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Chapter 102: I Haven’t Shoot Yet

“You only won one round, there’s still one more.” Song Jiumei recovered from her shock and argued strongly.

Song Wuyou flashed a slight smile in their direction, “Just the same, I’m winning the last round.” She faced the target and repeated the same actions as before, swiftly picking up an arrow and nocking, pulling the bowstring and releasing. It was just that her speed this time was much faster because she let go of the arrow the moment the string was pulled back without the need to aim at all. In fact, she had just retrieved her gaze from Song Jiuyue and the arrow had already flown out—and the result was much better than she’d expected! The latter arrow split the first arrow right down the middle, striking straight into the target marker. The former arrow turned into a ‘meat shield’, splitting into two and fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed. Retrieving his sight, it fell once again on Song Wuyou’s complacent face. Her archery skill…how could it be so fantastic?

Then he remembered what she’d said while she was making Beggar’s Chicken at the villa: she said she went to war…

Gu Yanhao’s sharp eyes bore into Song Wuyou as if he wanted to see through every secret in her body. Who is she exactly?

“Tsk tsk…” Mu Gu was stunned for a moment. When his senses recovered, he applauded fanatically while screaming that she was wonderful.

“Wuyou, you’ve hidden real deep ah!” Mu Gu complimented sincerely. He gazed at Song Wuyou as he declared, “Your archery skills are comparable to mine and Ah Hao’s.”

Song Wuyou put down the bow and harrumphed, putting on a proud expression. Of course, her skills are better. When she was learning how to shoot, the two of them were wearing open-crotch-pants. Song Wuyou threw a proud look in Gu Yanhao’s direction, only to notice that he was narrowing his eyes while looking at her profoundly. Pursing her lips, she chose to ignore him. Turning to Song Jiuyue instead, she purred “Dajie, I won.”

“………..” Song Jiuyue stared at Song Wuyou in sheer disbelief.

She was dumbfounded by Song Wuyou’s last arrow. Not even Young Master Gu could play to that level, yet she could. Easily. Her face paled further, for this time around she had lost thoroughly.

She looked pleadingly at Gu Yanhao for help, hoping he would triumph over Song Wuyou on her behalf, but who knew that he would not even look at her. Song Wuyou was his only focus.

Gu Yanhao’s coldness and neglect towards her crushed Song Jiuyue’s poor heart.

“I haven’t shot yet!” Song Jiumei stepped up, glaring viciously at Song Wuyou. “You won over Dajie, but not me!”

“Even Song Jiuyue can’t win over Wuyou. As for you, you can just forget it.” Gu Yanhao swept a cold gaze over Song Jiumei.

Song Jiumei’s complexion ashen at his remark. Gu Yanhao rarely spoke to her. She did not expect that when he did, it would be such a big blow.

“Young Master Gu…” Song Jiumei instantly put on a wronged look,

“Whoever lost, go run laps.” Gu Yanhao looked at Song Jiuyue, his voice icy.

Song Jiuyue stiffened on the spot whereas Song Wuyou’s smile became wider. She knew that the more complacently she laughed, the more uncomfortable Song Jiuyue would feel in her heart.

“Just running laps don’t count. Earlier you said the loser must listen to the winner!” Song Wuyou exclaimed.

“You have something for her to do?” Gu Yanhao looked at Song Wuyou, half smilingly.

“I want her to run. Na~~ked.” Song Wuyou stated.

Hearing this, Song Jiuyue turned green and white simultaneously.

“It doesn’t seem nice like this.” Mu Gu interjected, giving Song Wuyou a weird look. “It’s enough that I strip and run. As for Jiuyue, won’t simply running laps do?”

Song Wuyou put on an unhappy face. “Just now they said if I lose, I must run naked.”

Song Jiuyue’s eyes looked woefully at Gu Yanhao, waiting for him to say something on her behalf.


Open-crotch-pants are usually worn by babies till toddler age.

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