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Chapter 01: She Loved the Wrong Person

“Miss, you’re awake?”

Song Wuyou had just opened her eyes and was yet to make any sense of her surroundings when a voice of a young girl resounded within her ears.


Even if she had been thrown into the Cold Palace, the palace maids should still be calling her niangniang[1], why was it turned to be miss?

Song Wuyou’s thick long and curled fan-like eyelashes trembled slightly, something was flashing within those confused pupils.

Had she not been ‘bestowed’ with the three feet of white silk[2]? Why was her mind still felt as clear as before?

Did she, perhaps, did not die?

How could she still be alive?

Recalling the series of events, Song Wuyou felt some pain in her neck.

But the place hurt the most, was undoubtedly her heart.

She and he had been through life and death ordeal on the battlefield, fighting alongside each other to build their country together.

He even once swore towards the Heavens, that the day he became the Emperor, then she would be coronated as the Empress, and shall become the mistress of the Imperial Harem.

But, after she had accompanied him every step of the way to build his Palace, the Empress had not been her.

In the end, he came as far as to betray the vow he had made to her, not only did he abandoned her in the Cold Palace, sentenced her to be guilty, and killed all of her nine familial generations, he even ‘bestowed’ her with three feet of white silk.

Thinking about this only made Song Wuyou felt excruciating heartache.

“Miss, don’t think about it anymore.” Xu Jing who was sitting on the edge of the bed had noticed Song Wuyou’s expression and could not help but to sob sadly for her Miss.

Xu Jing’s voice pulled Song Wuyou’s faraway thoughts back to the present.

Song Wuyou gently blinked her eyes and then took a good look at her surroundings.

The ceiling was as white as the snow, there was also some blinding white light and a lingering smell of disinfectant; all of these, for Song Wuyou who had just got her consciousness was too peculiar and felt somewhat unfamiliar.

Her sad eyes showed some surprise; where was this place, was this hell or heaven?

When she saw Xu Jing, her brows furrowed; why was this girl’s clothing style looks so strange?

The shocked expression in Song Wuyou’s eyes became even more apparent, coupled with a trace of confusion.

Did she actually die or not?

She secretly pinched hard at her own waist, and the feeling of pain was so real!

She had not died?

If she really had not died, then she should have been on a bed in the Cold Palace, how could she be here?

This girl who sat beside her bed while looking at her full of concern and distress, who was she?

“You…” Song Wuyou looked at Xu Jing and asked softly, eyes were full of confusion.

“Miss, do you want to drink some water?” when Xu Jing heard Song Wuyou’s voice was so hoarse, she immediately asked full of concern.

“Miss?” Song Wuyou frowned.

Xu Jing only stared at her blankly  for a moment, seeing Song Wuyou seemed to be filled with questions and also confused, she became nervous, “Miss, are you alright?”

“I….” Initially, Song Wuyou had wanted to ask Xu Jing who was she, but then a burst of pain suddenly came from her head.

‘What is happening?’

‘Why my head suddenly hurts so much?’

Song Wuyou’s frown became deeper, while her face was pale with a painful expression. This instantly made Xu Jing panic.

“Miss, are you alright, where do you feel uncomfortable?”


“I’ll call the doctor!” Xu Jing jumped up, and her hand reached for the bedside button.


Song Wuyou was clutching her head; the pain was unbearable, it felt like as if long thick of needles were pricking her brain, and along with the pain there were endless images that flashed through her mind.

‘Yes, these are memories!’

From the bits and pieces of intermittent memories, Song Wuyou finally knew why she was lying here, and where this place was.

It was likely that her soul had crossed over space and time and was thrown into the body of Song Wuyou in the twenty-first century!

This Song Wuyou was known as the infamous spoiled and selfish daughter of the Song Family that became the M City’s most powerful man, Gu Yanhao’s wife!

And since little, this Song Wuyou had dreamt of marrying Gu Yanhao!

Thus, she had used every means possible in order to achieve it.

