Chapter 59.1

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let us join together and pray that Mo Zhen can do his waist-related activities soon.

Tis me and my three giant sticks asking YG where the hell Blackpink’s comeback is.

we had spirit week last week, and oh god do i hate high school.

me when the chinese novel i click on is 1000 chapters long and involves a cold handsome president chasing his wife, but verbally abuses her in the process and has one million misunderstandings between them

Chapter 59.1

Injuring one’s waist was a serious situation. A situation that had a lot to do with one’s future happiness.

  Li Yan did not dare to neglect Mo Zhen’s injury and quickly carried him to the sofa, letting him lie on top of it. She pulled the wine from the TV cabinet and began to massage Mo Zhen’s waist according to the manual.

  Her two hands had just landed on Mo Zhen’s waist when he couldn’t help but hum as a shiver went through his body.

  Li Yan was so frightened she quickly took her hand back, “What’s wrong? Does it hurt?”

  ”It’s not…” It’s just a bit comfortable…

  ”Then…I’ll continue?” Li Yan gently rested her hand on Mo Zhen’s waist. She had learned a bit of massage with her mother when she was younger. Currently, she was trying to recall those techniques as well as control her strength as she pressed on Mo Zhen’s waist.

  Mo Zhen closed his eyes and felt a pair of soft hands constantly pressing and moving around. It was simply vexing. The worst thing was that as Li Yan’s hands went lower and lower, he felt his body… was responding in a way it shouldn’t be responding.

  Fortunately, he was lying on his stomach.

  Mo Zhen buried his head in the pillow and clenched his lips tightly. He was afraid his voice would leak his intolerable emotions.

 ”Is this much strength okay?” Li Yan diligently pressed Mo Zhen’s waist while asking for his opinion. Mo Zhen’s throat moved and managed to squeeze out one word through his teeth, “En”

  His voice was low and stuffy. It was a little distorted from being muffled by a pillow, but it was still so sexy.

  Li Yan’s face turned mysteriously red, but her hand movements didn’t stop, “I’m sorry…” If she hadn’t reacted so much earlier, he wouldn’t have injured his waist.

  Mo Zhen was silent for a moment and slightly turned his head to reveal only half of his small face, “Do you know that the waist is very important for men?”

  Li Yan: “…”

  ”You hurt my precious waist. Is only saying sorry enough?”

  Li Yan: “…”

  ”Then what do you want?”

  ”You must at least compensate me.” Mo Zhen answered very quickly, as if he was waiting for her to ask this question.

  Li Yan’s mouth moved, she could vaguely feel that something bad was about to happen, “How should I compensate?”

  ”Pay with meat.”


(TN: this is just a guess from underaged xixi, but meat in Chinese can also stand for R18 stuff woop woop)

  She didn’t hear anything.

  ”Zhen Zhen.” Li Yan suddenly called behind Mo Zhen. Mo Zhen was very comfortable from being massaged and only replied with a “Hmm?”.

  ”I just checked, after injuring your waist you can’t do any physical labour. Especially physical activities related to the waist.”

  Waist-related physical activity.

  Waist related physical activity.


  Mo Zhen: “…”

  # Requesting a swift death #

  After half an hour of massaging, Mo Zhen’s physiological response gradually faded and Li Yan’s hands had already reached its limits. Glancing at Li Yan who was resting her hands beside him, Mo Zhen felt that he needed to do waist-related physical activity as soon as possible, “Give Tang Qiang a call and tell him to book an appointment with a physical therapist tomorrow.”

  ”Yes.” Li Yan looked at the time- it was a little after 3 o’clock. Tang Qiang must’ve already slept, it was best to call him tomorrow.

  The two people went upstairs separately, Li Yan worriedly reassured him with a few words then returned to her room.

  She laid in bed. Nothing could make her fall asleep.

  As soon as she closed her eyes, all that filled her mind was Mo Zhen’s beautiful skin, his straight long legs and his hot scorching breath.

  Purgatory on Earth! It was truly purgatory on Earth! It felt more like purgatory than the bed’s headboard! (TN: 比床頭上的那張半.□□還要煉獄!)

  Li Yan suddenly sat up from bed and took her phone out. She dialed Tang Qiang’s number and waited.

  Tang Qiang’s phone wasn’t turned off. Li Yan listened to the beeping noise and patiently waited for him to answer the phone. Just as the phone was about to be automatically disconnected, Tang Qiang finally picked up the phone, “What’s wrong?”

  Tang Qiang’s voice was unwelcoming. His voice sounded with heavy anger and impatience.

  The corners of Li Yan’s mouth turned into an arc, and her voice sweetened by eight notches, “Good night, Supervisor Tang. Emperor Mo just accidentally injured his waist and wants you to book a physiotherapist appointment for him tomorrow.”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  How intense was this special activity! Even the waist was injured! !

  Tang Qiang was silent for a long time before he spit out two words, “I know.”

  ”Then have a nice night Supervisor Tang.” Li Yan hung up contentedly, leaving only Tang Qiang alone on the phone.

  Did this have to reported right now? They were having a refreshing time and had to wake him up from his sleep?

  Doing such a thing; if the sky rumbles with thunder, do you dare to go out?

  Tang Qiang turned off the phone and threw it on the side. He wrapped himself in a bundle of quilts and planted into bed again.

I have a shit ton of homework to do during spring break, pray for me my dudes.

1 comment = 1 prayer for Emperor Mo’s speedy recovering of his waist/the quicker xixi translates the next chapter


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  1. Himanshi Agarwal says:

    I hope he has speedy recovery … Li Yan wants some waisted related activity and we want the next chapter very soon 😂

  2. Sakura Natsume says:

    Thank you for your hard work!😊

    “me when the chinese novel i click on is 1000 chapters long and involves a cold handsome president chasing his wife, but verbally abuses her in the process and has one million misunderstandings between them”

    I feel like kicking the MLs until they get their head screwed on right and/or get sent to hospital. Really.😬
    And of course, the female leads need to get sent to a mental hospital because-
    1. They must be INSANE to let the MLs walk over them like that.😕
    2. If they weren’t insane in the beginning, after the MLs ‘love and care’ (*ahem* torture *ahem*), they would have some measure of PTSD.😕

    I especially dislike the author ‘Ye Feiye’ for writing these kind of stories…
    I almost got PTSD after reading, ‘Bringing The Nation’s Husband Home’.😐

    I mean, why author, why?! They had perfectly sweet childhood romance thing going and then you throw in a gazillion misunderstandings so that they can think that the other person hates them for about 18 or so goddamned years! FRUSTRATING!😬😬

    And then the ML treats her worse than shit… which is not excused by the fact that he apparently ‘loves’ her.😑😑😑

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    How in the world did Mo Zhen, active man, injure his waist via amorous encounter plus table? Did he forget to be Mo Zhen, active man? Flexibility and control!

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