Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65.1 Shooting


The editor-in chief’s gaze followed An Yi’s pointed finger to Li Yan.

  Li Yan was immediately shaken. Holy cow, what was going on?

  The editor-in-chief sized her up carefully. Her face looked pretty good and she had the temperament of a classic beauty. However, not everyone who simply looked good could become a model. “TOMATO” was a well-known magazine, how could they casually find an amateur as a replacement? Evenmore, it was for an extremely important role as Mo Zhen’s partner.

  Seeing the hesitation on the editor-in-chief’s face, An Yi took the initiative to speak, “I just did some styling for her yesterday. When she dresses up, she won’t lose to any of the models from your magazine. The most important thing is…” He paused and raised his left hand to glance at the watch on his wrist. “I have an appointment at three o’clock. It’s already 1:13 now.”

  Editor-in-Chief: “…”

  Every minute and second of An Yi’s time was money, Mo Zhen was the same. The editor had no choice but to compromise. “Alright, the clothes that need to be changed into today are all over there. After you finish examining them, you can start styling her.”


  Wait wait wait… Li Yan stared at An Yi who was getting up to go to the clothing area, the inner emotions of her heart were like waves crashing against each other. Shouldn’t they ask the other party for her opinion? ! Were they just going to happily decide what was happening like this?

  ”Oh,” Mo Zhen who was sitting on the side suddenly sneered. His voice caused An Yi’s disappearing silhouette to stop in its tracks, “Did I agree?”


  The editor-in-chief and An Yi turned their heads to look at him at the same time. Mo Zhen’s chin was slightly raised and the sneer at the corner of his mouth had not completely disappeared. The editor-in-chief swallowed his saliva and cautiously gave a compensating smile, “Emperor Mo, she is your assistant right? We will pay her the appropriate reward.”

  Reward? Li Yan’s eyes lit up, “Is it a lot?”

  When the editor-in-chief heard her question, he proudly puffed up his chest, “Our magazine’s notice fees are the most generous in the industry!”

  ”Then it’s happily decided!” Li Yan was overjoyed to run on the road towards being a little rich woman.

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  He looked up at Li Yan in silence.

  Li Yan could feel a huge amount of pressure from his gaze. She learned the editor’s worshipping manner and gave a compensating smile, “Zhen Zhen, the jianghu is having a crisis!”

(TN: Jianghu = community of martial artists in wuxia stories)

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  It’s clear that you’ve only opened your eyes at the sight of money! Is all of this money going into raising a xiao bai lian (small white face) or what?!


(TN: Xiao bailian – this term stems from the rise of the popularity of older females raising males that are super pale, handsome and are usually younger. It’s basically the idea of a boytoy here in the west. )

  Taking Mo Zhen’s silence as acquiescence, Li Yan diligently followed An Yi away. When the editor-in-chief saw that this crisis was finally resolved, he exhaled a long breath, “That is, Emperor Mo, because it’s a photoshoot for couple’s clothing, it might include some intimate poses.”

  Kai Huang’s management of artists was very strict, and Mo Zhen himself would never get close to another female artist. Even if it was for work, he had his own limits. The editor-in-chief was worried about whether Emperor Mo would accept his proposal.

  Mo Zhen’s eyes moved; he had already heard Tang Qiang speak about it. Originally, he had some reservations about doing “intimate gestures between couples”, but now that the model had been replaced by Li Yan… This opportunity was exactly what he was looking for.

  ”It doesn’t matter, I’ll try my best to cooperate.” Emperor Mo was deeply righteous.

  The editor’s eyes lit up and flashed a hint of surprise. Who said that Emperor was cold? He was obviously so approachable!

  As this was his second time styling Li Yan, An Yi was clearly more skilled. After only half an hour, he created a stylish beauty with a classic temperament. Her hair still had a large wave, but her makeup was much more elegant than yesterday’s. It seemed fresh and not dull.

  The editor-in-chief stared ahead at Li Yan who had changed beyond recognition. He admitted the Great God An was a truly a God. The word “magician” was well deserved.

  Mo Zhen had also changed his clothes and seemed to be satisfied with how Li Yan looked. After An Yi finished with Li Yan, he began to style Mo Zhen. As he was more familiar with Mo Zhen, it took him less than ten minutes to finish styling him. The lights in the studio lit up, and Anzhen looked down at his watch again. There was still time, he could help Li Yan change into another outfit later.

  Li Yan stood beneath the spotlight and felt helpless. She glanced at Mo Zhen who was next to her, and listened to the photographer shouting in front, “Come a little closer and hug Emperor Mo’s waist.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  Why are they asking me to start climbing at the peak of the mountain?

  Mo Zhen laughed on the side and a satisfied chuckle spilled from his throat, “He told you to hold me.”

  Li Yan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. She moved two steps to Mo Zhen’s side and stiffly put her hands on his waist.

  The photographer spoke once again, “Raise your head to look at him and then smile.”


  look up and smile. 🙂

  Mo Zhen’s chest trembled as he tried to hold back his laughter.


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