Chapter 76.1

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Chapter 76.1 – Male God Takes me to Fly Part 4


Chen Qingyang had already imagined meeting Mo Zhen countless times before. Maybe she would dance frantically in excitement, maybe she would silently shriek. She believed she would pounce like a hungry wolf and forcibly kiss him.

    However, when her Male God was truly standing in front of her, she realized that she was so nervous that she couldn’t speak.

    Perhaps because he was on vacation and at home, Mo Zhen was only wearing a set of simple home clothes and his hair was a little messy. Although his entire appearance looked a lot more mundane than when he appeared before the camera, his aura was still overflowing. Chen Qingyang wholeheartedly believed that even if he went to buy groceries like this, he would still be able to attract everyone’s attention the moment he enters the vegetable market.

    She looked at the person in front of her motionlessly, took a deep breath and finally grinded her teeth to say, “Hello, Male God, I am Shampoo!”

    Mo Zhen: “…”

    Chen Qingyang: “…”

    Help ah, she doesn’t want to live anymore! qaq


    “I, I am Chen Qingyang!” Chen Qingyang’s face flushed bright red, as if she would choke and die in the next second. 

    Mo Zhen slightly nodded his head at her, this automatic sense of alienation made Chen Qingyang’s nose a little sour. Even if he was standing in front of his own house, he was still that emperor superstar; she would always be a small fan in front of him.

    “Brother Yunze, Shampoo, don’t stand outside. Come inside first.” Li Yan took Mo Zhen’s hand and turned to make way for them. 

    Xiang Yunze unintentionally glanced at their intertwined hands as he pulled Chen Qingyang into the house. Li Yan followed them into the living room and poured a glass of water for them all. After Mo Zhen closed the door, he walked over and sat down beside her.


    Chen Qingyang was still a little nervous. After all, this was Emperor Mo’s home! She felt like she was in a dream – her entire body felt as light as a feather.

  The living room was strangely quiet as the four of them remained silent. Li Yan looked at the man and woman sitting across from her, and finally couldn’t help but curiously ask, “Brother Yunze, why are you two together?”

    Xiang Yunze smiled at her and asked in a gentle voice, “Yan Yan, how are you doing recently? Is your work difficult?” 

His intimate tone made Li Yan a little stunned, “It’s going very well, it’s not very difficult. Zhen Zhen recently hasn’t taken up any shows so I’ve always stayed at home.”

     She completely failed to notice that Xiang Yunze had easily dodged her question. Even more, she completely failed to realize that the words “Zhen Zhen” had irritated the nerves of the two people sitting opposite.


    Only Mo Zhen sat on the sofa as usual, looking at Xiang Yunze indifferently.

    Xiang Yunze seemed unaware of his gaze and continued to ask Li Yan, “I saw your photo in a magazine a while ago. It was beautifully taken. Do you want to develop in this area?”

    “No.” The person who answered his question was actually Mo Zhen.

    Xiang Yunze turned his head and glanced at him, “I’m not asking you.”

    Mo Zhen leaned forward and sat up straight, “I’m her guardian now.”

    Xiang Yunze: “…”

    Li Yan “…”


    Chen Qingyang, who was in a constant state of wandering, subconsciously glanced at Li Yan’s neck after hearing the word magazine. Because Li Yan wore a light pink round-neck sweater that exposed her entire neck, Chen Qingyang could clearly see the small marks above it.

   Looking at the colour, it seemed as if they were freshly planted.

   She felt like she was going crazy again!

    Feeling the movement of the person beside him, Xiang Yunze looked down to glance at her. He then followed her gaze to Li Yan’s neck. His eyes shook slightly, he had noticed the marks on Li Yan’s neck the moment she appeared at the door.

    That was why he was angry.

    He had waited for her for so many years, but this man couldn’t even wait till marriage to impatiently swallow her up. If he told this information to Li Yan’s Senior Brothers*, let alone tomorrow’s sunrise, he was afraid Emperor Mo would be unable to see even today’s sunset. 

(TN: senior male fellow student or apprentice / son (older than oneself) of one’s teacher)

    Mo Zhen suddenly stood up from the sofa and walked over to Li Yan’s side, blocking Xiang Yunze’s gaze.

    Xiang Yunze raised his eyebrows, sneered, and also got up from the sofa.


    Li Yan’s heart suddenly thumped. Even if her emotional intelligence was so low that she was unable to detect changes in the surrounding atmosphere, there was a kind of atmosphere in which she was more sensitive to than most people. 

   The atmosphere of fighting. 

    If these two people continued to stare at each other like this, the fight would definitely start soon. 

