Chapter 63.2 Reception


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Chapter 63.2 Reception

Due to everyone’s efficient work, the crew finished at four in the afternoon. Both Director Xu and Wen Xiaoxiao received an invitation from Kai Huang. It was rumoured that Qiuyi, the author of Ghost School, would also attend the reception tonight. Although Li Yan did not pay much attention to the entertainment industry, she was excited to meet so many celebrities.

  After work, Wen Xiaoxiao wanted to invite Mo Zhen to attend the reception together, but Mo Zhen refused using the excuse that he was going to the spa. Li Yan followed Mo Zhen onto the Bentley. It wasn’t until the car turned at the intersection that she felt the resentment in Wen Xiaoxiao’s glare disappear.

  ”Zhen Zhen, where are we going?” Although Mo Zhen said that he was going to the spa, she had a feeling it was just an excuse to reject Wen Xiaoxiao.

  ”An Yi’s studio.” Mo Zhen replied.

  An Yi?

  Li Yan felt that this name sounded very familiar. After scrunching her eyebrows trying to think, she finally remembered who this person is.

  An internationally renowned fashion stylist.


It was rumoured that models would have to make a reservation a month in advance to get an appointment with him. Due to his status as Mo Zhen’s exclusive stylist, Li Yan had seen a popular post about him in the forum before. She noticed that there were many girls in the forum who were crazy about him.

  An Yi’s studio was not far from Kai Huang’s headquarters. Although it was a completely different style from Kai Huang’s building, the decoration was fashionable and unique. It was possible that a movie could be shot in the studio.

  Li Yan looked at the rows of shoes, pants and skirts that were assorted according to a colour system. She was a little stunned. Did an entire department store move into the studio? Not only that, every dressing table had a variety of different cosmetics, many with complicated brand names. There was even 108 different colours of nail polish set on the table.

  ”Mr. Mo, please wait a moment. Teacher An will be here shortly,” the staff member in front of Mo Zhen smiled, motioning for them to sit down on the couch to rest.

  Hey, she forgot to mention that all the beautiful staff here looked like they could be on the cover of a fashion magazine.

  Mo Zhen nodded and went to the front of the sofa to sit down. He picked up a magazine and flipped it over. Li Yan was a little cautious as she followed him. She always felt that in this kind of setting, it was suddenly obvious that her appearance carried a rustic taste.

  The beautiful receptionist poured them two cups of water. Li Yan thanked her and held in the cup in her hands. She took a sip; oh, it was even lemonade. Mo Zhen was still sitting and reading the magazine. Li Yan, while drinking the water in her cup, examined how many colours of eyeshadow the beautiful sister beside her had used.

  ”I apologize for the wait, I am a little busy today.” A man walked down the stairs, his voice was sweet and had a slight foreign accent. Li Yan looked in the direction of where the man was standing. He wore a pink shirt with a dark gray vest on top, a British flat top hat on his pale blond hair, and two silver stud earrings on his left ear.

  It was easy for a man wearing pink to appear girly, but the man in front of her felt clean and stylish.

  ”I am honored to have the opportunity to wait for Master An,” Mo Zhen put down the magazine in his hand and stood up from the sofa. An Yi smiled, but did not greet him. Instead, he sized up Li Yan with his eyes. Originally, Li Yan had been sitting on the sofa. However, after feeling his intense gaze, she quickly bounced up, “H-hello.”

  An Yi nodded to her and said hello; he then glanced at Mo Zhen, “Is it her?”

  ”En, I’ll hand her over to you.”

  Li Yan looked at them with an inexplicable expression. Did the two men just make a deal?

  ”Although you’re supposed to make an appointment in advance, I decided to pick it up out of respect for Emperor Mo.” An Zhen placed his hands in his trouser pockets and looked Li Yan up and down. He then smiled, “Don’t worry. I’ll transform you into a princess right away.”

  • (TN * : I couldn’t find a perfect English equivalent, but it means An Yi says, kan Mo Tianwang de mianzi – which kind of means giving you face, or out of regard for you)

  Li Yan: “…”

  So what was the transaction between the two of them?

  Mo Zhen nodded as he sat down on the sofa again. As An Yi walked towards Li Yan to pull her upstairs, Li Yan stared at Mo Zhen with a plea for help. However, Mo Zhen pretended as if nothing was happening in front of him and buried his head in the magazine.


What was so special about this magazine?!

  Li Yan’s heart felt like it had been run over by a hundred thousand alpacas (or grass mud horse).

(TN: The Grass Mud Horse or Cǎonímǎ (草泥马) is a Chinese Internet meme widely used as a euphemism for the cursing phrase cào nǐ mā (肏你妈). It is a word play on the Mandarin words cào nǐ mā (肏你妈), literally, “fuck your mother”)

(TN: In Li Yan’s context, being run over by a hundred thousand alpacas means she’s very annoyed and angry)

  ”Is it for attending Kai Huang’s reception?”

  An Yi, who had been pulling Li Yan’s arm, suddenly spoke. Li Yan froze for a moment and then nodded. “Yes.”

  ”Ah.” An Yi replied, he seemed to be thinking about something. The floor upstairs was an even larger dressing room than the first floor. A wide variety of clothes and shoes occupied almost half of the space.

