Chapter 60.1

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Chapter 60.1

When Mo Zhen entered the Cape Forum, he found himself being used as a wishing tree.

  Looking at all the comments that were people making a wish under Li Yan’s post, Emperor Mo felt speechless.

  If he was so almighty, would he still be going to physiotherapy? He would be immediately blessing his waist instead! But seeing everybody having such a fun time, Emperor Mo was also in the mood to play along with them on Weibo.

  ”#Almighty Zhen Zhen #Classmates who need to make a wish, please leave a message under this Weibo post. After I see it, I’ll decide whether or not to bless you depending on the circumstances.”

  After Mo Zhen finished his Weibo post, he pinned it to the very top of the page. He then switched to his trumpet, Eating Pears, and wrote a comment on his post, “I hope I can eat pears soon, Amen.”

  # Be dignified please #

  However, this Weibo post had truly contributed to society and there were fans that would comment a wish every day. Even celebrities in the entertainment circle followed the tide and it quickly became popular for a short time. Not only was it seen on the top ten “on fire” Weibo topics every single day, even the number of Mo Zhen’s fans had increased by the tens of thousands in a short period of time.

  Tang Qiang looked at Mo Zhen’s fan count that was quickly rising and clicked his tongue. Oh Emperor Mo, look how good my marketing tactics are. Even the employees in the public relations department would be instantly defeated by him. (TN: this switches from using 1st person from Tang Qiang to 3rd person ???? rip)

  Li Yan also noticed his fans rising. She looked up and asked the person opposite her, “Zhen Zhen, how much money did you spend to buy these fans?”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  When has he ever bought fans?! It was obvious that his charisma had caused so many people to crawl over!

  The key is…he doesn’t even know how to buy fans!

  Emperor Mo hummed twice and continued to watch as everyone commented their wishes. He felt as if he was Santa Claus reviewing his list. “Oh yeah, Tang Qiang will accompany me at tomorrow’s awards ceremony. You can go home and rest for a day, but you still have to come back and sleep at night.”

  Li Yan glanced at him. Emperor Mo seemed to very concerned about where she slept at night. It was like the last time she went to celebrate her birthday. She had gone home to eat dinner and then went to the KTV with her friends where they sang songs till 3 o’clock in the morning. However, when Li Yan arrived home, Mo Zhen was actually sitting in the living room waiting for her.

  ”I know, I’ll be back early.” After that last time, Li Yan didn’t dare return home after 2 or 3 o’ clock. It wasn’t that she was worried, she just didn’t want him to stay up late to wait for her. She knew better than anyone else how hard Mo Zhen worked when he filmed in the daytime.

  ”Zhen Zhen! You must fight hard at the awards ceremony tomorrow, although I think you will definitely win the award.” The biennial Taurus Awards had arrived and Mo Zhen was once again nominated for Best Actor for his role as Gao Sen in “Forbidden Zone 3”. As the protagonist being nominated for best actor once again, the recent media reports were overwhelmingly focused on the awards ceremony.

  Mo Zhen listened to Li Yan’s words and raised his head to look at her, “If I win the award, how are you going to congratulate me?”

  There was a faint smile in his voice as the corners of his mouth turned up.

  ”How would we celebrate? We would usually open a bottle of champagne to celebrate right? That said, it doesn’t matter how I congratulate you right?” If Mo Zhen wins the award, his company and plenty of courteous people would congratulate him.

 Mo Zhen still looked at her and the smile on his face gradually became ambiguous, “What about the meat I talked about last time? My waist is better now.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  It seems as if she should go home and play till dawn and then return.

  Although Li Yan had a rare day off, Mo Zhen was busy and had to rush to the awards ceremony after filming on set.







Chapter 60.2





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