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Chapter 109: Which Son of a Gun is this Dongfang Xuan?

“Figure it out. Get their DNA,” Gu Yanhao’s icy voice sounded.  There was nothing more convincing than DNA to prove their relationship.

Ah De nodded: “Yes.”

Gu Yanhao gave the envelope back to Ah De, “Bring it back to the villa. Dig out this Dongfang Xuan as soon as possible.”


After Ah De left, Gu Yanhao reached out to gently caress Song Wuyou’s small face. “Did you know that you’re not Song Nan’s biological daughter?” His low voice whispered.  Was knowing this the reason she begged Dongfang Xuan not to harm her family before she fainted?

Gu Yanhao might be a businessman, but he understood politics, maybe more than anyone. Obviously, the current President couldn’t rise to his position without stepping on a lot of bodies along the way. The late President was assassinated. His eldest son died by electrocution in the army, and his youngest son was reduced to living as a mental ward patient. The second son had been kidnapped when he was still very young. To this very day there were no clues as to his whereabouts. The details of his abduction remained a mystery.

In short, the prosperous life of the incumbent President was a mirror reflection of how miserably things ended for the former President.

A strong feeling of unease sprouted in Gu Yanhao’s heart. If Song Wuyou was really Mrs. Jier and the former President’s daughter, then her circumstances were precariously dangerous.

Mrs. Jier’s husband was the current President’s big brother…

“Ah Hao?” Mu Gu had been in the patient’s room for quite some time. Seeing that Gu Yanhao was looking dazedly at Song Wuyou’s face, he did not disturb him, but quite some time had passed and Mu Gu could no longer be patient. He called out to pull Gu Yanhao out of his trance.

Hearing Mu Gu’s voice, Gu Yanhao raised his head. His cold gaze fell on Mu Gu’s face.  On the receiving end of such frigid gaze, Mu Gu squeezed an awkward smile, “Don’t use this kind of gaze where you’re-saying-you’re-going-to-kill-me to look at me.”

“Don’t you deserve to be killed?” Gu Yanhao’s icy voice rebuked.

“Why would I deserved that? I was not the one that hurt your wife.” Mu Gu claimed innocence and wronged.

“It was your horse that harmed her.”

Mu Gu reluctantly replied, “Then you go and kill my horse.” Gu Yanhao could only purse his lips coldly at Mu Gu’s answer.

Mu Gu took a quick glance at Song Wuyou and asked in a low voice, “What did the doctor say?”

“Her injuries are not that serious.” It was just that it hadn’t been that long since her car accident. Getting hurt again in such a short time with such a weak body, even if the injuries weren’t serious, they could still risk claiming her life.

Mu Gu’s finally exhaled in relief after hearing that. Pulling out a chair, Mu Gu sat down. There was a trace of complex emotions as he stared at Song Wuyou.

Gu Yanhao noticed his gaze falling straight onto his wife’s face. An eyebrow cocked up in dissatisfaction as he looked at Mu Gu, “What did you come here for?”

Mu Gu answered naturally, “See Wuyou.”

“Now you’ve seen her, you can go back.”

Mu Gu had a hurt expression on his face, “Ah Hao, I just arrived and you’re shooing me away? You’re so unfeeling.”

“You’re sitting so close to the bed while staring at my wife like that. How could I not be unfeeling?” Gu Yanhao rebuffed sharply.

Mu Gu was taken aback. Blinking his peach blossom eyes at Gu Yanhao: Had he?  Had he stared unblinkingly at his wife?

Mu Gu looked at Gu Yanhao, “Ah Hao, have you fallen deeply in love with Song Wuyou?”

Gu Yanhao looked at Mu Gu as if he was looking at an idiot, “Do you think a woman that I don’t love could become my wife?”

“No, that ain’t right. Didn’t you want to divorce her before this?”

This remark made Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrow dangerously, “You were waiting for us to divorce?”

Mu Gu scratched his head with an awkward smile, “No…”

Standing outside the door, Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei exchanged a look in silence:

Young Master Gu said a woman that he doesn’t love has no possibility of becoming his wife.


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