Chapter 61.1

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Chapter 61.1

In the living room, Chen Qingyang’s body that had just been dancing for joy stiffened. Even the lights that were non-stop flashing on Mo Zhen’s figure seem to have stopped for a moment.

  The cameras began to flash even more wildly than before. An earth-shattering change swept through the entire venue and the shaking red carpet was surrounded by a white sky. Even though they were sitting in front of the TV, they could clearly hear the photographers crazily pressing the shutter.

  The “kacha kacha” sound was crisp and rhythmic- just like the screams that were repeating continuously on TV.

  Chen Qingyang’s roaring inner feelings were even more out of control than the live audience’s. She rushed in front of Li Yan and wanted to hold and shake her a few times to divulge her surging emotions, however she discovered that Li Yan was even more dazed than she was and was stupidly staring at Mo Zhen’s figure on TV.

  Chen Qingyang’s hands hugged Li Yan’s shoulder. “Da Li, I didn’t expect your feelings for Emperor Mo to become so profound. Just cry it out. I will not laugh at you. ”

  She had help developed such a high-quality devoted fan for Emperor Mo.The feeling of accomplishment was even more exciting than promoting a Communist Youth League Member.

  Li Yan licked her lips and finally tore her eyes away from Emperor Mo. She looked at Chen Qingyan’s mournful expression,“I was just thinking; what should I do if the one he’s talking about is me?”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  Da Li, hurry up and wake up!

  She walked to Li Yan’s side, sat cross-legged on the couch and said: “I also think he’s talking about me.” It could be estimated that over a thousand people thought the same.

  The hostess on TV was attempting to ask more questions, but Emperor Mo had calmly stated that he would answer no more.

  Mo Zhen’s unintentional or intentional sentence had become the climax of the entire awards ceremony. Even after reading the list of winners, the audience couldn’t become as excited as they were before.

  ”Emperor Mo’s heart belongs to someone, I feel like I will never love again.” Although the ceremony had not yet officially started, this topic occupied major forums and Weibo with lightning speed.

  Although Chen Qingyang tried to hypnotize herself into believing that she was the person Mo Zhen was talking about, she had still suffered a considerable blow. The entire audience at the awards ceremony remained muddle-headed until the honorable guests went to the stage and were ready to announce the winner of the Best Actor award.

  Li Yan also couldn’t help but feel nervous. This kind of feeling made her feel like she had returned to elementary school and the teacher was reading each student’s score on the podium.

  ”We’ve finally arrived at an exciting movement. The winner of the 53rd Golden Bull Award for Best Actor will be announced. The competition for this year’s Golden Bull Award is extremely fierce as 37 outstanding films have been nominated this year. This achievement is not only awarded to the movie itself, but to the actors and actresses as well. Among them, there are many dark horses in the race…”

  The host spoke his opening remarks. Just when Chen Qingyang was about to lose her patience, the honorable guests finally took to the stage. The person presenting the award was the king of the movie industry from the previous generation, Guan Ran. When he stepped onto the stage, a small scream came from the audience.

  Guan Ran smiled and greeted everyone as he opened the red envelope in his hands, “The 53rd Golden Bull Award winner for Best Actor is –“

  He was very familiar with the routine and paused. The spotlights of the venue shone on the four nominated actors. All of them held their breath and waited for Guan Ran to read out the name.

  ”The actor of Gao Sen, Mo Zhen!”

  The applause from the scene thundered and the repressed screams burst out at this moment. Chen Qingyang screamed along with the audience on TV. The way she danced made it seem like she had completely recovered from the blow earlier. “I knew it would be Zhen Zhen! I knew it!” After she finished, she still felt it wasn’t grand enough and kicked off her slippers to jump on the couch. “Gao Sen conquers the world! Oh yeah!”

  Li Yan: “…”

  She had said long ago that chasing celebrities truly affects IQ.

  On the 50-inch TV screen, the camera was aimed at Mo Zhen. In the moment the camera swept past, Li Yan spotted Tang Qiang sitting next to him.

  Huh? Zhen Zhen had gotten the best actor award again, so why did Tang Qiang’s expression look so horrible?

  Just when she was about to ponder this issue, Mo Zhen took to the stage and was ready to deliver an acceptance speech. Guan Ran also stood on the stage and smiled at Mo Zhen, “Emperor Mo, after your awards speech, please talk more about that person you just mentioned.”

  The audience at the scene also made a buzzing noise; even if they were the celebrities on the main stage, they loved gossip just as much as ordinary people did.

  Mo Zhen took over the small Golden Bull award from Guan Ran’s hands, the flashing of the cameras on the scene became a new high. Of course, Mo Zhen’s speech was one that he had prepared long before. As for the person he likes, he obviously had no intention of revealing more about them.

  Although they didn’t get the gossip they wanted, the audience still gave their most enthusiastic applause to the newly awarded film emperor – um, even though he was very experienced in being a film emperor.

  Together with Mo Zhen’s best actor award, “God’s Restricted Area 3” had won a total of 7 awards- including best director and best editor. It became the biggest overall winner in the Golden Bull Awards this year.

  After the awards ceremony, Mo Zhen naturally became the focus of all media. Emperor Mo’s heart has a home – this would definitely be more explosive than Emperor Mo reclaiming his title as film emperor as a headline.

  However, Mo Zhen had spent 10 years in the entertainment industry and dealt with the media almost every single day. He was skilled at dealing with reporters. If he didn’t wish to, these reporters wouldn’t be able to dig a single piece of valuable information from his mouth.

  This is why Tang Qiang was so angry.

  Mo Zhen’s words on the red carpet were obviously deliberately stated. Regardless of why he would choose this time and occasion to talk about this kind of topic, he didn’t discuss this with him beforehand. It was enough for Tang Qiang this economic man to be a mere figurehead.

  A shelf that was very empty.

  Although he did not oppose Mo Zhen’s love, he did not say that he would agree to make his love public. What’s more, he felt that Li Yan herself didn’t know, that is, if the person he was talking about was her.

 ”Aren’t you going to the celebration party for the crew?” Tang Qiang’s tone was a little bleak as he glanced at Mo Zhen who was sitting in the passenger’s seat.

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