“Ada, first help her wash her hair.” An Yi handed Li Yan to a staff member and began choosing from the pile of clothes.

  Li Yan muddleheadly followed Ada to the shower room. When she came out, An Yi had taken off his vest and was waiting in front of the dressing table wearing only his pink shirt.

  ”OK, come here and sit down.” An Yi stood up and pointed to the seat next to him. Li Yan pursed her lips as she sat down in the position An Yi had pointed at. She then watched An Yi fix and trim her hair little by little.

  ”Your hair is exceptional. It’s quite soft and also very dark.” An Yi trimmed the curly tails of Li Yan’s hair while stating his compliments. “I also like the shape of your face. It has the characteristic of a classic oriental beauty.”

  ”…Thank you.” Li Yan had restrained herself for a while, and was only able to reply with these two words.

  An Yi looked at Li Yan through the mirror and couldn’t help but smile, “You don’t have to be so nervous. Relax, this process should be enjoyed.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  If he says it like this… It will make her even more nervous!

  Li Yan admired An Yi’s fancy hair-drying technique in the mirror. As she watched her straight hair gradually become wavy, she couldn’t help but be surprised at the results. She had always felt that having curly hair would make her look older, so she only permed a small portion of the ends of her hair. However, the hairstyle An Yi had given her did not feel old-fashioned; instead, it felt very beautiful and fashionable.

  A woman’s magician.

  These six words suddenly appeared in her mind. This was a comment that had appeared previously on Cape Forum praising An Yi for his skills.

  It was as if his hands could do magic; they could make a girl transform into a princess.

  The perm was temporary so it didn’t take much time. Anzhen put down the blow dryer in his hand and said to Ada who was beside him, “I have already chosen her clothes, shoes and accessories. You can go take her to change.”

  ”Okay.” Ada smiled at Li Yan. “Please come with me.”

  An Yi picked a water blue off-the-shoulder dress with a big bow on its left waist, sandals that were the same colour as the dress as well as a necklace with pink roses. After Li Yan changed her clothes, she was almost unable to recognize herself in the mirror.

  An Yi seemed to be very satisfied with his work. Standing in front of Li Yan, he whistled at her and called her over to get her makeup done. An Yi drew so carefully that even her nails had been painted by him personally. After finishing Li Yan’s nails, he picked up the blow dryer again and blow-dried her hair. Finally, using a long strand of hair on the left side, An Yi styled it into a small and simple bun and placed a water-blue flower covered with rhinestones on top. “Finished. Now you can go meet Emperor Mo.”  

Li Yan: “…”

  She felt that there was something about this sentence that was a little strange.

  Despite living for so many years, Li Yan had never worn such a formal dress and felt a little unaccustomed to the feeling. It made her even more nervous that she would be shown in front of Mo Zhen. As she walked down the stairs, Mo Zhen had his eyes closed and was leaning against the sofa to rest. However, he had changed his clothes and his hair had been blow-dried; it looked soft and comfortable.

  His outfit was a special custom-designed black suit with a white shirt. The fuchsia-coloured tie on top was the finishing touch.

  Zhen Zhen was truly handsome da!

  As if he had felt Li Yan’s enthusiasm, Mo Zhen’s eyelashes trembled and he slowly opened his eyes. The moment he lifted his head, he saw Li Yan standing on the stairs.

  Catching the flash of astonishment in Mo Zhen’s eyes, An Yi smiled and asked, “Is Emperor Mo satisfied with my work?”

  Mo Zhen glanced at him as he stood up and walked towards the stairs, “It’s mostly because of the model.”

  An Yi bowed his head and laughed silently. Mo Zhen pulled Li Yan over to him and examined her carefully a few more times. His eyebrows scrunched together as he asked, “Is there anything that doesn’t reveal the shoulders?”

  Although Li Yan’s long hair covered most of her shoulders, it’s looming appearance caused one’s imagination to roam even more, “Also, isn’t this dress a little too short?”


  The corner of An Yi’s mouth twitched, “Don’t worry. Nobody will dare to start with her if you’re by her side.”

  Although Mo Zhen felt his words made sense, he refused to give up, “Is there no dress that would wrap her from head-to-toe?”

  Then why don’t you tear the curtains and wrap her yourself? An Yi turned his head and stayed silent.

 When Li Yan heard Mo Zhen say this, she also felt that the fabric making up her dress was a little sparse. She pulled at her dress uncomfortably and glanced at Mo Zhen with a distressed expression,  “Zhen Zhen, I only brought 5,000 yuan.”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  Li Yan was still immersed in her misery. Even without counting her hair and makeup, these  clothes and shoes alone came to a number she could not afford … In fact, she didn’t even have five thousand yuan.

  An Yi was already laughing in the back. Mo Zhen endured the twitching of his mouth and revealed a standard smile belonging to the Mo family, “Swipe my card.”

  Question: What is a man saying when he looks the most handsome? The answer must be buy, buy and swipe my card.

  Glancing at Li Yan’s dull expression, Mo Zhen felt that that he should free some time to take her shopping. It would be good to establish his own excellence.

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