Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease Index


author: 一缕温馨

“Is this man not going to divorce me? Why does he still ask me to warm the bed every night?”

A certain man said this was due to the winter being too cold. However, when summer finally arrived, she still needed to warm the bed, thus a certain girl could not take it anymore:

“I want a divorce!”

A certain man only smiled wantonly and said, “Divorce? Sure, as long as you agree to two conditions of mine.”

“What conditions?”

“Either you pamper me or I pamper you, the duration is ten thousand years…..”

Editor: Ocelot

Index  (It’s messy & Incomplete. Atm, it’s just here to give you the chapter titles. Will update later)

Chapter 01: She Loved the Wrong Person
Chapter 02: I Will Sign It
Chapter 03: She Despises Him
Chapter 04:

Chapter 38: SWY, You’ve Become more Audacious
Chapter 39: Young Master Gu kisses Miss Song!
Chapter 40: Wuyou, You Should Always Dress Like This
Chapter 41: Must Her Show Colors
Chapter 42: Seems like We Have to Use the Last Trick
Chapter 43: I Only Know a Little about Zither
Chapter 44:  Cold Sneer Hanging at Her Mouth
Chapter 45: He Indifferently Stares at Song Wuyou
Chapter 46: Miss Song Plays Chinese Harp
Chapter 47: When Did She Learn How to Play the Zither?
Chapter 48: Her Body’s Still Weak, Not Allowed to Drink
Chapter 49: You’re (Suddenly) Concern About Me?
Chapter 50: It’s Getting Hot
Chapter 51:  There is a Problem with that Glass of Liquor
Chapter 52: This Kind of Pain, He Will Bear It
Chapter 53: He…. He Kisses Her Again?!
Chapter 54: She’s Not as Annoying as Everyone Rumored Her to Be
Chapter 55: “You’re Checking Out My Wife?”
Chapter 56: Song Wuyou Brews Tea
Chapter 57: My Life’s Favorite
Chapter 58: Your Attitude made my Heart Go Cold and Disheartened
Chapter 59: My Love for You, Died
Chapter 60: Doubts
Chapter 61: It Help Bolstered Our Feelings
Chapter 62: The Man Was Extremely Good Looking When His Lips Curved Up.
Chapter 63: He Has Song Jiuyue, He Doesn’t Need Me
Chapter 64: Behave, Don’t Move
Chapter 65: I Can Support You
Chapter 66: I’ve Figure it Out. It’s Time to Let Go of Some Things and Some People
Chapter 67: This Body Is Too Weak
Chapter 68: Young Master Gu’s Special Instruction
Chapter 69: She Said, She Doesn’t Like Him Anymore
Chapter 70: Must Not Fall for Him
Chapter 71: Gu Yanhao’s Face Turned Increasingly Cold
Chapter 72: Something Stirred the Heart.
Chapter 73: Young Master Gu Distress for Miss Song?
Chapter 74: It’s All Your Fault He Fell For Song Wuyou!
Chapter 75: Fashion Design Competition
Chapter 76: Saw an Immortal Fairy on Earth
Chapter 77: Competition Result (1)
Chapter 78: Competition Result (2)
Chapter 79: Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?
Chapter 80: I Have Always Been Proud and Arrogant
Chapter 81: You Have Always Liked Her, Haven’t You?
Chapter 82: Bringing Song Wuyou Wherever
Chapter 83: SWY Could Not Help Blushing, Heart Rate Accelerated
Chapter 84: It Was His First Time Seeing Her Shy Look
Chapter 85: Performing Obligations of Husband and Wife
Chapter 86: Her Fragile Body Cannot Withstand It.
Chapter 87: Don’t Fiddle
Chapter 88: Not Stimulating Enough
Chapter 89: Their Relationship Would Only Grow Better.
Chapter 90: Let’s Have a Bet Between Us
Chapter 91: Want to See Him Run Naked (1)
Chapter 92: Want to See Him Run Naked (2)
Chapter 93: Shoot Until It Hits
Chapter 94: Galloping Forward, Riding Double on the Horse with Wife
Chapter 95: You Want to Seduce My Husband?
Chapter 96: Two Hits on the Board
Chapter 97: Memories
Chapter 98: Hate Him So Strongly
Chapter 99: Want to Kill Him
Chapter 100: Is She Really His Wife, Song Wuyou?
Chapter 101: She Actually Lost this Round
Chapter 102: I Haven’t Shoot Yet
Chapter 103: Run Wrapped in a Curtain
Chapter 104: He Wants to Know More About this Woman.
Chapter 105: You Hate Me So Much?
Chapter 106: Let Her Fall to Her Death
Chapter 107: Beg You… Don’t Punish My Nine Familial Connections
Chapter 108: Song Wuyou Won’t Have A Miscarriage, Right?
Chapter 109: Which Son of a Gun is this Dongfang Xuan?
Chapter 110: Past and Present Life
Chapter 111: Indulge You
Chapter 112: Regret
Chapter 113: Suddenly, I’m Worried About Him
Chapter 114: Song Wuyou, Who is Dongfang Xuan?
Chapter 115: You Won’t Be Able to Find Out
Chapter 116: I Want You to Apologize to Me
Chapter 117: Feeding Song Wuyou Soup
Chapter 118: Married a Man That Doesn’t Know How To Cook
Chapter 119: It Was All Your Fault
Chapter 120: He Has Time to Make It Up to Her
Chapter 121: Problems That Arise At Night

