the screen moved to the next page, a diamond ring appeared

  A ring?

  Uh… This could work.

  Mo Zhen clicked on the item; an item like a ring should definitely be bought in store, trying to choose a ring size was already making his head dizzy.


  After he exited out of the shop, Mo Zhen crossed his arms and sat in front of the computer in deep thought.

  Mo Zhen had never lacked in popularity with the opposite gender; even if he didn’t do anything, there would still be many girls wanting to raise him. As for buying a girl a gift… … Sorry, this was something he had never experienced before.

  However, as the saying goes, the power of the masses was the largest. If he couldn’t think of the answer himself, a large group of people would definitely be able to come up with a solution!

  With the corners of his mouth upturned, Mo Zhen opened Weibo and mobilized the masses,  “Questionnaire Survey: What are the gifts you want to receive on your birthday?”

 As the crowd began to answer Emperor Mo’s question with great enthusiasm, Emperor Mo reviewed each comment carefully. According to his estimates, “Zhen Zhen” accounted for 20% of the first one thousand replies. “Emperor Mo” accounted for 20% and “Male God” accounted for 30% of the answers. The rest of the answers “Zhen Zhen lying flat” and “Male God lying flat” accounted for 10% of the total votes. Finally, people who had made irrelevant comments account were estimated to be 19% and the netizens who had actually answered his question seriously made up no more than 1% of the total answers.

  How hungry were the crowds these days?

  Mo Zhen drank a sip of milk as a few new comments jumped out.

  ”Despite your old age, you’re still learning how to chase girls from others. You’re fighting an uphill battle…”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  He recognized this little bastard. The Xiang family’s little gongzi, it was only recently that he had a fist fight with him.

  ”Zhen Zhen, I want a goddess (niang niang) and a soup steamed bun package, can I? ~~~> 3 <“

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  How could he forget!  Li Yan was also following his Weibo… Lying cow, why hasn’t she slept already?


  Mo Zhen felt as if he had done something bad and got caught and guiltily exited out of the Weibo app. After tossing for a night and still unable to think of a gift, Mo Zhen sighed helplessly. As a last resort, he could give his body as a present.

  En … this idea was good, very good.

  When he woke up the next morning, Mo Zhen had two dark green circles under his eyes. Li Yan blinked as she leaned near him, “Zhen Zhen, did you not sleep well last night?”

  ”Nothing.” Mo Zhen poked Li Yan’s extremely close head and walked down the stairs with a slightly awkward expression, “I asked Director Xu this evening for a 2 hour leave to go to Du Du’s house for dinner, you go with me ah. “

  ”Me?” Li Yan’s right foot stiffened in the air, “This is your family reunion. Wouldn’t it be impolite of me to go?”

  ”It’s fine, after I eat, I still have to return for filming. You can’t possibly stay at the studio alone for two hours ah.”

  ”Um … …” Li Yan finally recovered her right foot. As she continued to ponder over Mo Zhen’s words, Mo Zhen stopped in the middle of the staircase and turned to look at her, “It’s only a small meal, consider it set.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  She had discovered that she couldn’t refuse Mo Zhen’s requests. From moving to his house to going out to eat; was it because he was a large lion and she was only a little cow?

  When she thought about how the usual domineering Tang Qiang could only act lowly in front of him, Li Yan’s heart instantly became more comfortable.

  ”All right then.” She nodded as the corners of her mouth rose. Mo Zhen’s mouth rose to follow hers and he walked downstairs with satisfaction.

  At this time, Tang Qiang far away in the company sneezed. He rubbed his nose; could it be another small evil spirit was thinking about him?

  Mo Zhen dragged Li Yan out of the studio at six o’ clock in the evening. Li Yan was feeling extremely nervous the entire drive – it felt as if she was meeting her father and mother-in-law for the first time.

  Spotting Li Yan’s nervousness, Mo Zhen whispered softly, “My family members are very easy to get along with, there’s no need to worry.” His voice was very clear yet sounded like a nighttime radio anchor. Carrying a unique magnetic feeling, it made people fascinated the moment they heard his voice.



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    “As a last resort, he could give his body as a present.
      En … this idea was good, very good”
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