Chapter 76.2


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Chapter 76.2 – Chapter edited by ocelot!!!

After eating, Chen Qingyang left with Xiang Yunze. Mo Zhen still had work the next morning and Chen Qingyang wasn’t shameless enough to stay. By the time Mo Zhen was finished washing the dishes, Li Yan had already taken a shower and was scrolling through the internet on the bed. Since the two were officially together, Li Yan had moved her things to Mo Zhen’s master bedroom. Apart from bringing her luggage, she had not forgotten the poster at her bedside. Mo Zhen also had a poster of himself in his master bedroom: a still from one of his movies. Li Yan had originally wanted to put the two posters side by side, but Mo Zhen disagreed.

    He really couldn’t accept a semi-naked poster of himself in his own bedroom.

    The absent poster made Li Yan very unhappy. However, Mo Zhen gave her an explanation. What was so great about a poster? If she wanted to see, he could take his clothes off for her to watch at any time. Thus, like the wind, she threw the poster back into the side room.

    Mo Zhen walked to the bed and hugged her from behind. When he smoothly closed her laptop, Li Yan knew that her daily after-meal digestive exercise was about to begin again. Except this time after her exercise finished, Li Yan was a little worried. 

    “Zhenzhen, if you come in directly like this, will I get pregnant?” Li Yan raised her head and looked at the person on top of her head with his eyes closed. Regardless of the angle, this person was still unbelievably good looking.

    Mo Zhen’s pupils flickered as he thought about her question seriously,  “Yes .”

     Li Yan: “…”

Li Yan’s small face suddenly collapsed; her voice was full of grievances, “I don’t want to be an unmarried mother. QAQ.”

   The corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth curled into a smile. He opened his eyes and rubbed her head, “A Yao, let’s get married, okay?”

    Li Yan was instantly stunned. Watching her eyebrows wrinkle in a contemplative expression, Mo Zhen also became nervous. Mo Zhen forcefully suppressed the panic in his heart as his gaze turned a little dangerous. She would be dead meat if she dared to refuse.

    Under Mo Zhen’s burning gaze, the corners of Li Yan’s mouth finally moved as she raised her head to look at him, “Zhenzhen, are you proposing?”

    “Yes,” he said in an extremely solemn tone, as if he was making a vow.

    “But on TV, others have flowers, diamond rings and kneeling when they propose. I don’t have anything.”

    Mo Zhen looked at the person in his arms and couldn’t help but chuckle, “I haven’t had time to prepare today. Can I make it up another day?”

    “Um…” Li Yan thought for a while, then nodded, “All right.”

    Seeing that she agreed so easily,  Mo Zhen was a little worried. Why did he feel that she has become more stupid after recovering Ah Yao’s memory?

    But his heart was too soft.

    After kissing her gently on the forehead, Mo Zhen couldn’t help pulling her to exercise again.



    A month later, the internet ushered another bloody storm. Evenmore, the culprit behind the bloody storm was once again Emperor Mo’s Weibo post.

    The caption of this Weibo post was merely a 🙂 emoji, but the picture was of a pair of red books. 

    “#Posting a wedding certificate, *if a person does not consider themselves, heaven will not tolerate them#”

(TN: 天诛地灭 – what the raws say. Credit to Ocelot for this explanation –  It’s a Confucian idiom. It means to tend to the order and needs of your family before worrying about the laws and opinions of outsiders )

    “Only sitting and reading after you post the divorce certificate [bye bye]”

    “Is there anyone who wants to go to the rooftop tonight? Southwest region group, come quickly.”

    “These cheap hands, why did I have to scroll Weibo? Why?! Why?! Seeking a Northwest region group!”

(TN: in this sentence, the raws use the expression 手贱 – which as a direct translation means “cheap hands”, the phrase originates from gaming. I means expressing regret after accidentally pressing the wrong button.)

“Today, when I saw all of the notifications from my group chats, I originally thought that a new game had been released TAT. Sure enough, I was too naive TAT. Southwest region group, wait for me!”

    “Those who are going to the rooftop, remember to reserve a seat in advance! There isn’t enough room for this many people!”




    When Chen Qingyang saw the pair of red bombs on Weibo, a bloody smile emerged from the corners of her mouth, “The author has gone to the rooftop. If we are destined, we’ll meet again.”

    Readers: …

   Mo Zhen and Li Yan’s wedding was held in a low-key manner, without any of the great fanfare that usually accompanies banquets. It also prohibited all members of the media: only relatives and friends of both sides were invited to participate.

    Chen Qingyang was naturally also invited.

    Although she wanted to go to the rooftop that night, she found out that after going there… Ni Ma*, even the rooftop didn’t have a place for her. It would be better to go home and sleep ah.

(TN: In this sentence, 尼玛 “Ni Ma” is being used as a homonym for “你妈 “Ni Ma”- which means “Your mother” – commonly used as a swear word. 尼玛 is the chinese translation of the Tibetan sacred word for the sun. Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness about the original meaning of 呢玛 and the word is being used on the internet as a negative term. I thought I would include this note for anyone who is Chinese or learning Chinese so that we can avoid using this word for this purpose and respect its original meaning. If you would like to know more, I’ve attached the baidu link I used to read up about it. I couldn’t find any english explanations, but I found that google translating the page makes it fairly understandable. )


    In order to steal the bride’s limelight at the wedding, Chen Qingyang spent all her money on buying an outfit and getting her hair styled.  However, after arriving at the scene, she discovered that she had still lost. The two people dazzled like the North Star when they stood together; most importantly, her Male God’s gaze only had room for his new bride.

