Chapter 58.1

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just finished my AP psych homework to translate this.

I have frozen to dear death in good ol canada, I literally have to walk backwards from school to home because its -30 degrees celsius outside and I’m fluffy ass penguin facing an arctic blizzard.


In order to accommodate Mo Zhen’s schedule, Du Du’s mother started preparing for this dinner in the early afternoon. When the final dish was ready, Mo Zhen had just rung the doorbell.

  Li Yan watched Du Du’s mother prepare the dishes and hurried to help her carry the plates. Du Du left her mother and climbed Mo Zhen’s body, “Little Uncle, will you only dote on little auntie and not Du Du afterwards?”

  Mo Zhen smiled and pinched her pink and tender face, “Of course not. Afterwards, both little uncle and little auntie will dote on Du Du.”

  Du Du climbed up to Mo Zhen and sat on his lap, “Really?”

  ”Really da da.” Mo Zhen hugged Du Du’s waist in case she fell off. “Does Du Du like little auntie?”

  ”Like! The dress little auntie gave me is prettier than the ones mommy buys me.”

  ”Pooh.” Mo Zhen couldn’t hold back his laughter, “Don’t let your mother hear your words, or else she’ll be jealous.”

  ”Oh.” Du Du nodded and then raised her head, her dark round eyes yo-yo stared at Mo Zhen, “Little Uncle, little auntie looks so pretty and her face is so slippery. It’s super nice to kiss. “


  Mo Zhen’s heart itched, “Really ah?”

  ”Really! Little Uncle hasn’t kissed it?”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  Emperor Mo has suffered a critical hit.

  ”Du Du, why are you sticking to little uncle again? Come and wash your hands; dinner’s ready.”

  ”Oh,” Du Du climbed down Mo Zhen’s body and ran to where her mother was. Li Yan came out of the kitchen carrying a sweet and sour pork dish and spotted Mo Zhen sitting alone on the edge of the sofa.

  Huh? Why was Zhen Zhen’s expression also grey?

  As Du Du tip-toed to wash her hands in the sink, Du Du’s mother glanced at Li Yan beside her and smiled: “Miss Li, although my brother’s occupation is somewhat special, he is a serious person. This is the first time he’s ever brought a girl home. “

  Li Yan was a bit embarrassed by her words. She laughed and said, “Our boss takes care of us subordinates really well.”

  Du Du’s mother couldn’t hold back her laughter, “That’s because you don’t how many assistants he’s had before.”

  But sister, why do you know? Could it be that everytime Emperor Mo switches an assistant, he must report back to you?

  Du Du’s mother approached Li Yan and spoke beside her ear in a low voice, “I know a lot of gossip about Emperor Mo.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Emperor Mo really didn’t have it easy!

  A fruit cake sat in the middle of the dinner table filled with dishes. Before they started eating, Mo Zhen sang happy birthday as Du Du’s smile bloomed like a flower. She closed her eyes in the candlelight and with a sincere expression, she began to make a wish. “I hope I can marry a man as handsome as my little uncle when I grow up.”

  Poof, the candle was blown out.

  When the light was turned on again, Mo Zhen stared at Du Du with a distressed look on his face, “Du Du, I’m afraid this wish will be hard to achieve ah.”

  ”Why?” Du Du’s expression suddenly became aggrieved, “Does little uncle think that Du Du won’t be able to get married?”

  ”No, it’s just hard to find a man as handsome as I am in this universe.”

  Du Du: “…”

  ”Zhen Zhen, eat a chili pepper to stimulate your appetite.” Li Yan picked up the peppers from the dish and placed them into Mo Zhen’s plate.

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  Ignoring Mo Zhen’s accusing stare, Li Yan clipped a chicken leg and placed it into Du Du’s bowl, “Du Du eat a chicken leg.”

  ”Thank you, little auntie ~” Du Du replied sweetly and kissed Li Yan’s cheekly loudly, “Little auntie doesn’t need to dote on little uncle afterwards, just dote on Du Du okay?”

  ”En, little uncle bullied Du Du. Let’s ignore him.” The alliance between girls was set up instantly.

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  Aren’t you adapting into this little auntie role a bit too quickly and thoroughly?

  ”Wife, you should also eat a chicken leg.” Mo Father placed a chicken leg into Mo Mother’s bowl. When Du Du’s mother saw this, she smiled and scooped some of the dish to give to Du Du’s father.

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  What did they mean by this? Was everyone trying to show off their love life?

  He stared unblinkingly at Li Yan and had an if you don’t give me food, just watch as I starve to death kind of expression.

  Li Yan couldn’t stand his piercing eyes any longer and finally placed a piece of duck neck in his bowl, “Duck neck has a lot of meat, bite slowly.”



  After dinner, Mo Zhen persistently rushed to the studio with Li Yan. For the entire drive, Emperor Mo had a sulking expression stuck on his face and firmly refused to look at or speak to Li Yan.


(TN: 張傲嬌臉, does anyone know how to describe this in English? It’s like sulking, but one of the ‘deres (tsunderes, yanderes. I can visualize it and I know it in Chinese, but I don’t think it’s really a thing here in the West.)


  ”Zhen Zhen?” Li Yan tried to call him.

  Humph! Ignore you!

  Li Yan blinked her eyes and leaned closer in Mo Zhen’s direction, “Zhen Zhen, are you full?”

  ”Does gnawing on duck neck make you satisfied?” Mo Zhen finally turned his head around and smiled with not exactly a smile at Li Yan.

  ”You didn’t just gnaw on duck neck …” Li Yan’s mouth twitched. She had personally seen him steal the duck leg she had placed in Du Du’s bowl and put it on his own plate. 

 Mo Zhen chuckled, he would never bother arguing with her.





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