Chapter 122: I Can Smell the Sweat Coming from Your Body
Chapter 123: Imperial Consort Song
Chapter 124: Gu Yanhao, You Rogue
Chapter 125: You Cannot Do Intense Exercise As Yet.
Chapter 126: Dreamt Song Wuyou was Imperial Consort Song
Chapter 127: Mu Gu Made Beggar’s Chicken
Chapter 128:  Smile More in Front of Your Wife
Chapter 129: Song Wuyou’s Identity (1)
Chapter 130: Song Wuyou’s Identity (2)
Chapter 131:  He Doesn’t Want His  Wife to Appear Lesser than Other Women
Chapter 132: Let Everyone See Song Wuyou’s True Face
Chapter 133: Do People Really Do Have A Past and Present Life?
Chapter 134: She Can’t See Herself Liking Such Scheming Woman.
Chapter 135: Turned Into the Protagonist in Today’s Party
Chapter 136: A Wonderful Surprise of a Birthday Present
Chapter 137: Face Slap (1) *aka Bitch Slap*
Chapter 138: Face Slap (2) *aka Bitch Slap*
Chapter 139: Proceed With Our Plan
Chapter 140: There’s Reaction!
Chapter 141: Why Did You Marry that Slut Song Wuyou Instead of Me?!
Chapter 142: Song Jiumei Shamed
Chapter 143: I Want to Understand You
Chapter 144: You Designed that Dress
Chapter 145: Retarded
Chapter 146: Song Jiuyue Pushed Song Wuyou Off the Boat
Chapter 147: Turned Into A Habit
Chapter 148: Sharp Hostility Bursting from His Body
Chapter 149: Trying to Snatch Other People’s Husbands with Despicable Means
Chapter 150: I Don’t Care Much for These Kinds of Methods
Chapter 151: If You Catch a Cold, I’ll Hit Your Peach Bottom
Chapter 152: I’ll Help You Wash Your Hair In the Future
Chapter 153: Title to be Added
Chapter 154: Repaid
Chapter 155: You’re My Wife, I’ll Protect You
Chapter 156: Song Wuyou is Fake
Chapter 157: Heart, Stabbed Mercilessly
Chapter 158: She Is The President’s Wife
Chapter 159: Song Wuyou Becoming More Devious
Chapter 160: I’ll Teach You
Chapter 161: Who Said the President’s Wife Was Not Pampered?
Chapter 162: They Didn’t Seem to Like Me Very Much Just Now.
Chapter 163: A Smile Like Fresh Spring
Chapter 164: Young Master Gu Peeling Shrimps for Miss Gu!
Chapter 165: I’m Allergic to Seafood
Chapter 166: Song Wuyou, If One Day I Died, What Would You Do?
Chapter 167: Help Me Unbuckle My Belt
Chapter 168: Already In This Situation, Can You Exercise Some Restraint?
Chapter 169: Song Wuyou, I Won’t Let You Act Conceited For Long
Chapter 170: President Send This For You
Chapter 171: Miss, Isn’t This You and Young Master Mu?
Chapter 172: Song Wuyou Is A Celebrity
Chapter 173: She Was Forcefully Kissed!
Chapter 174: Gu Yanhao, Have You Touched Enough?
Chapter 175: Song Wuyou Besieged by Paparazzi
Chapter 176: Young Master Gu and Mu Gu, Who Would You Choose?
Chapter 177: Look Nervously at Gu Yanhao
Chapter 178: Body Like Bean Sprouts
Chapter 179: She’s The Woman In The Video
Chapter 180: You Think That I’m Protecting Her?
Chapter 181: She’s Not Jealous, He’s Depressed
Chapter 182: Go Apologize to Song Wuyou!
Chapter 183: “This Is My First Time Making Soup For A Woman”
Chapter 184: “In Days to Come, We’ll Sleep In The Same Bed”
