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Chapter 110: Past and Present Life

Does this mean he loves Song Wuyou? From the very beginning, from getting to know Song Wuyou until they were married, all was because of love? Song Jiuyue’s delicate face paled to a sickly white.

The person he likes was not herself?

After she graduated from University, she told him she wanted to enter Gu Group and he readily agreed, whereas Song Wuyou was rejected on the spot when she requested the same thing. Every time she won the fashion design competition for Gu Group he would have dinner with her, just the two of them.

Married for three years, he had never brought Song Wuyou out to any functions—

She thought he’d never loved Song Wuyou. She thought the only reason he’d married Song Wuyou was because of Old Grandfather Gu’s arrangement. In hindsight,  according to Gu Yanhao’s personality, if it really was someone he didn’t like, neither Old Grandfather Gu nor a deity could make Gu Yanhao marry someone he found to be annoying.

Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth vehemently. At this precise moment, how she wished Song Wuyou would never wake up again! She excelled in everything! She was much better than Song Wuyou! Why would Young Master Gu love Song Wuyou and not her?!

It must be because he slept with her, so he was thinking he must be responsible. They’d known each other since they were small, she was well aware of Gu Yanhao’s character. He practically had an obsessive compulsive disorder, and he loved himself too much to casually have sexual relations. Song Wuyou was his first woman, so he must have felt a higher sense of responsibility.

If he could have a taste of another woman, he would not be obsessed with Song Wuyou’s body like this.

Thinking of this, Song Jiuyue stared daggers at Song Jiumei. In a restrained voice she cursed, “It’s all your fault!”

Song Jiuyue turned around and left, leaving that accusation lingering in the air.

“…….” Song Jiumei continued to stand there in a cloud of confusion.

What happened?

Why was she blamed?

Song Wuyou getting thrown off the horse had nothing to do with her ah.

Suddenly blamed and wronged, the usually proud Song Jiumei felt extremely depressed. She ran after Song Jiuyue, wanting to explain that Song Wuyou’s injury had nothing to do with her! Her Dajie cannot wrongly accuse her like this.

If Young Master Gu misunderstood, she would probably lose her small life.


Mu Gu’s heart ached looking at Song Wuyou’s pale face, but facing Gu Yanhao’s predator-like glare as if he was about to swallow him, Mu Gu dared not show too much on his face.

He stood up and said to Gu Yanhao, “I’ll go back and prepare some nutritious meals. Once Wuyou wakes up, we’ll make some soup for her to supplement her body.”

“Get lost quickly.” Gu Yanhao’s mind was in a mess right now.

Mu Gu looked at him deeply for a second before leaving.

Gu Yanhao kept vigil by Song Wuyou’s bed, neither drinking water nor eating anything. He had never been so anxious and concerned about a woman before in his entire life. The first time a woman’s departure made hurt him and cry was his mother’s. When he saw her thrown off the horse, at that moment, it was as if someone was crushing his heart into pieces in their hand.

Pain, and the inability to draw a breath.

This kind of pain was the same as when he got the news that year, saying his parent’s flight met with a mishap. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling. Fear took over.

Gu Yanhao grasped Song Wuyou’s small hands. Watching her, muttering in a low voice, “Song Wuyou, do you know why I married you?”


“Did you really think that single glass of spiked wine could make marry you?”


“When I got the news that my parents died, I locked myself in my room for three days. And you sat right outside my door, accompanying me for three days.”


Gu Yanhao smiled wryly, “That time my fever wouldn’t go down, you heard someone say that boiled old lotus root could reduce my fever. Someone like you that didn’t know how to swim actually jumped into the lotus pond to look for old lotus root without any hesitation.”

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