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Chapter 02: I Will Sign It

The instant Song Wuyou heard the words ‘Young Master Gu’ her eyes went wide that she turned around so abruptly and saw this Gu Yanhao was walking towards her direction with a steady step.

The man possessed a tall stature with cold, indifferent noble bearing; wearing a black western suit that vividly enhanced his domineering and arrogance.

So similar!

There was too much similarity!

Whether it was the face features or the imposing aura he was exuding as he walked, each movement was so identical to that heartless man!

Song Wuyou crunched up her brows; was past and present lifetime really exist for humans?

Hehe, nevermind that, the truth was right before her, she had been reborn!

Heavens was not that cruel to her anyway, and even gave her a chance to live again!

Song Wuyou bit her lip; she would not do any more foolish deeds for any man, including the dangerous man in front of her.

Remembering the suffering she had endured in the Cold Palace and the original host’s fixated love and obsession towards this man standing before her, Song Wuyou’s eyes turned indifferent.

She looked towards Xu Jing, her voice was leveled: “Xu Jing, water.”

“Miss, here,” Xu Jing hurried over to Song Wuyou’s side and gave her the glass of water.

Taking the glass of water, Song Wuyou drank it slowly.

Her overly tranquil mannerism, started from receiving the water to finished drinking it, every movement was done gracefully, making Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow.

When Gu Yanhao arrived at the bedside, he only stood there, just watching. It was akin to an Emperor watching his subject.

Song Wuyou was really thirsty, her lips were so dry that it cracked but her actions were steady yet elegant. After several mouth full of water, she placed the glass back on the bedside table ever so gently.

From within the corner of the eyes, she swept over the envelope containing some documents in Gu Yanhao’s hands. Song Wuyou’s actions slowed down for a moment as her heart gradually sank.

She subsequently looked up, a pair of clear and bright star-like eyes were gazing at Gu Yanhao as if smiling yet felt distant.

Faced with Gu Yanhao’s cold expression that was sharp just like a sword edge, Song Wuyou’s reaction was actually very calm.

If this was before, seeing Gu Yanhao up this close, the original host would have been drooling, and her eyes would have been greedily staring at him as if having a feast.

The Song Wuyou now was no longer the same Song Wuyou from before.  

“The documents in your hand should be the divorce agreement right?” the corner of Song Wuyou’s lips even curved up slightly; her voice sounded collected and flat, making it hard to guess her emotions.

Her nonchalance act, stunned Gu Yanhao for a second; today, her reaction was a little unexpected.

In the past, the moment divorce was brought up, she would start to cry, throwing tantrum, and would use her own life to threaten him, that even if she were to die she still would never agree to a divorce.

But now, seeing these divorce papers right before her eyes, she was actually this calm?

“Song Wuyou, you can only blame yourself for this result!” Gu Yanhao’s cold voice could be heard, laced with undisguised ridicule.

“Right, I did really bring this upon myself.” Song Wuyou’s lips curved into a cold smile.

One of Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow went up to his forehead, he could clearly see the touch of cold sneer on Song Wuyou’s smile.

This Song Wuyou was giving him a bad premonition that something was amiss, and was also a bit peculiar.

“This is your own sin, you killed the child in your womb and this has made grandfather very upset. He has agreed for our divorce.” Gu Yanhao flung the divorce agreement papers at Song Wuyou’s body and said sharply.

Even when she acted this collected and indifferent, he still thought that she was really annoying and could not help but to want to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Song Wuyou glanced down at the scattered papers.

Her expression did not give much clue whether she was thinking about that heartless man or the original host’s love towards this man.

Looking at the divorce papers, an unbearable pain squeezed her heart.

She tugged at the sleeve a little before she went to pick up the scattered papers as a pretense for the pain she felt.

When she reached out her hand, the sleeve fell further back and accidentally revealed a narrow scar across the wrist.

She was astounded for a moment and even her hand also paused midway.

