Hello friends, xixi here,

Yes, I am still alive.

why hasn’t xixi been translating :(?

because she is being locked in her house slaving away to the SAT as school starts and going to work. rip xixi

Some of you guys have been here since the beginning I started translating, back when i was in Grade 10, or sophomore year. aka. fetus xixi. Now i just started my senior year and am very stressed. You see, xixi lives in Canada, xixi wishes to stay in Canada, xixi’s parents won’t let her stay in canada because these shining universities in the US called the Ivies call to every Chinese parent. So rip Xixi. Also xixi will get her ass kicked if she gets below 1500 on the SAT and it ain’t looking good in the English part rn so rip. So basically, xixi trying to not get her ass kicked rn. gazillion RIPs.

BUT, xixi is going to chinese school on saturdays to learn how to read CHINESE!! some of you guys might not know, but xixi can’t actually read chinese lolololol. I translate by listening to the google translate reading the sentence to me. so lolololol. I’ve got to be the fakest translator out there.

I’ll try to get a chapter done before SAT on Oct 6, there’s a chapter sitting there with only 5 sentences left but I haven’t got to it yet oops

xixi needs ur prayers more than ever on OCT 6, xixi’s ass and future depends on this.



(on another note, I can completely understand how people spend so much money once they earn money, another RIP to the 135 dollars I spent on Glossier makeup)

wish me luck in senior year,





11 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. Samchon25 says:

    College apply is sucks for me 😂
    Senior tips: after the exam you must relax! And savor the time you got, bcs in my opinion when you start the college its not easy to find the time to relax 😁
    Good luck xixi! Hope you the best all of it!! 💪🏽

  2. Liyahseull says:

    Why are you so cute >w </
    Good luck! Put your best effort so you would not regret or feel sorry for yourself some time in the future. And dont be too hard on yourself! Fighting!!!

  3. lin says:

    Good luck for you.. we will be waiting patiently for the evil husband to bully wifey again~~💕

    Senior tip: when you do the exam, do not be pressure yourself, take it as normal exam that doesn’t matter even if you pass or not.. sometimes the pressure is what caused you to fail *wink* this works like a charm for me 😆 but remember to study like you will die if you do not admit them to memory
    Be confident and believe in yourself, we are cheering for you 🍀

    P.s.: japanese charm (omamori) work wonders (at least for me).. i experience the miracle twice thanks to a kind senior who bought and mail them to me 🎋🗻

  4. Ale says:

    Once in college never take eng, math, sci, together, it will kill you!……ivies arent all that great. Sound great but there are other school that are just as good or even better.

  5. Tom says:

    Honestly, just go with the flow as there will be other people who feel the same pressure.

    In regards to SAT and College applications, just chose which college you like regardless. Freshmen year, go make friends.

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