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Chapter 107: Beg You… Don’t Punish My Nine Familial Connections

His scream resounded throughout the pasture. Mu Gu, who had just appeared, stumbled into this scene and was so startled that he forgot to think.

Song Wuyou’s body made a sharp arch in the air and fell to the ground.

The curve that she made was aesthetically strange and beautiful. At first, Song Wuyou wanted to reduce the impact of the fall. After all, she was a martial arts practitioner in her past life. Things like qing gong [1], she could influence them easily… But why? Why can’t she control her own body?

Her entire body crashed heavily onto the ground before Gu Yanhao could reach her. Although the pasture had a soft ground and grass everywhere, her rotten luck had her crashing into a sculpture.  It was a sculpture of a Carp Leaping Over Dragon’s Gate [2]. It was made of steel and was painted exquisitely, looking quite vivid and lifelike.

Song Wuyou’s body crashed against the sculpture, rolled down, and even rolled several meters on the grass. This series of tortures made Song Wuyou feel like she was about to report to the underworld.

Promptly reporting.

She actually wanted to devise a little fall from the horse so that Gu Yanhao would blame Song Jiuyue, but… this pain… was she asking for it herself?

Another burst of pain came from her chest and in a sudden choked breath, blood flowed from her mouth. She was about to lose consciousness from the pain, and her thoughts became muddled. As Song Wuyou lay there, hasty sounds of hooves vaguely thudded in her ears. Turning her head feebly, she looked in the direction the sound was coming from.

Gu Yanhao charged the horse as he dashed towards her. It felt as if she’d caught a glimpse of panic and concern on his face. There was still some distance left – and the horse had yet to stop – but he’d already leaped down from the horse’s back, running to her side.

“Song Wuyou—!”

As he made a mad dash, and he called out her name anxiously. The worry and concern on his face were no mere  pretenses. Seeing his reaction pulled at Song Wuyou’s heartstrings. Her vision blurred further and images overlapped. It was as if she saw someone wearing steel armor with a long spear rushing to her side, his face twisted, his armor blood-stained, his eyes―penetrating sharp eyes. Every single stab of the spear takes a life. As long as someone dared to approach him closely, they would lose their lives. He was just like a God of Slaughter, a high and mighty bearer of death…

“Song Wuyou!”

He’d watched the entire scene from afar. She crashed into the sculpture, tumbled down, and rolled on the grass. The stabbing pain in Gu Yanhao‘s chest sucked out his breath.

He reached her side, gathered her in his arms, and held her tightly. “Don’t be afraid!” The instant she was in his arms, he could feel her body quivering.

The blood stuck in her throat was squeezed out when he hugged her. With a tremble, she spat out dark red blood. Dark red blood trickled down her chin, coloring the front of her clothes red. Witnessing her like this, half of Gu Yanhao’s heart flew out.  “I’m sending you to the hospital!” Gu Yanhao moved to carry Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou fought against her fading consciousness, refusing to black out. Her blurred vision did not lose sight of of Gu Yanhao’s arms when she felt him draw her close. What filled her mind at this moment was events from her past.

“Dongfang Xuan… I beg you… do not punish my nine familial relations…”

Her younger brother had just gotten married, her parents were already old. How could Dongfang Xuan be so cruel as to take their lives?

Has he forgotten? When he was little, he used to run to her house for meals and to play. Her parents treated him just like he was their own son…

Something deeply pierced Gu Yanhao upon hearing her words. He looked down at the fainting woman in his arms.

Dongfang Xuan?

Who is Dongfang Xuan?

“Song Wuyou, wake up!” Gu Yanhao gently patted her face. Unfortunately, Song Wuyou had slipped into oblivion.


[1] Qing gond – a light moving steps for martial artists.
[2] A fancy name for a jumping carp which said to bring prosperity.


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