Chapter 62.2


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Chapter 62.2

  Mo Zhen looked at her for a while, then added faintly, “But I can tell you.”

  ”Ah?” Li Yan looked up and seemed to have not completely digested the words that Mo Zhen just said.

  Mo Zhen spoke as if he was reminding himself, “Her name is Ah Yao.”

  Ah Yao.

  Li Yan looked at the opposite person, a variety of emotions flashing in her eyes. Finally, her eyes returned to the clarity of before. Her eyebrows crumpled as she asked with a hint of uncertainty in her voice, “My…trumpet?”

  Mo Zhen’s expression that had collapsed all evening had finally turned a corner. He couldn’t help but smile, “En.”

  Li Yan’s eyebrows wrinkled more tightly, she appeared to be very distressed, “How can I switch to my trumpet?”

  Mo Zhen gave another low-pitched chuckle and looked at the person opposite to him, even the glimmer of his eyes had been stained with a vague smile, “Try floating first.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Emperor Mo’s taste was a little heavy.

  ”Have you seen the report online?” Mo Zhen suddenly changed a topic and went to the sofa. Li Yan didn’t really understand where he was heading, but she still replied honestly, “I saw it.”

  ”There might be a headline tomorrow as well.”

  ”…oh.” So did he come here to purposely show off his deeds?

  ”Do you have any opinion?”

  ”It’s quite… interesting.”

  Mo Zhen stared at her in silence for a while before asking, “Do you think it’s annoying to have your private matters discussed online?”

  ”Fortunately, no matter what they say, my days will still go on. I’ll just pretend that I’m watching charades.”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  It is a pity that such a mature and optimistic attitude was not developing in the entertainment industry.

  ”That’s good.” Mo Zhen said; without another word, he turned to the second floor. After his back disappeared into his bedroom door, Li Yan returned to sit on the sofa.

  Turning off the computer and turning on the TV, Li Yan huddled up to the sofa as she stared blankly at the screen.

  ”This summer, let your skin savour the taste of ice cream.”

  A gentle and beautiful female voice pulled Li Yan’s thoughts back to Earth. She looked at the woman on the screen who had a slight smile on her lips and snorted.

  So this was Li Weiwei? The darling of the film industry and the advertising industry that had been hailed by the media as the woman who had fulfilled all the aesthetic standards of the East.

  Hmph, so this is what she looked like!

  Pressing the power button on the machine, Li Yan resentfully extinguished the lights in the living room and climbed back onto the second floor to sleep.

  On the second day, the headlines of the major newspapers were completely occupied by Emperor Mo. In addition to reporting that he had once again won the title of Emperor, they gave a detailed analyzation of the words he had said on the red carpet. They must have gotten high scores on the reading comprehension portion of the college language exam- after all, not everyone could find so many meanings in such a short sentence.

  On Weibo, the game of claiming that Mo Zhen had confessed to yourself was also in full swing. According to incomplete statistics; in addition to the thousands of netizens, there were as many as 12 big V accounts of both genders that had jumped in and posted their acknowledgements.

  Tang Qiang watched as the number of followers on Mo Zhen’s account ushered a new dramatic increase. He truly felt that Emperor Mo had an extraordinary talent. If other male artists publicly admitted that they are in love, it would only result in a huge loss of fans. However, in Emperor Mo’s case, his popularity had not decreased; instead, it did the complete opposite and was steadily growing. It seemed that Emperor Mo’s self-marketing skills had reached a level he could no longer compete with.

  Perhaps he had misunderstood Emperor Mo yesterday.

  In order to express his apologies, Tang Qiang went onto his Weibo account which was known to the company’s employees and published a new message.

  ”You guys don’t need to fight anymore. The truth is that the person Mo Zhen was talking about is me. After all, we are together every day. Love grows over time._(:”∠)_”

  Suddenly, it seemed as if the the entire Kaihuang Building was silent for three seconds.

  Li Yan sat in the passenger seat and looked at Tang Qiang’s recent Weibo post. She had added Tang Qiang’s Weibo on the first day she had started working at the company due to work needs. It’s just that Tang Qiang hadn’t updated his Weibo for so long that Li Yan had almost forgotten that she had followed him.

  Why did he have to be so mysterious to the end? Also, did he use that last self-deprecating (Tang Qiang) emoji to match the same spirit his name carried?

(TN: Tang Qiang (meaning self-deprecating) is the same characters as Tang Qiang’s name.)


  Just as she was thinking about Tang Qiang, Tang Qiang’s name suddenly appeared on her phone screen, almost making Li Yan throw away her phone in fright, “Good morning, Supervisor Tang.”

  ”There is a company cocktail party the day after tomorrow. Help me inform Mo Zhen and I’ll text you the date and time later.”


  ”Also, the chairman wants to meet with him, tell him to come to the company sometime in these next two days.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  ”Did you hear that?”

  ”……heard it.”

  ”Notify me in advance of the time, as soon as possible.”


  Mo Zhen glanced at Li Yan’s depressed expression after hanging up the phone. His eyebrows wrinkled, “What did he say?”

  ”He said that the chairman wants to see you.” Li Yan turned back and looked at Mo Zhen with a sad expression.

  Her appearance made Mo Zhen smile, “Did he say anything else?”

  ”He wants you to go in when you have free time.”

  Mo Zhen thought for a moment, “Then I’ll go tomorrow morning, you can inform Tang Qiang.”

  ”Okay.” Li Yan nodded and her phone suddenly buzzed. It was Tang Qiang’s text message. “The company has a reception at 7:30 the day after tomorrow.”

  Mo Zhen frowned slightly; he didn’t like these social activities, but he still had to attend the company’s annual cocktail party. He glanced at Li Yan, who was next to him, and said, “The day after tomorrow, you’ll go with me.”

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