Chapter 76.2

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Chapter 65.2

so, xixi grabbed scissors, and gave herself bangs. after watching a youtube video called cutting bangs at 2 am. lol.     Chapter 65.2 The photographer was fed up, "You’re looking at your boyfriend, not your homeroom teacher! Relax and smile a little sweeter!"   Li Yan: "..."   The editor-in-chief buried his face on the side. … Continue reading Chapter 65.2

Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65.1 Shooting   The editor-in chief's gaze followed An Yi’s pointed finger to Li Yan.   Li Yan was immediately shaken. Holy cow, what was going on?   The editor-in-chief sized her up carefully. Her face looked pretty good and she had the temperament of a classic beauty. However, not everyone who simply looked good could … Continue reading Chapter 65.1

Chapter 62.2

  Y'all, SAT scores come out tomorrow, pray pray pray pray pray for me. I went Grad dress shopping today and oh my lord are these dresses expensive, rip. I dropped calculus and now have 2 classes whoops!   Chapter 62.2   Mo Zhen looked at her for a while, then added faintly, "But I can … Continue reading Chapter 62.2