Chapter 64.2

Although Chen Qingyang took the paper bag from Li Yan’s hands, she wasn’t in a hurry to open it. At this moment, she was more concerned about another issue, “A Goddess’s Kiss? The stylist who did your hair wouldn’t happen to be called An Yi right?”

  Li Yan blinked a few times, her eyes shined as she stared at Chen Qingyang, “Do you know him too?”

  Haha. Chen Qingyang’s mouth twitched. Of course she knew who he was. After all, she was the user who had showered An Yi with praises on Cape Forum.

  She stretched out her right hand and touched Li Yan’s forehead, “Da Li, did you develop meningitis from working too hard?”

  Li Yan: “…”

  All she wanted to do now was to grab the paper bag in Chen Qingyang’s hand.

  ”However, in all seriousness, how did your boss find a way to get Qiu Yi’s and Mo Zhen’s autograph?” Li Yan opened the paper bag and glanced at the book and poster inside. She simply loved them too much to part with them.

(TN: the raw says Li Yan, but i have a feeling that it might be Chen Qingyang and that it was just a copy error)

  Li Yan snorted and said, “Because he also has meningitis.”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  So this book and poster were donated for them to show love?

  They didn’t continue with the topic any further. After the two had lunch together, Li Yan hurried away. It wasn’t easy for Chen Qingyang to step out of her house for once. Originally, she had thought about strolling around, but Li Yan was leaving and she didn’t want to walk around by herself. She had no other option but to walk back with Li Yan.

  ”Da Li ah, your boss is truly good at exploiting his workers. Let’s think about it, since you’ve gone to work, how many days have you gotten off?” Chen Qingyang complained while walking. She was even more indignant than Li Yan was at the time.

  Li Yan snorted and suddenly stopped, staring intently at a car parked at the intersection in front. “What’s wrong?” Chen Qingyang also stopped and followed her gaze. “En, this Land Rover is very pretty.”

  Li Yan pursed her lips. The car was more than just beautiful, the key was that it was Mo Zhen’s car. Why was it stopped here?

  Her phone rang at this very moment; Li Yan took her phone out and looked at it. When she saw the two words “Zhen Zhen” flashing on her screen, she quickly picked up her phone as if she was a thief, “Boss, what’s up?”

  ”I’m waiting for you at the intersection. You probably have already seen my car right?”

  ”I saw it.” She glanced at Chen Qingyang and slightly turned her back. She then whispered in a soft voice, “Be careful, you don’t want to be recognized by others.”

  Mo Zhen seemed to chuckle, Li Yan heard his voice transmit from the other end, “En, come quick.”

  ”Okay.” When Li Yan turned around, she saw Chen Qingyang size her up with her eyes. Unconsciously hiding the phone behind her, Li Yan stepped back a few steps and asked, “What are you doing?”

  ”Who are you calling? Why are you being so mysterious?” Chen Qingyang pushed the frames of her glasses further back onto her face. Her detective mode had been turned on.

  ”My boss.” Li Yan’s reply was also honest. “That was my boss’s Land Rover. I have to go back to the company with him now.”

  ”Your boss personally came to pick you up?” Chen Qingyang’s eyes squinted even smaller. There was something fishy about this.

  ”He just happened to eat near here. Okay, I can’t talk any longer, I have to go.” After Li Yan finished, she ran away. Behind her, Chen Qingyang watched the silhouette of her figure leave in a hurry, not knowing that she had once again missed an opportunity to encounter Emperor Mo.

  She rubbed her nose and sent Xiang Yunze a text message, “Xiang Gongzi, Da Li seems to be dating someone!”

  Xiang Yunze’s reply came fairly quickly, “Don’t be jealous, you can too.”

  ”…Date with who? You?”

  ”Have you ever heard of narcissism? It’s basically dating yourself.”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  She took a deep breath and replied with a message, “You are right. Fertile waters don’t flow to others fields. :)”

(TN: Maybe you’ve heard of “fertilizer doesn’t flow into others fields”. Basically if you’re dating your mother friend’s son, your goodness isn’t being shared with another guy because you’re dating someone in your circle, so like the fertilizer hasn’t flown to other fields outside of your circle. Does that make any sense lol?)

  Xiang Yunze: “…”

  Meanwhile, after Li Yan and Mo Zhen arrived at the company, they went straight to the studio on the 17th floor. “TOMATO”, a well-known women’s fashion magazine owned by Kai Huang, was highly popular among young women. Now that new products were being released in the summer, the company had launched its first ever clothing line for couples, so they invited Mo Zhen to model for a few pictures.

  The model that was being partnered with Mo Zhen was a famous model from TOMATO, Lisa. Lisa was a pure-blooded Chinese, but she had features that made her look mixed. During her second year of high school, her unique temperament helped her stand out in the “TOMATO” model selection.

  Being able to take a magazine photo with Mo Zhen was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every model from TOMATO. It wasn’t exactly easy for Lisa to win the quota for this photoshoot. She had even started making preparations a week ago, but at this moment… she had not arrived yet.

  The editor-in-chief of the magazine cursed her in her heart a hundred times. He had managed to win Mo Zhen over with great difficulty, but did not expect that the chain would unravel at a key point. Not only that, Master An, the stylist, seemed to have already started to get impatient.

  The editor-in-chief wiped the sweat on his forehead and was preparing to adjust the atmosphere when Lisa’s agent finally ran over, “Lisa can’t come, she had an accident on the way here and hit her head.”


  The editor-in-chief really wanted to die in his heart. He glanced at the two big Buddhas next to him and tried to make himself laugh, “Emperor, An God, our magazine has many excellent models. Even if there’s no Lisa, there’s still a Lina. You guys don’t need to be impatient, I’ll get someone to immediately bring her over!”

  Li Yan who sat on the side pondered over his words. Why did she always feel like the editor is similar to Mama Sang ah ?

(TN: Mama Sang is basically the madame who used to lead young ladies in brothels in ancient  times)

  ”No need.” An Yi stood up from the sofa and stopped the editor who was ready to run out the door. “I don’t have much time to waste with you. Just let her do it.”

  He pointed to Li Yan who was sitting next to Mo Zhen.

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