    Chen Qingyang’s gaze has basically always been on Mo Zhen’s body. Now, seeing him stand up and raise his head. She didn’t forget to exclaim in her heart: wtf, Male God’s gaze is so sharp ! He’s super handsome, damn right!

    Li Yan looked at her supporting from the sidelines expression with desperation. It seemed that only she could save the situation now. Quickly jumping up from the sofa, Li Yan took Mo Zhen’s arm and moved in Chen Qingyang’s direction, “Zhenzhen, let me introduce to you. This is my best sister,* she is your super fan!”

(TN: in China, it’s normal to call your friends in sibling terms, such as older male friends as “brother/ge”)

    Mo Zhen finally shifted his gaze away from Xiang Yunze and looked at Chen Qingyang. Seeing that her male god was looking at her, Chen Qingyang also stood up from the sofa and said, “Emperor Mo, I’ve been to every one of your concerts! It’s just that I can never snatch a ticket, so I can only sit in the corner.” This close of a distance, she didn’t even dare to dream about it! She can even count the number of eyelashes on Male God’s eyes!

    “Yes yes! Shampoo really likes you! Shampoo, are you happy to see your Male God?! You can even touch!”

    Mo Zhen: “…”

    Can he be touched by others so casually?!

    Chen Qingyang was so excited she stood up, “Emperor Mo, can I give you a hug?”

    The corner of Mo Zhen’s mouth pursed. This request was not excessive for artists; moreover, since the other party was a good friend of Li Yan, he took the initiative to step forward and gave her a symbolic hug*.

(TN: 象征性地抱 – this was what was described in the raws, unfortunately I do not know what a symbolic hug means, I assume it’s kind of a polite hug?)

    Then Chen Qingyang just… fell straight onto the sofa.

    The others: “…”

    Li Yan swallowed anxiously, “She won’t suddenly die from overexcitement, right?”

    Xiang Yunze bent down and stretched his finger  under her nose to explore, “It’s okay, there’s still a breath. It’s probably a rabies attack* again.”

(TN: the raws literally says rabies attack – is this slang that I don’t know of??)

    Mo Zhen & Li Yan: “…” 


After being interrupted like this, Mo Zhen and Xiang Yunze were naturally unable to begin their fight. Li Yan dragged Chen Qingyang from the sofa and pulled her to the kitchen to prepare dinner, “Shampoo, I planted small pumpkins in the yard. I just picked two of them today. At night we can cook them to eat oh~”

    “Are you sure you are growing pumpkins? Not watermelons or winter melons?”

    The corners of Li Yan’s mouth twitched, “I’m not that stupid yet, thank you.”

    Chen Qingyang giggled, “But why don’t you go out to eat? Being so hardworking isn’t your style.”

    “Because I picked two pumpkins ah!”

    Chen Qingyang : “…”

    So we have to eat it, right?!


The two entered the kitchen noisily. Xiang Yunze glanced at the person opposite of him and sat down on the sofa, “Scum.”

  Mo Zhen naturally knew what he was referring to. He smiled carelessly and sat down on the sofa, “Throughout all these years, the reason why you haven’t made any moves is because you know that even if you act, there still won’t be any results. You don’t really think of yourself as the Holy Father, do you?”

    Despite getting an arrow to the knee, Xiang Yunze maintained his gaze on Mo Zhen with a straight face, “Yan Yan is Grandpa Jiang’s only granddaughter. She’s been spoiled by her older brothers and protected by her senior brothers since she was a child. You may have her now… if you dare to let her down, a punch from any of them would be enough to beat you to death.”

    “I won’t make her feel even a little wronged,” Mo Zhen finished speaking, and glanced lazily at the person opposite of him, “But what position is Dr. Xiang in to say this to me?”

    Xiang Yunze smiled faintly, “Did you not hear her calling me Brother Yunze?”

    Mo Zhen was stunned for a moment, his eyes ran into Xiang Yunze’s gaze and the two of them suddenly laughed.

    Li Yan listened to the sound of low laughter echoing from the living room and finally let go a sigh of relief. The friendship of men could endure the test!

    “Da Li, you have to be careful. Xiang gongzi has been forced to marry recently, it can’t be certain that he won’t come out of the closet in a hurry.”

  (TN: gongzi – young master, son of a noble, I’m pretty sure Shampoo calls him this to make fun of him)



    “Just think about it, his target after coming out of the closet must be Emperor Mo!” “


    Li Yan:” …… “


   If it weren’t for the kitchen knife Chen Qingyang was holding in her hand, she definitely would have knocked her over. 



Xixi’s corner: i would like to announce that Mo Zhen ha 100% KO’ed Xiang Yunze :))

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