Chapter 64.1



Chapter 64.1 Accident



The clock hanging on the wall had already pointed to eleven when Chen Qingyang was still tirelessly scrolling through the forum on Pujiang’s website.

  Today, there was a big event happening on the forum. A big pink author from Pujiang, A Field of Chrysanthemums, was hung on a wall by a small transparent author who accused the big pink author of copying her book. It was rumoured that the big pink author and the small transparent author were girlfriends in the 3D world. Later, it wasn’t clear who had grabbed who’s boyfriend, but the two people had a fall out. The small transparent also hung evidence of the big pink author plagiarizing her story on the forum.

(TN: hung on a wall – like discredited, or publicly announced)

(TN: small pink – an author who writes romance novels? I read an article about how its about nationalism relating to Jinjiang literature and didn’t understand it, so if anyone gets it pls comment below)

(TN: transparent – people on social media who have little presence, they can be high-level (highly praised/popular), but rarely respond and never speak)

  Chen Qingyang happily scrolled through the forum. She used to have a conflict with A Field of Chrysanthemums. Now that she had met with misfortune, Chen Qingyang rushed to hit the fallen person with stones. When she opened Weibo, she originally wanted to forward the transparent new author’s post, but she saw that Li Yan had tagged her in a post.

  ”Shampoo Boiled Lemon! I got Qiu Yi’s signed book for you! I also have an autographed poster of your male god! Am I not awesome! #Please call me China’s best girlfriend#”

  Chen Qingyang’s heart skipped a beat and she quickly opened the two pictures below the Weibo post. It really was the “Ghost School” signed by Qiu Yi and an autographed poster of Mo Zhen’s “God Forbidden Zone 3”.

  Holy cow, Da Li was so powerful! This is what a true girlfriend is!

  Chen Qingyang was so excited that she could run two circles around the earth, but her excitement didn’t last long and soon turned into fear.

  ”Da Li, you should not sell yourself for these things.”

  Transforming her worry into a text message and sending it to Li Yan, Chen Qingyang was mentally perturbed as she waited for Li Yan’s reply.

  ”…You’re thinking too much, the book and the poster were all gifted by my boss ==”

  Boss? Chen Qingyang’s mouth twitched and she quickly typed out a text message, “What conditions did your boss ask for to exchange it with you?”

  ”He just asked me to kiss him =v=”

  Holy cow, she could endure this ?!

  ”Did you kiss him?”

  ”Kissed (*/ω\*)”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  Why did she suddenly feel that the person suffering was the boss? Looking at the emojis included in every one of Da Li’s text messages, she could feel the emotions Da Li was going through at this very moment.

  ”Da Li, you have been corrupted, you are no longer the person I knew before.”

  Li Yan’s mouth twitched, “One sentence, do you want to hear it or not?”



  ”I have a half-day leave tomorrow morning, I’ll see you at Baima Square at 11 o’clock.”

(TN: Guangzhou’s White Horse Square – )

  After sending this message, Li Yan turned off her phone. Today, she could finally sleep before 11 o’clock! She happily opened her quilt and snuggled into bed.

  Chen Qingyang forwarded Li Yan’s post on her own Weibo and wrote with tears in her eyes, “In an era when all my girlfriends are in the dark, I will inject positive energy into society. #Long Live Girlfriends#”

  Xiang Yunze was preparing to turn off his computer when Chen Qingyang’s Weibo post appeared on the screen.

  … If she knew that Li Yan was Mo Zhen’s assistant, would she still think so?

  He silently ordered a candle under Chen Qingyang’s Weibo.

  Li Yan slept until 10 o’clock the next day and slowly climbed out of bed. If it wasn’t for date with Chen Qingyang, she really wanted to sleep until the afternoon.

  She turned on her phone and scrolled through Mo Zhen’s schedule. At one o’clock in the afternoon, they would have go to the company for a magazine photoshoot. 

 Oh, she only had three hours; time would be tight. Li Yan simply washed her face, combed her hair twice and went outside. When she was opening the door, Mo Zhen also came out of his room. Glancing at the paper bag in Li Yan’s hands, Mo Zhen asked, “Are you going out?”

  ”En, I wanted to give the poster and book to my friend.” It wasn’t easy to free some time; if she didn’t go today, she didn’t know when she would be able to give the things to Shampoo.

  Mo Zhen’s raised her eyebrows, she treated that Boiled Lemon really well, “Do you need me to drive you?”

  ”No need, I’ll arrive at the company a little before one o’clock.” When Li Yan said this, she paused and looked up at Mo Zhen, “Zhen Zhen, you have to eat lunch by yourself, you must eat oh.”

  Mo Zhen thought for a moment and said, “Coincidentally, I’m also going out to eat. I’ll send you to wherever you’re going.”

  ”Ah? Is it on the way?”

  ”Wherever you’re going, I’ll go eat nearby.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Baima Square was the largest shopping plaza in City A. Thus, the restaurant industry was well-developed. From roadside snacks to high-end restaurants, it had everything that one could ever imagine.

  Mo Zhen booked a private room in a restaurant near Baima Square. The restaurant was opened by some of his friends in his circle and he had invested some money in it at the time. When Li Yan heard his words, she stared at him in surprise, “You originally had so many side jobs?”

  ”Of course.” Mo Zhen raised his chin and enjoyed Li Yan’s worshipping gaze with pleasure. “It is enough to support you for ten years.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  #Boss always finds a way to flaunt his wealth#

  After hearing Mo Zhen promote the dishes at the restaurant, she also wanted to have a meal here. However, she still had to go to her date with Chen Qingyang.

  It took about five minutes to walk from the restaurant. When Li Yan arrived at the dessert shop, the time had just approached 10:50. Her eyes swept the inside of the store, it was easy  to find Chen Qingyang sitting at the floor-to-ceiling window and playing with her phone.

   Li Yan went over and patted her on the shoulder, she imitated the style of a ruffian on TV and said, “Beauty, do you have a date?”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  Even if she didn’t look back, she could tell that it was Li Yan’s voice.

  She wanted to turn around and ridicule Li Yan, but when she saw the person behind her,  she immediately changed the topic, “Where did you get your hair done?”

  ”En?” Li Yan unconsciously flicked the long hair that was lying on her chest. When she came back from the reception yesterday, she went directly to bed and slept. She had only randomly combed her hair a few times this morning; because she had not showered, her hairstyle was still there- it was just a little messy.

  ”It seems to be called a Goddess’s Kiss? It’s a one time use so it’ll be gone once I wash my hair.” Li Yan sat down opposite to Chen Qingyang and gave her the paper bag in her hands.


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