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Chapter 112: Regret

Song Wuyou was startled. Wasn’t she on the battlefield? Why did she suddenly appear in the Cold Palace?

“The Emperor arrives~!”

“The Empress arrives~~!”

Suddenly, Eunuch Gao’s voice rang loudly.

Song Wuyou stiffened; Dongfang Xuan? Before Song Wuyou could compose herself, the broken down door slid open with a creak. And two gorgeously draped silhouettes appeared in her line of sightㅡDongfang Xuan, in a luxurious yellow robe embroidered with the five-clawed dragon, wearing black velvet boots on his feet. His sharp single-lid phoenix eyes exuded a majestic aura, domineering and cold.

Together with him was the Empress. The Empress wore a silken black dress, richly embroidered, elegant and noble.


Just as Song Wuyou uttered one word from her lips, the Empress suddenly came forward and threw a slap across her cheek. A stern sharp voice admonished: “Insolent! Is someone like you qualified to utter the Emperor’s given name?”

Song Wuyou’s face was burning with pain from the slap.

One hand covering her face, Song Wuyou’s eyes were extremely cold as they glared at the Empress before turning to Dongfang Xuan. “Why? Why must you treat me this way?”

Suppressing the urge to scream at him, her eyes stared fixedly at his face, “What have I done that was so wrong that you want to exterminate my nine familial connections and bestow me with a three-foot white silk?”

Dongfang Xuan looked at her with cold eyes void of emotions, “You did nothing wrong.”

“Did nothing wrong… then why are you doing this to me?”

“You’re more useful dead than alive.” The man’s thin lips moved slightly, speaking cruel, unfeeling words.

The Empress gave her a proud complacent look, with a catty smile hanging from the  corners of her lips.

“…….” Every word was like a knife slashing across her heart. Two lines of tears flowed down silently, endlessly.

She was more useful dead than alive?

Does a dead person wonder about their value?

Song Wuyou finally made peace: he doesn’t love her anymore. The him today has three thousand concubines in his Imperial Harem, making him forget how she had stayed beside him through eight years of war to reach this day. She turned away, no longer wanting to see them. Tears continued to flow endlessly down her face.

Dongfang Xuan watched her thin back coldly, the hands hidden under his long dragon robe sleeves were clenched into fists…


“Does it hurt a lot?” Gu Yanhao saw the tears flowing down from the corner of Song Wuyou’s eyes and he frowned. A pulling pain tugged at his heart. Using the tip of his finger, he wiped away the tear stain from her eyes. His obsidian phoenix eyes became more unfathomable. Watching her, his eyes seemed like the twinkling stars, filled with gentleness and doting.

Being thrown off the horseback, crashing against the sculpture, how could it not be painful? Fortunately there were no broken bones or else she’d need surgery and would be subjected to even more pain.

Just as he wiped the tears off, they flowed again, sending ripples of heartache through Gu Yanhao’s heart. He thought of the last time she was in a hospital, due to the car crash. That time she even lost the baby, and her injuries were more severe. Did she cry when she was unconscious too?

He regrets it now. Regretted that he did not stay by her side——


The bedside lamp suddenly lit up.

Mu Gu jerked up from the bed into a sitting position. His breathing sounded raspy and urgent as if he was gasping for air. His usually gentle peach blossom eyes gleamed with a tumult of emotions. He had that dream again. This kind of dream was a regular visitor to him. Before, he did not mind as much, thinking it was probably due to reading too many xuanhuan [1] novels, but when he heard the words Song Wuyou uttered before fainting into a coma, he knew then these were not normal dreams.

At this moment, Mu Gu was in turmoil. His eyes darkened, deep and abysmal, akin to a thousand-year bottomless lagoon.

Mu Gu looked out the window. Oh, it’s already morning? He got out of bed, and on bare feet he walked out of the room to the kitchen downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Dajie, are we going to the hospital again today to see that slut?” Before he entered the kitchen, Song Jiumei’s discontented voice rang out.


[1] A genre of Chinese webnovels like Wuxia, Xianxia, Xuanhuan (fantasy)…etc.

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