Chapter 60.2

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Li Yan and Chen Qingyang sat in front of the TV and excitedly waited for the live broadcast of the award ceremony. Chen Qingyang glanced at the time as her fingers typed rapidly on the keyboard. “Every single time you have a holiday, I won’t have the time to update. Nevertheless, your boss really knows when to give you a holiday.”

(TN: update – she’s an author so she’s referring to updating her novel)

  Li Yan gnawed on the chicken wings in her mouth and continued to stare at the TV,  “It’s not like you haven’t done this before, who are you acting so dillegent for?”

  ”There are only ten days left in this month. It’s all for the sake of the perfect-attendance salary!” Chen Qingyang answered as her fingers hammered away at the keyboard.

  ”Oh.” Li Yan finished her chicken wing and picked up another one calmly. “I hope you can finish it before Emperor Mo arrives.”

  Chen Qingyang’s heart cried in grief and indignation as the sound of the tapping on the keyboard became more intense.

  ”Dear viewers and friends, the 53rd Golden Bull Awards Ceremony is about to begin. We can see through the camera that much of the media and people of all walks of life have gathered on the scene. This year’s awards ceremony can be described as a list of shining stars. Besides Emperor Mo who has been nominated for the international blockbuster “God’s Forbidden Area 3,” there is also Yan Lexian and Xiao Wanyan, the newly debuted actor. There are as many as 37 nominees this year…”

  The female host was still eloquently making opening remarks; Li Yan subconsciously sat down,”Oh, it’s going to start.”

  Chen Qingyang took a break and snuck a peek at the screen, but her gaze quickly turned back to computer, “Why is this woman the host again? Last time Mo Zhen attended the ceremony, she asked Mo Zhen many personal questions. Her eyes felt like she was trying to eat him in one bite.”

  Li Yan blinked and turned to look at Chen Qingyang, “Personal questions? Don’t you guys love to hear about these?”

  ”The key point here is her gaze! If it weren’t for the male host next to her pulling her back, she would go straight to Mo Zhen’s body”

  ”It can’t be that bad.” Li Yan cleaned her greasy hands as her eyes fell on the passionate host. “Anyhow, she’s in front of so many viewers, she doesn’t dare to mess up.”

  ”What do you know!” Although the sound of the keyboard being hammered was still constant, Chen Qingyang could find time to scold Li Yan. “Nowadays, people will do anything for a bit of attention. Who knows what question she’ll ask Mo Zhen today.”

  ”Oh.” Li Yan uttered a faint sigh and saw that the first celebrity had arrived at the red carpet. “Ah, someone came over.”

  Chen Qingyang fiercely tapped on the keyboard and then exhaled a long breath of air, “Finally caught up.” Without checking over for any typos, Chen Qingyang directly sent out the manuscript she had just typed online. Watching the new chapter jump out on the page, Chen Qingyang felt reassured enough to remove her gaze from the computer, “Ai, do you feel like Ni Bai has gotten uglier over these years? Was her facelift a failed case?”

  Li Yan held a pillow in her hand and stared intently at the TV screen, “Who is Ni Bai?”

  ”The aunt that just walked down the red carpet.”

  Lai Yan: “…”

  ”As early as a few years ago, there were media reports that Ni Bai and Mo Zhu were secretly in love. As if Emperor Mo could even look at Ni Bai. Hehe.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  No wonder she felt such a deep malice towards Ni Bai.

  ”Does Su Xiaoman’s dress dare to go any lower? Don’t wear it if you don’t have the ability ah.”

  Li Yan: “…”




  Listening to Chen Qingyang commentary, she suddenly felt a bit bitter in her heart.

  In the past, everyone in her dormitory liked to follow celebrities. When they got together and talked about the celebrities, she sat silently and scorned the roommates who participated in these low-level activites. Who would’ve expected that she would also have such a degraded day.

  If it weren’t for Mo Zhen, she would rather go to bed and wouldn’t watch this awards ceremony.

  Chen Qingyang was still on the side chanting pointlessly into pieces. Suddenly there was a loud scream on the scene,  Chen Qingyang grabbed Li Yan’s arm and seemed to hold her breath.

  ”Emperor Mo!” The host’s excitement caused her voice to be offkey as it came out from the audio system. Li Yan’s gaze moved and she saw a Rolls-Royce parked next to the red carpet.

  Under the screaming enthusiasm of the audience and the flashing light of the media, the car door opened with a loud noise as Mo Zhen walked out from the car.

  In this instant, it was the first time Li Yan felt that this person was really a superstar.

  He wore a black suit with a light gray shirt and a burgundy tie that made him look like an elegant aristocrat. Even if there was a fierce wind and flashing lights everywhere, he could still reveal the perfect smile.

  ”Ah ah ah!” Chen Qingyang was so excited that she almost got up and ran around in circles. “He just smiled at me!”

  ”…he’s laughing at the camera.”

  ”Ah Ah Ah! What should I do? Emperor Mo is too handsome ah,” The Chen Qingyang was indulging in Emperor Mo’s beauty had completely lost her senses.

  Li Yan’s mouth quirked and ignored her. On TV, Mo Zhen was walking down the red carpet, stopping from time to time to take pictures for the media. The female host’s passionate voice once again passed through the screen, “This is the third time that Emperor Mo has participated in the Golden Bull Awards Ceremony. Just a moment ago, the media had been guessing who Emperor Mo’s female partner would be. However, the fact is – Emperor Mo still hasn’t brought a female partner. He stepped onto the red carpet alone for the third time!”

  When Li Yan heard this, she stopped to think. If he had no female companion, he could always take a male partner. Anyhow, didn’t Tang Qiang go with him to the ceremony? He could take Tang Qiang to the red carpet if he was truly lonely..

  # Tang Qiang # who was Tang Qiang (lying down as a victim)

(TN – play on Tang Qiang’s name)

  Before Mo Zhen went to the board to sign his name, the female host couldn’t wait to jump onto his body, “Emperor Mo, why haven’t you brought a partner with you yet? Is it because you can’t find a suitable candidate or are you deliberately avoiding it? ”

  Li Yan’s mouth was drawn, this question was truly simple and rough ah. Adding some negotiation skills to your title as female host was not in vain.

  Mo Zhen’s expression was unchanged as it seemed as if he was long accustomed to this kind of question. He still maintained his standard Mo Zhen smile, “No one wants to be my female partner. Everyone I had wanted to ask had been taken away as someone else’s female partner.”

  Although he was pretending to be a fool, the female host could not be easily defeated, “So who was it that Emperor Mo had wanted to ask before?”

  ”I had originally thought to as Qin jie. It was a pity that Gao Yi had already taken the first step.”

  The enthusiasm of the hostess had taken an impact. This answer… was completely lacking in explosion.

  Qin Rou was Kaihuang’s veteran actress. Her relationship with Mo Zhen was a senior-junior relationship. Mo Zhen even added the word “sister” after Qin Rou’s name, as if he had wanted to deliberately show the generation gap between them. Gao Yi and Qin Rou were the male and female protagonists of the movie “South Street Skylights.” Both were nominated and would be able to attend the award ceremony together.

  Emperor Mo’s answer was really safe and leak-proof.

  The female host who was becoming more and more brave saw no use in playing Tai Chi with Mo Zhen and decided to go straight to the topic, “What progress has Emperor Mo made in love? The media and fans are very concerned about this issue.”

  ”Oh! It’s yourself who’s concerned!” Although Chen Qingyang said so, her ears perked up.

  Mo Zhen faced the camera as he thought about the question and then revealed a subtle, shallow smile, “I recently seem to have met someone I like.”


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