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Chapter 61.2

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ENH C290

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ENH C289

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ENH C270

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ENH C254

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Good Morning Miss Ghost News & list of lots and lots of books and more!!!

UPDATE ON GOOD MORNING MISS GHOST I'm still translating Good Morning Miss Ghost, I'll most likely end up updating on this site. Unfortunately, this semester has been death for me and my asthma keeps on getting worse and getting me sick, but after exams at the end of this month, next semester should be a … Continue reading Good Morning Miss Ghost News & list of lots and lots of books and more!!!


Ling Jun is purer than I am; I really don’t want to admit this fact.   I recalled that once while we were texting, he sent me a sentence, "I want you to eat me ..."   I waited for a long time for an explanation- as shocked as if I had nearly stepped on a landmine. … Continue reading 3.