    Chen Qingyang drank a lot of alcohol after being irritated by this scene. In the end, she didn’t even know who brought her home. It was only after waking up that she found herself lying in a hotel room.

    Chen Qingyang suddenly sobered up all at once. The expensive dress on her body was gone and had been replaced by pajamas supplied by the hotel. What was even more terrifying were the sounds of someone showering the bathroom!

    Chen Qingyang’s brain exploded. Before she could recover from the shock, the bathroom door opened with a click with Xiang Yunze walking out.

    Seeing Chen Qingyang awake, he subconsciously froze.

    Chen Qingyang stared at him with cloudy eyes- countless emotions flashing through them. She finally yelled at him with a mix of shame and resentment, “You scumbag! Pervert! Pervert! What did you do to me?!”

    Xiang Yunze raised an eyebrow, walked over to her and sat down, “We ended up like this, what do you think we did?”

    Chen Qingyang’s brain roared again. Xiang Yunze seemed to think of something and then approached her with a smile, “But that said, you are really passionate.”




    The blue veins in Chen Qingyang’s hand protruded. She grabbed the pillow behind her by the handful, turned, and hit Xiang Yunze on the head, “Go to death, go to death! I’m going to eliminate all evil from society today!”

    Xiang Yunze easily grabbed her attacking hand and pressed it on the bed. Chen Qingyang used all her strength to try to pull her hand out. Grudgingly, the other party was too strong for her to pull away from, “Let go bastard. It hurts!”

    Xiang Yunze loosened his grip after hearing her words. He looked at her intently with a pair of black eyes that seemed like they could enchant others, “I would only do stuff like this with the person I like.”

    Chen Qingyang was stunned for a moment, and then grabbed the pillow with her other hand to hit his head .”You’re talking like I’m a casual person. I will also only do it with the person I like!”

    Xiang Yunze smiled and avoided the pillow. He looked at her and said, “Since we like each other, it’s better to be together.”

Chen Qingyang’s moving hands suddenly froze. Since they had ended up this way, they can only be together ah! Just as she was about to agree, Xiang Yunze suddenly laughed, “I’m sorry, I originally had planned to say it like that, but we haven’t done anything.”

    Chen Qingyang: “…”

    “Your clothes were changed by the hotel’s housekeeper. You had thrown up all over me so I went to take a bath.”

    Chen Qingyang: “…”

    She should’ve thought about it early on! This is how it normally progressed according to the plot of novels!

    But… She gave Xiang Yunze a vicious glance. She suddenly bent her knees and hit his most vital part- causing Xiang Yunze’s complexion to immediately change.

    Chen Qingyang was satisfied. It’s your fault for teasing me! This trick was taught by Da Li personally!

    Xiang Yunze looked at the proud little girl in front of him, and said with a strained mouth, “If I’m hurt, the one who will be crying in the future is you.”

    Chen Qingyang: “…”

    Believe it or not, I’ll give you another kick!



    On the other side, Li Yan, who had been busy with the wedding all day, tiredly collapsed on the bed. Mo Zhen shook her shoulder and said in a soft voice, “A Yao, go take a bath first and then sleep.”

    “Oh, I don’t want to…”

    Mo Zhen blinked his eyes, “Otherwise, I’ll help you wash?”


    Okay? The light in Mo Zhen’s eyes sank. Since the other party was so open, how could he let go of this opportunity? Just as he was about to pick her up, Piao Piao suddenly appeared in the air, “Emperor Mo, little kitty, happy wedding!”

    Mo Zhen: “…”

    I’ll be even happier if you leave.

    As if she could see through his mind, the corners of Piao Piao’s mouth twitched. “I’m here to say goodbye. Now that you two have ended up together, I have finally achieved enough merits. Now I am going to reincarnate.”

    “Reincarnation? Li Yan finally sat up, “Piao Piao, where are you going to reincarnate?”

    “Master Chang helped me find someone!”

    Wait, Master Chang? Chang Xin?”

    Piao Piao’s face collapsed. Oh no, she leaked it.

    Mo Zhen frowned when he looked at her, “What the hell is going on? What does this matter have to do with the Master?” Master did not come to today’s wedding, but only sent someone with a gift.

    Piao Piao sighed and said, “Before, when my soul almost disappeared from being beaten up by ghost messengers, Master Chang saved me. He told me that as long as I help you two achieve a happy ending, he would help me reincarnate.”

    Li Yan tilted her head, “Why did the ghost messengers target you?”

    “Uh, because I committed something.” She was killed by her own fiancé in her previous life. She had originally wanted to get revenge on him and his mistress. The result was that after only achieving part of her revenge, she attracted the ghost messengers’attention. 

    Seeing Li Yan still wanting to ask more questions, Piao Piao quickly said, “There’s not enough time, if I don’t leave now I won’t make it in time. Goodbye!”

   Before she could even say goodbye, Piao Piao was already gone. Although she knew that reincarnation was a good thing, Li Yan still felt a little uncomfortable. Seeing her frown, Mo Zhen walked up to her and lifted her chin, “A Yao, do you want a boy or a girl?”

    Li Yan: “…”

    She’s still so young, she doesn’t want any. qaq

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