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Chapter 11: Stunning

Song Wuyou raised both of her arms up, and gently patted her beautiful face that was described as ‘could cause the downfall of a country’ in the old days, and muttered, “You say you, why didn’t you utilize the potential of such a beautiful face? Living in misery is not enough, on top of that you are hated by Gu Yanhao to such an extent, so pitiful.”

Pausing, melancholy found its way across Song Wuyou’s eyes as she continued to look at the young woman in the mirror. Then, she smiled wryly and said, “I myself was just as pitiful. I also had a beautiful face, and I had even fought alongside him in the raging fire of war, but in the end….. He bestowed me with a three feet white silk. Gu Yanhao, you are really cruel!”


The sun almost right at the top of a person’s head by the time Song Wuyou woke up.

After refreshing herself, she went in search of clothes to change.

But as she stood in front of the cupboard, she was completely dumbfounded.

What kind of nonsensical garments are these?

The tops were either spaghetti straps, or the length was so short that it exposes the navel, and the blouses’ are cut extremely low that they reveal half a globe. Whether it was pants or skirts, everything was just super, super short ― not one item reached the knees.

Song Wuyou felt these styles of clothing were extremely crude!

The original host thought as long as she wore sexier, revealing clothes, Gu Yanhao would naturally notice her and pay more attention to her.

She thought as long as she displayed her perfect body, he would not be able to overcome the temptation and come to love her.

That was why all her clothes revealed more than they covered.

She did not realize, the less she wore the more Gu Yanhao was disgusted with her. Thus, the rumors of her being a wild child became even more heated in the city.

Song Wuyou practically flipped over every item in the closet before finding a purple-colored short-sleeved dress that she deemed decent.

After changing into the dress, coincidentally Song Wuyou spotted a delicately crafted hairpin on the vanity table.

Song Wuyou smiled. She twisted her waist long hair up and then secured it using the same hairpin.

Xu Jing was wiping the floor when her lowered down head raised up and incidentally saw a young woman in a purple dress leisurely coming down the staircase. Seeing her, Xu Jing thought her eyes were playing a trick on her. The cleaning cloth in Xu Jing’s hands fell to the floor when she used went to rub her eyes, trying to make sure the woman on the stairs was not an illusion.



Enough to cause the downfall of a city! Gorgeous!

This was…. Xu Jing’s jaw dropped, and her throat suddenly felt dry and thirsty, it was difficult to swallow her own saliva. Since when did her Miss have such an elegant demeanor, such an alluring temperament?

Xu Jing had been serving Song Wuyou for many years. It could be said that she basically knew her Miss to the core.

This woman coming down the stairs looked like her Miss. But, the walking posture and the aura that emitted from her was that of a different person.

The long purple dress was simple but on her body, the effect was amazing. She looked like a fairy.

As her Miss was coming down, she carried a noble temperament that deterred any disrespect.

Her hands were clasped softly in front, positioned near her navel. Her head held high, and shoulders straight as she took one small step after another; graceful and charming.

“Mi….Miss… is that you?” Xu Jing swallowed with difficulty before managing to blurt out the question, unable to take her eyes off Song Wuyou.

Not only the temperament and the way Miss walk was different, since when Miss she willing to wear such orthodox style dress?

Her normal attire encompassed the principle of revealing without any limitations, not at all like the sophisticated young ladies of big families. And it definitely had not a shred of similarity to the way of dressing those of prominent families’ young mistress.

Today, Miss was like a different person altogether, wearing a long dress…..

Song Wuyou smiled. That smile carried a hint of devilish charm, and she said, “Who else if this is not me?”

“Miss, why are you dressing like this?” Xu Jing stood and looked dazedly at Song Wuyou. Miss really looked beautiful dressing this way.

Song Wuyou glanced at Xu Jing, “Like this, is not good?”

Xu Jing only nodded vigorously, “Good! Good! Very good!”

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