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Chapter 103: Run Wrapped in a Curtain

But Gu Yanhao only glanced at her coldly, saying “Running naked is not needed.”  Song Jiuyue’s face bloomed with delight hearing this. She knew it! Gu Yanhao still cared about her–but the next sentence gave her the feeling of a paradise that has yet to be enjoy before one was kicked down to hell.

“After stripping, wrap a curtain around yourself and run. Running bare naked is ugly.” Gu Yanhao’s placid voice sounded again.

Even Mu Gu knew to use a scarf to cover his lower body. Song Jiuyue was a woman, so using a curtain will be enough to cover her entirely.

“Young Master Gu…” Song Jiuyue looked extremely wronged as she called to Gu Yanhao after hearing his suggestion. He…he… actually told her to run laps wrapped in a curtain?

“A curtain is not bad. The curtains in my place are thick and trendy. It was just washed the day before yesterday. It’s clean.” Mu Gu grinned.

The skies turned dark in Song Jiuyue’s world. It was as if she had been thrown into the deepest of dungeon. The pain cutting through her was horrible. Not only did Gu Yanhao not help her, he was the one who suggested she run wrapped in a curtain?  Just imagining that scene was enough to make her feel humiliated and lose face. What made everything worse was Mu Gu agreeing to it. If it were not for Gu Yanhao’s presence, Song Jiuyue would have raised a hand and smacked Song Wuyou without hesitation.

Song Wuyou looked expectantly at Song Jiuyue, taking note of the hate burning in her eyes. In an innocent tone, Song Wuyou prompted, “Run. You lost, so you must listen to me. Strip off your clothes.”

“Song Wuyou, don’t go overboard!” Song Jiumei glared at her.

“It was a bet.” Song Wuyou flashed a radiant smile, “If I was the one who lost, I too would listen to what you said.”


Song Wuyou stood in front of stables, happily watching the two figures running laps around the archery range. Gu Yanhao walked over to her with two bottles of water, standing beside her. Passing one of them to her, he watched as she laughed so happily before asking: “You liked playing a prank on them?”

Song Wuyou was not thirsty so she did not take the water Gu Yanhao passed to her.  She took a quick glance at him and continued to enjoy the scene, “Do you blame me?”

Gu Yanhao cocked an eyebrow, “Why should I blame you?”

Song Wuyou looked over at him. Her eyes bright complemented her slight smile before she shifted her gaze away again.

That slight smile made Gu Yanhao’s pupils darken and his throat grow dry.

“When did you learn how to shoot an arrow like that?” He looked deeply at her.

Song Wuyou replied to him nonchalantly, “A long time ago.”

His eyes never left her face, “A long time ago, when was that?”

“Haha…” Suddenly, Song Wuyou broke out in a laugh.

Gu Yanhao’s curiosity was stoked. An eyebrow rose as he turned towards the other side and saw the curtain wrapped around Song Jiuyue’s fall down while she tried to pick it up in a flustered manner. Mu Gu, in all his naked glory except for the white scarf around his waist, was running up front. Noticing Song Jiuyue was left behind, he stopped and looked back. Coincidentally, he caught the sight of her curtain falling as she bent down to pick it back up. Mu Gu could not help laughing, “Already tired?”

“Take care of your own laps!” Song Jiuyue snapped and glared sternly at Mu Gu, her embarrassment turning into anger. This damn lousy idea totally came from this man!  Run laps then run. Why must it be naked?

“Isn’t it stimulating?” Not only did Mu Gu not keep to himself, he even fell back to join Song Jiuyue, running side by side.

“Stimulating your head!” Song Jiuyue cursed at him.

Yo~, the always elegant and gentle Jiuyue can also get angry?”

“Being requested to strip and run, wouldn’t you be angry?”

“I’m not angry at all ah, look at me smiling.” Mu Gu even posed coolly for Song Jiuyue. Leaning closer to her, he showed his muscular biceps and shoulder, “Look at my muscles, don’t they look strong?”

“Go away!” Song Jiuyue’s mood was at its worst. She stopped and glared at Mu Gu.

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