Chapter 62.1

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Mo Zhen wore the same suit he was wearing at the awards ceremony. Except for his tired expression, he looked identical to the man that was just on TV.

  This made Li Yan feel as if she was in a dream.

  She suddenly remembered what Chen Qingyang had said to her.

  A girl that could make Emperor Mo like her must be outstanding. Her face should be more beautiful than Li Weiwei’s and her body hotter than Lexi Hurley’s. She should be smart, good-natured, and know how to cook a good dish.

(TN: 蕾西‧赫莉 – Does anyone know who she is? I think she may be an AV actress but not sure lololol)

  Li Yan’s eyes glimmered. When she heard Mo Zhen say that he had met someone he liked, she really thought that he was talking about her for a moment. However, after thinking about it more carefully, she realized that there were many outstanding people around Mo Zhen; to even think that he liked her… it was a bit shameless.

   After quickly adjusting her facial expression, Li Yan smiled and stood up from the sofa, “Hey, congratulations for winning the award for Best Actor again.”

  Mo Zhen stood at the doorway motionless. Only after hearing Li Yan’s words, he entered the house and replied, “Thank you.”

  Li Yan laughed and glanced at the blinking numbers on the bottom right of her computer, “But why did you come back so early? Don’t you have to celebrate with the crew?”

  ”I was a little tired so I came back first.” Mo Zhen took off his suit and put it on the sofa. He loosened the tie on his neck and sat down on the sofa.

  Li Yan blinked, then she ran to the kitchen and took out a bottle of champagne, “It’s okay. I prepared some champagne. Would you like to have a bottle to celebrate?”

  Mo Zhen’s gaze fell onto the bottle of champagne. He hadn’t expected that she would really prepare a bottle of champagne.

  ”Whatever works.” It seems that the tie was making him uncomfortable. He directly pulled the tie off his neck and loosened the two buttons at the top of his shirt.

  Li Yan put down the champagne in her hand and carried a few plates from the kitchen. There were a few small snacks on it, “You should be hungry by now. These were all homemade by my mother. They’re definitely very delicious!”

  The snacks on the plate were very delicate; if they were being sold based on appearance, they would definitely not lose to desserts from a 5-star hotel. Mo Zhen’s gaze stayed on them for a while. Then he picked one up, put it in his mouth and took a bite. The taste was truly delicious. It was sweet but not greasy; they seemed to melt right in his mouth and carried a faint fragrance to them.

  Li Yan opened the champagne with a bang! She poured it into the two glass goblets from high above and handed a glass to Mo Zhen, “Zhen Zhen, cheers!”

  Mo Zhen swallowed the pastry in his mouth and looked up at Li Yan. She held a glass of champagne and her smile was as sweet as honey.

  ”Thank you.” Mo Zhen took the glass from Li Yan’s hand, tilted his head slightly, and drank the entire glass of champagne in one go. “I’m a little tired. I’m going to go upstairs and sleep.”

  When he finished, he got up and left the sofa. Li Yan’s hands still held the glass with a little bit of champagne left as she stood still while staring at him from afar.

  ”Zhen Zhen.”

  A crisp sound rang in the living room.

  Mo Zhen’s back stopped after two steps, “What’s wrong?”

  He turned his head to glance at Li Yan. The light above his head fell onto the side of his face. Suddenly, she felt as if he were as dazzling as the sun.

  ”That… you said that you had met someone you like. Is it true?”

  After Li Yan finished, the living room was restored to silence. Mo Zhen stayed in the same posture as before and quietly stared at her…

  She finally asked him!

  Emperor Mo’s heart was finally satisfied; if she didn’t end up asking anytime soon, he would no longer be able to hold back.

  Mo Zhen turned around and stood face to face with Li Yan, “It’s true.”

  His acknowledgement was so frank, it made Li Yan’s heart feel even more uncomfortable. Her mouth moved as she asked, “Who is she?”

  During this time, she was almost always at Mo Zhen’s side except for when he slept. Where did he have the chance to meet someone he liked? Could it be when she went to bed?

  … Was it necessary for her to sleep with Mo Zhen in the future?

  The thought ran around in circles in Li Yan’s mind and her ears slowly became a tint of red. She felt that her thought process recently was getting more and more dirty-minded.

  ”There have been countless people asking me this question this evening.” Mo Zhen’s voice was identical to when he spoke on television- it was gentle but carried a faint alienation to it.

  Li Yan froze. Although Mo Zhen’s tone was not impatient, how could she be asking the same questions as those reporters? She was just an assistant to Mo Zhen and this kind of incident had nothing to do with her.

  ”I’m sorry.” She buried her head and whispered an apology.

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