Her sight was solely focused on the scar, this red-tinged scar looked particularly ugly against her porcelain white skin.

This scar was left behind by the original host.

It was something that had happened one year ago.

The original host had witnessed it with her own eyes that Gu Yanhao was embracing her eldest sister, Song Jiuyue!

Someone like her who could not accept a single stain on the name of love, had acted like a vulgar woman and wanted to hit Song Jiuyue, instead, she was pushed away by Gu Yanhao till she fell to the ground.

The fall had been very painful yet Gu Yanhao could not even bother himself with her at that time and only walked away with Song Jiuyue.

Unwilling, she struggled up and chased after them only to see Gu Yanhao’s with a very cold expression told her that they would be divorcing sooner or later.

That had been the first time Gu Yanhao mentioned of the word of divorce to her.

At that time, the original was stupefied by the word and could only stand there dazed, rooted to the spot for a very, very long time; he wanted to divorce her so that he could go out publicly with Song Jiuyue?

When she returned back to the villa, once again she acted so brash like a mannerless woman looking for a fight, crying and shouting, using death to blackmail Gu Yanhao.

She picked up the fruit knife from the coffee table, right in front of Gu Yanhao she cried: “If you insist on divorcing me, I will slit my wrist and commit suicide in front of you!”

And Gu Yanhao stared at her coldly, spitting out every word precisely, “Go ahead, slit it.  Make sure it is deep enough, so you can die faster!”

He turned around and left after saying that, pulled out his mobile phone and called his lawyer as he walking up the stairs, ordering the lawyer to get the divorce papers ready pronto!

She already used her life as a bargaining chip, and yet, he still insisted to proceed with the divorce. Devastated, the knife slashed down and lots of blood was spilled.

But the suicide attempt had failed, because a servant found her and called 999.

Old Grandfather Song heard about her suicide and forbid the two of them to divorce. Only then, this matter was on hold, till now.

So foolish.

After piecing back the scattered memories clearly within her head, the corner of Song Wuyou’s lips curved in a mocking sneer; for a man that did not even love her, the original host was really daft, through and through.

Song Wuyou retrieved her hand, a finger gently traced the scar on her wrist as her indifferent voice mumbled, “If the compensation is reasonable, I will sign it.”

Her decisiveness surprised Gu Yanhao.

He frowned, the deep unfathomable pupils held a trace of suspicion, “You are really gonna sign it?”

Song Wuyou faced him directly, smiled faintly and said, “Of course.”

Gu Yanhao watched Song Wuyou sullenly, staring straight at her.

Her smile was angelic, eyes bright as the stars, and this particular smile was mesmerizing.

Song Wuyou’s looks were beautiful to begin with, soft and smooth white skin, a great figure, and delicate features.

If she were not so overbearing, arrogant, and spoiled, acting like a vulgar woman with the drop of a hat, and also loved to become the center of attention, perhaps, Gu Yanhao would not hate her as much.

“You better not go back on your words.” Gu Yanhao said in a somber voice that was as cold as an iceberg.

Song Wuyou gave off a charming smile instead and said, “I am afraid you will be the one who goes back on their words.”

Gu Yanhao scoffed, his eyes showed a trace of ridicule: “Just you, do you even have the qualification to make me take back my words? Song Wuyou, I’m really looking forward to your signature!”

The hint of smile on Song Wuyou’s face turned colder, “Yes ah, of course you can’t wait to divorce me. So anxious that you are willing to sacrifice your own flesh and blood. Gu Yanhao, you surely are heartless!”

Hearing this, Gu Yanhao wrinkled his brows, penetratingly cold voice could be heard: “You doubt me for that car accident?”

Song Wuyou: “Can I not?”

Gu Yanhao bent down and pinched Song Wuyou’s chin between his two fingers. Instantly, his smell assaulted her nostrils.

Song Wuyou felt a pain from being pinched, making her frowned unhappily. She glared icily at Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes were also frigid cold as he said, “Song Wuyou, you’re digging your own grave!”

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