ENH: Second Portion Up

Hello peeps,

The second portion of chapters from 30 to 60 is up. *Pats me-self on the back*

Also, I want to apologize for the lost comments and flowers from the old site T_T

Btw, my WP knowledge is lower than an elementary kid’s other than posting chapters, so… I am throwing it to Xixi to figure out why the pages don’t have a comment section.

I will be updating Patreon chapters now!!



2 thoughts on “ENH: Second Portion Up

  1. Estelle says:

    ❤️thanks for all your hard work !!! I love how Gu took the drink meant for Song Wuyou 😍 he’s in so much denial it’s so cute! By the way chapter 47 link doesn’t work ! 🙁 can’t see the face slapping moment where she plays the Chinese harp though I can guess what happened based on the before and after 😂

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