Campus Romance Novels

How To Break Into the Male God’s Computer (穿成男神电脑怎么破)


by 烟花不是花

Li Chenan who had just began college military training has a secret nobody knows. AfterCmQUOFcdwc2ECqvRAAAAALOUhEw417467621.jpg she falls asleep every night, she will transmigrate into two identities in front of her military instructor and senior classmate, becoming an item of the entire’s school girl population’s cold and prestigious Male God.

The first month: help! I’ve transmigrated into my Male God’s computer!
Eh? This folder is … … … shameful to death.
Eh? Male God plays this game on this site everyday?
Eh? High cold Male God is even good at roasting? (ridicule)

Li Chenan expressed: Ai, Yan Lin, I know you better than you know yourself, so you can’t escape from me.
Yan Lin: Oh? Read my mind then.

A story of a small sister who transmigrates near her Male God, this is also a warm-hearted story of a Male God who appeared without notice.

Note: this is sweet sweet sweet sweet, sweet with a capital S, double love first love!


If You Don’t Go To Hell, Who Will?  《你不入地狱谁入地狱/名草有主》


By: 酒小七

From small to big, I have made two mistakes that were too late to regret. The first was filling out the wrong college on my college examination form; the second was offending Zhong Yuan.
If you have to use an idiom to describe the impact my first mistake had on me, it would simply be – death is better than life.
If you have to use a idiom to describe the things Zhong Yuan had done to me, it would simply be – so many that the bamboo slate has been exhausted.

However, such a wicked and enraging man was unexpectedly a provoking bees but attracting butterflies scourge to human society.
One day, I eccentrically ridiculed Zhong Yuan: “Did Yama, the King of Hell send you to torment more people?”
Zhong Yuan’s expression did not change as he replied: “In order to torment less people, I intend to choose a person to torment for a lifetime.”
I: “What do you mean?”
He looked at me as he smiled: “If you don’t go to Hell, who will?”

Male God, Quickly Come to the Bowl《男神,快到碗里来》

by:  燃墨/宁不笨/婉兮清扬


What’s so great about transmigrating into a Male God’s cat or dog? She’s transmigrated into the Male God’s bowl!
But why isn’t it a normal dinner plate, that way she can look forward to being licked licked licked … …
A Chenghua Ming Dynasty chicken-feeding patterned bowl, what kind of evil trick is this?? (╯ `□ ‘) ╯ (┻ ┻ ┻
male god, quickly come to (my arms) the bowl!

High cold poisonous tongue Male God (by) X beautiful crazy  great goddess (by)

A silly sweet story!