ENH C231-235

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Chapters 231 to 235 up!

Okay, time for a face to face.

Trying to get back into translating groove, for the time being, I cannot promise a set schedule release. I’m dipping into my stockpile at the moment T_T, and I’m grateful for your patience and continued support.

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5 thoughts on “ENH C231-235

  1. Som says:

    I can’t manage to comment in chapters, so I’ll answer your question here. Sometimes, financial compensation is the only thing we have; if there is no exchange, then the frustration and resentment build all the faster and harder, and that is toxic for everyone. If there is a “punishment” on one side, and a compensation of some sort on the other, guilt and helplessness and some of the anger and frustration may be assuaged. What was lost is still gone, and almost never can be brought back. But as humans, we need some way to be able to move past it, so we have some official proceeding and make some exchange, and we can try to begin to learn how to let go, and live on.

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