Chapter 59.2

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Chapter 59.2

The next morning, Mo Zhen had already begun to eat breakfast by the time Li Yan finished showering and walked into the dining room. His elegant and graceful gestures didn’t make it seem like he was a man with an injured waist.

  ”Good morning Zhen Zhen.” Li Yan yawned and sat in the chair beside him. “How is your waist?”

  Mo Zhen’s expression sank when he heard the word “waist”. “It’s much better, it shouldn’t affect the shooting today.”

  It only affected his sex life.

  ”That’s good. Your muscles must be lacking strength since you don’t exercise often.”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  It’s all because you used too much strength and moved so suddenly!

  Although he spoke like this in his heart, Emperor Mo decided that after he was healthy enough, he would exercise one hour every day to keep this tragedy from ever happening again.

  Seeing how Mo Zhen was fully engrossed in eating, Li Yan finally noticed the bamboo basket filled with exquisitely-made steamed buns (baozi), “Baozi Goddess’s special soup buns (tangbao)! Zhen Zhen, when did you buy this?”

(TN: 灌湯包 – guan tangbao or Soup buns,  All of these buns are made by wrapping a gelatinous filling in dough, which is then steamed to melt the filling into soup. )

  ”This morning. Didn’t you want to try some?” He had deliberately gotten up early in the morning to buy this basket of soup buns. Well, actually, he didn’t fall asleep all night; it wasn’t a question of whether he had actually gotten up or not.

  Nevertheless, Li Yan was really happy.

  ”Zhen Zhen, you’re so good!” Li Yan had thought that there was no way Mo Zhen would notice her comment. Who would’ve thought that not only would he see it, but he even fulfilled her wishes. “Thank you Zhen Zhen!”

  Mo Zhen’s eyes flashed and he awkwardly picked up the cup of milk and took a sip. “I dragged my injured waist to help you buy this, yet you’re trying to dismiss me with only a thank you?”

  Li Yan finished the steamed bun in her hands and faced Mo Zhen, “What do you want me to do?”

  ”At the very least, you must kiss me.”

  He had spoken without much thought and didn’t expect that Li Yan would really stand up from her chair and walk to his side. Her long hair swept past his nose as he felt a soft touch spread from the side of his face, “Thank you, Zhen Zhen.”

  Her voice was soft like a layer of sugar. It was incredibly sweet.

  Mo Zhen froze for a moment. Seeing that the other person had turned and was about to walk away, he unconsciously grabbed her arm and pulled her back, causing Li Yan to fall in his arms.

  Li Yan’s expression seemed to be terrified as her body leaned on Mo Zhen’s chest . With a beautiful women in his embrace, the corners of Mo Zhen’s lips couldn’t held up lift up. Even the pain in his waist had gone away. “What about the meat I was talking about?”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Let’s talk about your waist first.

  Taking Li Yan’s silence as acquiescence, Mo Zhen’s mood was so good that he even allowed the person in his embrace to get up and leave.

  As if he knew this was a good time to call, Tang Qiang’s call came right after Li Yan gulped down the last soup steamed bun.

  After Mo Zhen picked up the phone and greeted him, Tang Qiang automatically began to ridicule him after hearing his voice, “Emperor Mo, you’ve already reached this age. Don’t copy the younger ones in playing wildly. If you’re crippled, how will you live for the rest of your life?”

  Mo Zhen didn’t need to ask to know what Tang Qiang was thinking in his mind. Although it was similar to what he was thinking, there was a fundamental difference.

  However, Mo Zhen did not intend to explain.

  ”Is the physiotherapist appointment booked? I have a scene in the afternoon.”

  ”It’s been done, you can go straight away. ” Tang Qiang paused and asked in a worried voice, “Are your injuries severe? Will it affect Li Yan’s happiness for the rest of her life?”

  ”It doesn’t need your worry,” Mo Zhen’s voice carried a bit of a chill. Tang Qiang could already imagine Mo Zhen clenching his teeth, “Just make sure you pick up your own soup.”

(TN: *chokes* if anyone who wants to know what picking up soup means (hi if you’re underage don’t read this – even though xixi is underage herself) – basically picking up soup means that when you pick up soup, you bend over and are easy to attack, and therefore your chrysanthemum will be attacked, go read the baidu article about it

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  This is why he said long ago that Mo Zhen should be banned from those messy websites!

  Mo Zhen hung up his call with Tang Qiang and went to the physiotherapy centre with Li Yan. It was Li Yan’s first time going to Fragrant Hall, but she had heard of it being mentioned online. This was the largest and the most advanced physiotherapy centre in city A and the physical therapists that worked here were all top figures in the country. If you wanted to book a membership card here, you would need to fulfill many of the high demands.

  However, no matter how advanced and proper this kind of place was, it will always leave people with a bad impression, such as for providing “special services”.

  This feeling reached its peak when Li Yan saw the beautiful physiotherapist greeting them.

  ”Hello Mr. Mo, please come with me.” The beautiful physiotherapist’s lips hooked towards Mo Zhen and smiled impeccably. Mo Zhen nodded slightly, half of his face was hidden underneath his large sunglasses. Miss Physiotherapist could not read his expression at all.

  Mo Zhen turned his head to look at Li Yan behind him, she was hugging her bag as she stood in place and seemed to be in a bad mood. Mo Zhen’s eyebrows moved, and then suddenly, as if he instantly understood why she was angry, the corners of his lips unknowingly curled up, “You can come with us.”

  As soon as these words were spoken, Miss Physiotherapist’s expression changed immediately. Although she was a top physiotherapist, she was also a woman. She didn’t mind if something special occurred during Mo Zhen’s appointment with her.

  After all, few women can reject such a high-quality man.

  Li Yan walked to the treatment room with Mo Zhen. The environment seemed to be pretty good and it even provided free WIFI. The physiotherapist was currently giving Mo Zhen a massage, but because Li Yan was in the room, her movements seemed to be a bit off. After Li Yan glanced in their direction and saw that Mo Zhen was obediently lying there, she took out her phone to browse the forum.

  ”On my birthday, I made a wish on Mo Zhen’s weibo’s and hoped that I would receive soup steamed buns from Baozi Goddess. The result was that the wish was really fulfilled! Thank you to the all-powerful Emperor Mo, meng meng da!”

  The photo of the soup steamed buns that was taken this morning was attached as Li Yan happily posted. It might’ve been because this post title was too explosive, or maybe because the ID Sadako was a legendary figure, but the post quickly became popular on the forum’s home page.

  When Mo Zhen finished his physical therapy and went on Weibo, he was shocked by the comments that mentioned him today.

  ”I hope that Emperor Mo will bless my driving test so it’ll go smoothly, Amen!”

  ”Emperor Mo, I’m going to confess to my male god tomorrow, begging that my male god doesn’t refuse QAQ.”

  ”Almighty Zhen Zhen, I can’t find my textbook QAQ, please bless me to find it before class starts!!”

  ”Almighty Zhen Zhen! I hope my second child is a daughter. Don’t let me have a son again!”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  What happened while he was in physiotherapy?



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