Chapter 63.3

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They didn’t stay in An Yi’s studio for long. Mo Zhen went directly to the reception with Li Yan. As Li Yan watched the elevator climb past each floor, her heart felt as if it was rising with it. She had never participated in such a high-level reception. What if she wasn’t able to talk to anybody? If something went wrong, would she be losing Zhen Zhen’s face?*

(TN: basically embarrassing him/ humiliating him)

  Mo Zhen glanced at her sideways. He grabbed her hand and said softly, “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine after simply eating.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Zhen Zhen is…Truly considerate.

  The venue was on the 21st floor. Li Yan listened to the “Ding” sound of the elevator and saw the doormen standing in front of the entrance. Mo Zhen handed the invitation to them and unconsciously reached out to pull Li Yan. However, he stopped before he touched her hands. After a slight pause, Mo Zhen decided to readily follow good advice, retrieving his hands as he stared at the path in front of him, “Let’s go.”

(TN: 莫榛從善如流地手回了手, —- 從善如流 > this means readily following good advice but I really don’t know why it’s in this context but yunno)

  ”Good!” Li Yan nodded solemnly, her expression like that of a warrior entering a battlefield.

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  In fact, it was just an ordinary cocktail reception. This was really not necessary.

The doormen at the entrance professionally opened the door for them; Mo Zhen and Li Yan went into the room together. A lot of people had already arrived at the venue. When they heard the sound of the door opening, everyone unconsciously glanced in the direction of the noise and their expressions all unanimously became subtle.

  Mo Zhen attended Kai Huang’s cocktail reception every year, but had never brought a female companion. This time, he openly brought a woman with him. Combined with the remarks he had just recently made on the red carpet, it was inevitable that it would cause some speculation.

  This was exactly why Wen Xiaoxiao had wanted to attend the reception with Mo Zhen. As long as she appeared beside him, everyone would look at her in a different light even if she didn’t do a single thing.

  Li Yan felt that since the moment she entered the large doors of the reception, everyone seemed like they were constantly staring at them and whispering. As her footsteps became increasingly hesitant, Mo Zhen seamlessly grasped her hand and whispered in a low voice beside her, “Don’t worry about them. Go see if there’s anything you wish to eat.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  So in Emperor Mo’s eyes, I am just a foodie!

  In fact, the truth was that from Emperor Mo’s perspective, the only good thing about these kinds of receptions was the food.

  Although Li Yan was indignant in her heart, she still timidly went to look around for food. Mo Zhen was constantly at her side; wherever she went, he would follow.

  This made a large number of people who had wanted to approach and curry favour with Mo Zhen bitter. After Mo Zhen arrived, he naturally became the focus of the entire audience. However, it didn’t seem like he was going to leave the woman beside him soon, making everyone stand uncomfortably exactly where they were. Nobody wanted to be the first person to greet him.

  What if they were hit with the muzzle of the gun?

(TN: idiom for scapegoat)

  But there will always be people who aren’t afraid. Tang Qiang held a glass of champagne in his hand and walked over from the other end. Mo Zhen glanced at Li Yan who had buried her head while eating. He walked two steps in Tang Qiang’s direction, “Do you need anything?”

  This dissatisfied tone made Tang Qiang raise his eyebrows,  “You already reached the point of being inseparable?”

  ”If you just came here to confirm this, then I’ll tell you the answer. Yes.”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  Seeing that Mo Zhen was ready to leave after speaking, Tang Qiang quickly stopped him, “How did you convince the chairman?”

  Yesterday, after the chairman had asked Mo Zhen to speak with him alone, he issued an order saying that the company must not interfere with Emperor Mo’s emotional problems. Tang Qiang really had to admire Emperor Mo’s skill.

  ”Nothing. I just told him that if he doesn’t agree with me getting married, then I will find a company that agrees to my marriage.”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  This was an indirect threat to the chairman, was it really okay?

  Mo Zhen glanced at Tang Qiang for moment and raised the corner of his mouth, “Tang Qiang, the chairman has been a businessman for his entire life, he would never let us take advantage of him.”

  Tang Qiang was stunned for a moment and then laughed. He was right, as the saying goes, the buyer will never surpass the seller.

  He glanced at Li Yan who was happily eating. He raised his head to look at Mo Zhen, This was personally styled by An Yi?”

  Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, “You really are truly in love with An Yi.”

  Tang Qiang: “…”

  He sipped the champagne in his glass to moisten his slightly dry mouth, “She’s fairly pretty when she’s dressed up. You should be a little careful.”

  ”Thank you for reminding me,” Mo Zhen smiled at him and turned to find Li Yan. When he left, those who had originally wanted to talk to Mo Zhen went to Tang Qiang to test the waters. It didn’t take long for everyone at the reception to learn that the woman Mo Zhen had brought was his assistant.

  A celebrity attending a reception would dress up their assistant so beautifully beside them? It could only be said that Emperor Mo was a boss that showed compassion to his subordinates.

  Li Yan looked at Tang Qiang who was constantly approached for conversation and sincerely lamented, “Supervisor Tang’s popularity is really high.”

  Mo Zhen chuckled and did not correct her. He glanced in Tang Qiang’s direction, “Do you see that woman?”

  ”The one with yellow hair?” Li Yan also moved her gaze in Tang Qiang’s direction.

  ”Yeah.” Mo Zhen nodded. “The man next to her is President Wang. A person famous for being a silly rich landlord in A city.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  She looked at Mo Zhen silently.

  Mo Zhen continued to speak, “The woman should be his latest new love. The reason he wants to find Tang Qiang must be because he wants Tang Qiang to sign her, but Tang Qiang had already stopped signing people a long time ago.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  If it was in the past, she wouldn’t be able to imagine herself even in her wildest dreams gossiping with Mo Zhen one day.

  Over there, Tang Qiang had just refused President Wang on the excuse that he was not signing any new people and suggested that he could ask Luo Tiancheng. The current group of people were sent away and the next group of people came forward.

  When Tang Qiang said that he was remembered by many little evil spirits, his statement was well-founded. _(:”∠)_

  There was another small commotion at the door. Mo Zhen glanced at the entrance and commented to Li Yan, “That is the author of “Ghost School”, Qiu Yi.”

  ”Where?” Li Yan looked towards the door with excitement. There was a circle of people near the entrance, in the middle stood a man wearing a simple black suit and a white shirt with a pair of rimless glasses on his face. He pursed his lips and gave a somewhat restrained smile to the people around him.

  ”That is Qiu Yi ah!” Although the pen name Qiu Yi sounded very feminine, Qiu Yi himself was better described as being refined rather than delicate. He seemed like a scholar belonging to the Jiangnan era, “Can I get an autograph from him?”

  Mo Zhen glanced back at her for a moment, “Are you a fan of him?”

  ”No, but I have a friend who likes him very much.”

  The light in Mo Zhen’s eyes flashed. The friend she was talking about was most likely Boiled Lemon, “I’ll ask for you later.”

  ”Thank you Zhen Zhen!” Li Yan thought for a moment and then asked, “Can you give me an autograph?”

  Mo Zhen looked at her and blinked, “Are you my fan?”

  ”My friend is your superfan! I tricked her out of one of your signed posters, so I want to give another autographed poster to her…” Li Yan’s voice became increasingly weak, the company had clearly stated that workers weren’t allowed to ask celebrities for signatures.

  Mo Zhen glanced at her and smiled, “When we go back to the lounge, I’ll help you find one.”

  ”Zhen Zhen is so kind!”

  ”You don’t need to hold back, I’ll let you come and kiss me.”

  Li Yan: “…”

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