Chapter 185: With A Tumble, Pressing Her Body Under…
Chapter 186: Abuse Dog, Eye Piercing
Chapter 187: A Lot of Things, He Did Notice.
Chapter 188: I Have A Responsibility To Protect My Wife
Chapter 189: Song Wuyou Is the Former President’s Daughter?
Chapter 190: A Call From Mrs. Jier
Chapter 191: This Is Song Wuyou’s Trick
Chapter 192: In Mrs. Jier’s House
Chapter 193: I Miss You
Chapter 194: Don’t Kill Me
Chapter 195: Isn’t Vexing Using Loyalty On A Woman?
Chapter 196: With Husband Standing Behind You, Kill Whoever You Want!
Chapter 197: Mu Gu’s Unease
Chapter 198: “Stupid!”
Chapter 199: You’re Here?
Chapter 200: You Being Alive Exceeds Everything
Chapter 201: Didn’t Expect That She’s Dead
Chapter 202: Even Dared To Touch My Woman, You Sure Got Guts!
Chapter 203: Is it Very Painful?
Chapter 204: Dream
Chapter 205: How To Deal With Her Depends On You
Chapter 206: If I Have Feelings For Her, Mrs. Gu Definitely Won’t Be Your Turn!
Chapter 207 (A): I Feel Relax With You
Chapter 207(B): The Truth Was, He Likes Her
Chapter 208: Song Wuyou Hits Song Jiumei
Chapter 209: Your Suffering Expression Delights Me
Chapter 210: “I Come To Send You On Your Way.”
Chapter 211: Don’t Treat Me Cruelly and Viciously
Chapter 212: Song Wuyou’s Heart Was Very, Very Gloomy
Chapter 213: The Deeper The Love, The More Painful One’s Heart Feels
Chapter 214: It’s Definitely Song Wuyou’s Dirty Tricks
Chapter 215: Song Jiumei Is Dead
Chapter 216: Borrowing Money From Gu Yanhao
Chapter 217: So What?
Chapter 218: The Original Host Was Really Pitiful
Chapter 219: Truly An Unfilial Daughter
Chapter 220: Miss You
Chapter 221: Must You Treat Me This Way?
Chapter 222: Reward You With My Body And Heart
Chapter 223: Not Allowed to Kiss Me As You Like
Chapter 224: Song Wuyou and Mu Xin
Chapter 225: Rumors Really Cannot Be Believed
Chapter 226: A Hairpin For Me…
Chapter 227: “ You Seem To Like Mrs. Gu A Lot.”
Chapter 228: Some Things, One Must Know Not To Cross The Line
Chapter 229: Use My Warm Enthusiasm To Stick To Your Cold Butt?
Chapter 230: Giving You Your Wedding Ring
Chapter 231: Spoiler Title
Chapter 232: I’m Still Alive and Well, What Are You Crying For?
Chapter 233: I Won’t Let You Live Alone
Chapter 234: Compensation
Chapter 235: Absolutely Will Not Let You Live In Loneliness
Chapter 236: Gu Yanhao & Mu Gu
Chapter 237: You Feed Me
Chapter 238: It’s Really Painful
Chapter 239: Poke, Poke, I’ll Let You Poke
Chapter 240: I Want To Display My Perfect Body Before You
Chapter 241: Blurted Out
Chapter 242: Gu Yanhao Acting Cute
Chapter 243: Scrub Yourself!
Chapter 244: Scrub Scrub Scrub
Chapter 245: Bring Song Wuyou’s Head Over To See Me!
Chapter 246: Sever Our Father/Daughter Relationship
Chapter 247: His Body IS Perfection
Chapter 248: Abuse the ‘Bitch’
Chapter 249: This Result, She’s Satisfied
Chapter 250: A Pushover Will Only Be Bullied
Chapter 251: Find Ways to Get Close to Them

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