ENH C225-230


Releasing chapters from the point we last stop… to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

Ahh, it would be so frustrating unable to comment below the chapters!!

Just hit them here +chapter no!


Edit: Updated Chapters 220-224 as well!

Start here: Chapter 225

Esteemed Editor: Ocelot 🐆

10 thoughts on “ENH C225-230

  1. OnionSoup says:

    Thanks for re-uploading this!

    I was half way through reading and Novitranlsations went down.

    Looking forward to more releases

  2. kirindas says:

    Yay! I didn’t realize the translation has been continued. Thank you!
    I can’t read these chapters yet since I was on 221 when Novitranslations when down.

  3. random girl A says:

    ahh its here. ever since chap 224, i have been sad because there were no more translations! but then i came back to check and its been updated! thank you!

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