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Chapter 100: Is She Really His Wife, Song Wuyou?

“Ah~~~!” Song Jiumei’s shrill scream reverberated in the air.

As the arrow flew closer to Gu Yanhao, they could not accurately determine the intended direction. It looked like it was going to hit Gu Yanhao. At the same time, it also looked like it was about to hit Mu Gu. Song Jiuyue’s hands were clenched tightly into fists, feeling even more nervous than the ‘victim.’

Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu both felt a streak of fierce wind blow past them, messing up a few strands of their hair.

The arrow did not hit either of them! It flew past the gap between their ears and into the flock of swallows scavenging behind them.

It didn’t hit?! Song Jiuyue rapidly turned back and looked at Song Wuyou in astonishment.

At the precise moment that she released her arrow, Song Wuyou woke from her trance. She looked down to calm her emotions, and when she raised her head again she was the same arrogant Song Wuyou. Tilting her chin and pursing her lips, that expression was as if nothing had happened earlier. Fiddling with the bow in her hand she complained, “I wanted to shoot a sheep. Why did it run away?”

Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei’s line of sight fell on the space behind Gu Yanhao. On the left side, a single sheep was grazing on the grass apart from the herd. Although it was behind Gu Yanhao, it was too far off from the target! Even if it was someone ignorant of archery they wouldn’t release an arrow like that.

“Song Wuyou, what kind of eyesight was that?” Song Jiuyue suddenly faced Song Wuyou again, eyes spewing fire. She was really worried Gu Yanhao would be injured, yet she hoped he would suffer little injuries. Internally, she struggled. No matter what, this result was definitely not something she wanted.

Song Wuyou stole a quick peek at Gu Yanhao. Seeing that his eyes were sharply observing her, she turned around as a light of guilt flickered in her eyes.

Mu Gu looked over his shoulder, his glance falling on the abandoned sheep. To Gu Yanhao, he asked, “Say, which ‘sheep’ she was aiming for?”

Gu Yanhao’s sullen voice answered: “Me.”

Gu Yanhao lifted his long legs and walked over. Song Jiuyue blinked her eyes a couple of times, watching him. Deep in her pretty eyes shone her obsession towards him.
Gu Yanhao was tall.The addition of skintight riding gear enhanced his long sinewy legs and muscular silhouette. By just appearing, it was enough to make any woman fight the urge to push him down on the spot. Despite that, he did not spare her a glance as he passed her by with a bewitching smile on his face. His sole focus was on Song Wuyou.

“I left not too long ago. Your archery skills actually improved so much?” The man’s tone was teasing.

Her archery skill does not belong to some beginner. Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei have a lack of understanding, therefore they could not tell, but Gu Yanhao has studied archery since young. His insight and observational skills were top notch. Just now, Song Wuyou really did want to shoot him. It was just that, at the point of release, she slightly changed the direction of the arrow. Her familiarity, her steadiness… all of it was noted by Gu Yanhao. Even if it was him, he probably wouldn’t have dared to let the arrow fly so confidently with last minute changes.

Just the slightest mistake, and he or Mu Gu would have an arrow piercing through their forehead. It was clear that she aimed at him, that she wanted to shoot the arrow at him, but for whatever reason at the last moment she gave up, shifting the arrowhead slightly to make it fly between them. If it was anyone else who didn’t want to shoot, they would put down the bow and arrow, whereas she still let it fly.

Those eyes, the way they’d looked at him, the hate that stemmed deeper than bone… This made Gu Yanhao extremely confused. Even if he did neglect her in the past, it should not garner this much hate.

Standing next to the woman’s small stature, he wondered: Is she his wife, Song Wuyou?

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