Chapter 58.2

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Hello, sorry for disappearing for so long *deep apologies* lots of things went pretty cray cray and I got a little overwhelmed. It’s spirit week this week and man, though sometimes it’s fun to be part of, it’s really not fun to be part of the planning committee. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE BOP OF THE CENTURY, LOVE SCENARIO!!! bop bop bop. also me tendonitis is getting worse so me getting physio.

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They managed to arrive at the studio just three minutes after 8 o’clock. Before Mo Zhen could even take a breath, the makeup artist dragged him away to do his makeup. Li Yan had nothing to do so she sat aside and played on her phone. The time passed minute by minute, Mo Zhen couldn’t remember how many times the director called cut as he tiredly massaged his temple and walked towards to the rest area.

  Li Yan was already muddled from sleepiness. When she saw Mo Zhen coming closer, she quickly pulled herself together and gave him a cup of warm water. Mo Zhen took a sip from the glass and gave her a faint glance, “Happy birthday.”

  ”Ah?” Li Yan’s was still trying to process his words when the director called everyone to gather around. Mo Zhen placed his glass down and walked over as Li Yan took out her cell phone. It was 12:03 am.

  It was already May 1st.

  Zhen Zhen was the first person to wish her a happy birthday. Li Yan looked up at Mo Zhen who was frowning in front of the camera, the corners of her mouth raised into a pleased smile.

  After receiving numerous texts wishing her happy birthday, Li Yan couldn’t understand how everyone was still awake at this time. It’s not that she doesn’t want to sleep, it’s just that she can’t sleep ah.

  It was almost 2 o’clock when the director finally took pity and allowed them to leave. Li Yan looked at Mo Zhen’s tired face – he was exhausted and yet still had to drive. Her heart couldn’t bear the guilt any longer, “Zhen Zhen, I really want to practice driving. “

  This sentence was like a switch. Mo Zhen expression turned sharp as he looked up, “I dare you to try to touch a car again.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  He threatened her again. QAQ

  After arriving home it was almost 2:30, Li Yan sighed as she bathed. Since the beginning of this job, she’s had to stay up late almost every single day, she’s also eaten too many snacks. Not only has her skin been getting worse, even her weight has been suffering as well.

But she still couldn’t hold back her hunger.

  Tiptoeing down the stairs into the kitchen, Li Yan only turned on a small lamp on the dining table and opened the fridge door to begin scavenging for food.

  ”What are you looking for?”  Mo Zhen’s voice suddenly came from the side, Li Yan immediately closed the refrigerator door in surprise.

  ”No, no … …” Li Yan stopped midway through her sentence.

  Mo Zhen had just taken a shower and came downstairs. His hair was still wet, and a white bath towel was casually draped across his shoulder. It seemed that he was just using it to wipe his hair a moment ago. A bath towel was wrapped around the lower half of his body and it only covered the key parts; both of his slender legs were plainly visible.

  No no, if you had to describe something that was truly noticeable, it would be his upper body… Was it so hard to put on some clothes?!!! If it wasn’t for the towel draped on the shoulder, everything would practically be exposed ! ! !

  Li Yan’s mouth hung open slightly as the cookie fell to the ground.

  Question: What should you do when the male god appears in front of you in this posture?

  Mo Zhen looked at Li Yan’s crimson cheeks and couldn’t hold back his smile. The charm of beautiful people has truly withstood the changing cultures of history.

  ”What’s wrong with you?” As if he absolutely had no sense of shame, Mo Zhen looked curiously at Li Yan and took a step in her direction.

  Li Yan reacted as if she had been shocked – all of the hairs on her body stood up, “You, you don’t come near!”

  Mo Zhen stopped in his tracks and blinked, his eyes roaming, “What if I have to come closer?”

  Then, I’ll … board you! (TN: go up? Go on top????)

  Ding Dong! Correct answer.

  Li Yan’s breathing quickened as her heart felt like a jumping rabbit’s. Her brain was losing oxygen from seeing this image. No, no, she should take a deep breath and calm down.

  Li Yan was looking for an escape as Mo Zhen came closer. Since there was only a small lamp turned on, Li Yan couldn’t see the person nearby’s body very clearly. However, this kind of half concealed beauty only made the person more alluring.

  I beg you not to come closer, I really will become yours. QAQ

  Li Yan walked backwards ‘til she stood in front of the dining table. Mo Zhen had one hand on the table while another hand rested on her waist, “I’m sorry, I forgot to prepare a birthday present for you.”

  His tone was light and his mouth still smelled like mouthwash, er, lemon flavor.

  ”No, it doesn’t matter …” Li Yan wanted to prop her hands against Mo Zhen’s chest, but after touching his bare naked skin, she felt as if she had been electrocuted and immediately took her hands back. Not wearing clothes was breaking the rules ah!

  ”You, can you put on your clothes?” Li Yan’s heart was truly miserable. If she really becomes a beast later, only the sky can witness that it is definitely the other party’s fault.

  ”I didn’t know you were downstairs. I wanted to get a drink of water.” He was so close that Li Yan could feel his lips touching her ears.

  Then I’ll trouble you to quickly drink up and go to bed ah! Li Yan’s ear was as red as fire. Mo Zhen laughed lowly and held back an impulse to bite. He brought the person in his arms a little closer, “Your gift … What do you think of me? “

  What do you think of me?

  This was simply a magician’s spell, Li Yan’s mind was blown away to smoke in an instant. Mo Zhen’s eyes turned gloomy. He bowed down to gently give her a kiss on the cheek.

  This person seemed to be completely stupedified; even if he did whatever he wanted, she would not resist ah.

  Unfortunately, Emperor Mo had underestimated the situation.

  Something unknown stimulated Li Yan and she suddenly shouted. She grabbed Mo Zhen’s body and turned him around. Mo Zhen was caught off guard by the entire thing. In a blur, he was pressed onto the table.

  The situation was completely reversed. Li Yan’s hands were on Mo Zhen’s shoulders, her black hair swept over Mo Zhen’s face as she bent over his body, making him feel a little itchy, “This was because you forced me.”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  He looked at the certain someone getting closer and closer and sadly stopped her movements, “Wait, I seem to have pulled my waist.”

  Li Yan: “…”

The almanac says today is not a suitable day to sleep together.

(TN: 黃曆曰,今日不宜行房。???????)

I’ll have to edit this tomorrow, it’s decade day tomorrow  and SPRING BREAK NEXT WEEK! WHO DAT WHO DAT BOIIIIIII.

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