In the end, she got what she dreamt off and married Gu Yanhao. However, facing this wayward, unruly, selfish, and narrow-minded wife, Gu Yanhao had nothing but disgust and only more disgust.

Song Wuyou simply was not favored by Gu Yanhao. Within their three years of married life, Gu Yanhao had never touched her even once.

Until, three months ago, Song Wuyou could no longer endure it and resorted to extreme measures, she drugged Gu Yanhao and slept with him.

She became pregnant afterward. At first, she wanted to use the child in her belly to coveted Gu Yanhao’s love.

But, after knowing she was pregnant, he had ruthlessly told her to get an abortion.

Song Wuyou, of course, had refused vehemently. And this made Gu Yanhao hated her even more.

And his actions had only turned her to become resentful, she would pick on every little thing and go to the Old Father Song to complained about Gu Yanhao. At times, she would even turn up at the office headquarters and caused a commotion in front of the public eyes if she ever saw another woman talking to Gu Yanhao, treating the other party as a love rival.

Cursing the other woman on the spot, and this had planted an idea in Gu Yanhao’s mind; absolutely, must divorce this woman!

Hearing the word divorce, Song Wuyou had truly taken a great mental blow.

She had cried, caused an uproar, even went as far as threatening to hang herself, yet none was effective. Caught up in a crazed emotion, she had driven recklessly to the Song Manor, wanted to complain to the Old Father Song again hoping that Old Father Song would uphold justice for her and for the sake of his unborn grandchild and stop Gu Yanhao from divorcing her.

But things did not happen as she had planned; halfway there, an accident occurred.

She had been severely injured, miscarried the child, and spent eight days in a comatose state.

In those eight days staying in the hospital, Gu Yanhao had never visited her, not even once.

Thinking of this, did Gu Yanhao loathe her that much, to the extent of abandoning his own flesh and blood.

After sorting these memories through, the pain in her head naturally lessened. The shock and confusion in her eyes were replaced with fierceness.

Whether it was in the past or present, she had loved wrong.

In her previous life, she and her husband had been childhood sweethearts.

In order to be able to accompany him when he went to war, she had even disguised herself as a man and joined the army with him.

They had fought enemies together, yet the retribution was a three-feet long sheet of white silk!

In this life, she also had fallen in love at first sight when she first saw him at thirteen. From that time onwards, he had always been the center of her universe, everything she did was for him.

In the end, all she got was his annoyance and coldness to the extent of preventing her from giving birth to his child.


The doctor checked Song Wuyou’s condition and declared that her recovery was progressing well, another two days of staying in the hospital and then she would be discharged.

After the doctor left, Song Wuyou sat up on the bed.

“Miss, are you hungry? Would you like to eat something? I’ll get it for you.” Xu Jing smiled as asked, looking at Song Wuyou with concern.

After Xu Jing heard that Miss was recovering well, her heart was finally at ease.

“I’m not hungry.” Song Wuyou shook her head. Probably, because she had been comatose for too long, her voice sounded a little hoarse, “Give me a glass of water.”

Her throat and lips felt dry as a tree bark.

Xu Jing smiled, “Okay.”

Song Wuyou watched silently as Xu Jing poured the water; Xu Jing was a servant of the Song Family, her age was not much different from Song Wuyou herself.

In the Song Family, Xu Jing was the only person who had been good to her, so when she married to Gu Yanhao, she had also brought Xu Jing over as well.

In the eight days she had been in a coma, not need to question if Gu Yanhao had come to visit her, not even one person from the Song Family had come. Only Xu Jing had stayed vigil day and night to take care of her.

Xu Jing poured a half glass of water, and just as she wanted to turn around, she noticed a tall silhouette was standing at the door like a descending god.

Seeing this person, Xu Jing was stunned for a moment and then quickly greeted respectfully, “Young Master Gu!”



[1] Niangniang – a reference to the position of an Imperial Concubine

[2] Three feet of white silk – (as in television dramas) Consorts/Concubines are bestowed with a three-feet long of white silk by the Emperor as a way of saying “I don’t want to hurt you, please commit suicide”.


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