Sometimes, Ling Jun’s boyfriend force is very strong. When he encounters something he’s unsatisfied with, he will unconsciously block me with his arm and scold me in a low voice. "Do not be excessive!"   I played with my fingers and hesitated, "I just wanted to get your attention ..."   "Is this why you’re kissing my … Continue reading 11.


When I eat fried dough sticks in the morning, I like to add a lot of vinegar. (TN: uh. I don’t add vinegar to mine?)   Ling Jun tried to block me, "Don’t add anymore."   Unfortunately, I was too concentrated and was incapable of listening to what he had said. Shortly afterwards, my hand suddenly slipped … Continue reading 10.


 When I throw a tantrum, I will angrily yell, "I hate you!"   Ling Jun will deliberately lower his voice and reply in a wronged tone, "It doesn’t matter, I like you just fine."   As if it wasn’t enough, he added, "Anyway, it isn’t like you haven’t hated me once or twice before."


During the time Ling Jun had a crush on me, he had memorized my fragrance very well in his heart.   One day, while he was passing by a store, he suddenly froze as if he had smelled my scent. He refused to leave because he had thought that I was hiding in that store.   I … Continue reading 8.


Since I was young, Ling Jun has always been the person to pick up my messes.   He will not allow others to scold me half a sentence; once we get home, he will personally teach me and make me miserable.   I usually make a lot of trouble in his home; after I had smashed … Continue reading 7.


There were many people supporting Ling Jun when we were dating. Ling Jun’s character is very good and his EQ is quite high, so many people- including all the class teachers and the principal, liked him very much. They were all Italian so their thinking was quite open and would often use small tricks to … Continue reading 6.


Ling Jun seems very scholarly and warm on the surface, but in fact, his possessiveness is quite strong and his ability of getting jealous is truly first class.   A few days ago, I went to a relative’s friend's house for a night. Their home coincidentally had a boy that was a similar age to me … Continue reading 5.


Ling Jun has never understood a young girl’s heart, I once asked him if a girl you liked was drunk and laying on your bed, what would you do?   My wishful heart hoped he would reply with a sympathetic and bashful remark, but who would’ve thought that he would ponder for a moment while staring … Continue reading 4.


I'm doing these out of order, because I hate order... Also because some of them are longer than the others. The order doesn't affect any of the story anyway.   Ling Jun is very ignorant about cosmetics, but in recent days, he’s mentioned wanting to buy me an eyeliner. I said in my heart, ‘Good, … Continue reading 2.


I have a very weak physique, from a light headache to a cough to lying in bed with a high fever.   Therefore, Ling Jun has always been very strict with what I wear and eat. For example, I cannot eat too much sugar because many young people develop diabetes nowadays - it is necessary to … Continue reading 1.