Chapter 57.2

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  ”Ah,” Li Yan nodded, finally calming down a bit. This was just a celebration of Du Du’s birthday, she was only going to be there for the free food.

  Du Du’s family lived in an ordinary neighborhood. They could see many elderly people walking and playful children running around when they drove into the community. The fitness equipment on the lawn was also quite popular- a few aunties were chatting as they waited their turn in line.

  Mo Zhen drove the car to the innermost building and found a place to park the car. Li Yan glanced at Mo Zhen; he was only wearing a large pair of sunglasses on his face and she was a bit worried that he would be recognized.

  ”It’s fine.” Mo Zhen met Li Yan’s eyes and smoothly lifted up the hood of his sweater. He smiled at her appeasingly, “When it’s all clear, we can rush up.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  In fact, being a celebrity was not easy.


  Mo Zhen didn’t bother taking off his hood when they entered the elevator. Li Yan slightly turned her head to look at him; although his face was covered, his temperament was still indisputable.

  Such an outstanding person, he could be spotted with one glance even if he was thrown into a bustling train station.

  ”Zhen Zhen.” Li Yan called out from the bottom of heart. “Even if nobody can recognize you, walking around in the streets like this will easily affect law and order.”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  He’ll take it as a compliment.

  Nobody was in the corridor when the elevator stopped at the 17th floor. Mo Zhen pressed the doorbell, the sound was a large contrast to the calm and peaceful environment.

  ”Little Uncle’s here!” The pounding footsteps along with an innocent child’s voice were heard near the door. Suddenly, the door opened as a little girl with long hair appeared in front to them.

  ”Little Uncle!” The little girl’s eyes lit up when she saw Mo Zhen and pushed forward to hug Mo ZHen’s legs, “Little Uncle kiss kiss~”

  Mo Zhen chuckled and squatted down to kiss her round squishy face.

  Du Du’s expression suddenly turned shy, even the little tiara on her head shimmered a couple times. She hugged Mo Zhen’s neck and turned her head to glance at Li Yan standing aside. Du Du tilted her head and crisply asked, “This is little aunt?”

  Li Yan: “…”


  Mo Zhen took the present from Li Yan’s hands and handed it to Du Du, “This is the present little aunt got for you, see if you like it ah?”

  Li Yan: “…”

  What? What? ?

  ”Wow, this is such a pretty skirt!” Du Du pulled Li Yan’s hand, motioning for Li Yan to bend down. Then Du Du leaned forward and kissed her cheek loudly, “Thank you, little Auntie.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Did she step into some kind of a trap? This wasn’t anything like what she agreed to ah!

  ”Alright, don’t dawdle in the doorway. Come in and talk.” Du Du’s mom walked over and took Du Du’s skirt, her eyes never leaving Li Yan’s figure.

  En, it was a pretty girl. At first glance, she seemed to be quite good. But why did she have a blank expression on her face?

  Mo Zhen watched Li Yan and pulled her to living room, “Du Du’s still a small and naughty child. Don’t bother trying to explain to her.”

  ……Was it really like this?

  Li Yan’s brain was filled with chaos as she walked to the living room. When she walked in, the three people sitting on the couch all turned their heads to stare at her in unison. Suddenly, Li Yan could feel a pressure as heavy as a mountain begin to pile up on her back. However, Mo Zhen’s expression was very relaxed and pulled her to the couch as he starting the introductions, “This is my brother-in-law, this is my mother, this … …let’s just skip it.”

  ”What do you mean skip!” The man that had been skipped bounced off the couch angrily. He then dusted his sleeves and politely greeted Li Yan.  “Hello, I’m Mo Zhen’s father, nice to meet you.”

  Whether he was excellent at managing his youth or just seemed significantly younger, Li Yan couldn’t guess his age at all. However, since he had introduced himself as Mo Zhen’s father, he would have to be at least fifty years old right?

  His facial features resembled Mo Zhen very much; even at this age he was still a gloriously handsome uncle. Li Yan smiled at him politely and introduced herself, “Nice to meet you uncle, my name is Li Yan and I’m Mo Zhen’s assistant.”

  The other person’s expression changed subtly and the eyes that glanced at Mo Zhen were filled with contempt – it turns out you haven’t even successfully caught her ah; you had even cheekily said she was Du Du’s little auntie. What a waste of my good genetics.


  Reading his eyes, Mo Zhen flashed a bright smile at him – I heard I look more like my mom.

  Pooh! The man raised his head arrogantly.

  ”Miss Li, don’t just stand. Come and sit.” Mo Zhen’s mother stood up, her smile was gentle and warm. Li Yan’s eyes lit up, “Auntie and Mo Zhen look really similar, they’re both such beautiful people!” Especially the temperament in their eyebrows, it was almost exactly the same.

  After being complimented so bluntly, Mo Zhen mother smiled and covered her mouth as she chuckled. Li Yan’s eyes lit up again – oh! Even when covering her mouth she was quite charming! But why did Mo Father’s expression suddenly turn so gray?

  Mo Zhen was grinning as he pulled Li Yan to the sofa to sit. Du Du walked in front of Mo Zhen to ask for a hug, Mo Zhen then smoothly picked her up and sat her on his leg. She circled her arms around his neck as she began to tell him, “Little Uncle, my classmates don’t believe me when I tell them you’re my little uncle. They said that since our last names aren’t the same, you can’t be my little uncle.”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  ”Little uncle, why does Du Du have the same last name as daddy?”

  Li Yan: “…”

  It seems that Du Du’s father’s expression has also turned grey.

  ”Alright, don’t mess around.” Du Du’s mother hugged Du Du from Mo Zhen’s leg. “If Du Du sticks to little uncle so much, little aunt will be jealous. That is little auntie’s position.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Sister, was it okay to educate children like this?

  Mo Zhen tried to hold back his laughter as he patted his leg, “Do you want to try sitting or leave it for Du Du?”


  It was better to leave for it Du Du ah.

  Du Du nestled in her mother’s arms and blinked her large eyes, “Many girls in our class want to marry little uncle when they grow up. Will little auntie be jealous then?”

  ”Yes, so Du Du must tell them not to chase little uncle anymore.”

  Sister, was it really really okay to educate a child like this? The father nearby please say something!

  ”Oh, Du Du understand.”

  Hey! Do not agree so easily!

  Li Yan was going insane internally while Mo Zhen was bent over laughing next to her.


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