ENH C113

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Chapter 113: Suddenly, I’m Worried About Him

Mu Gu’s steps halted abruptly, a cold glint flickering in his peach blossom eyes.

Slut? Song Wuyou is a slut?

“She’s already in the hospital, why aren’t you going to see her?” Song Jiuyue’s voice.

“You say, will be she die ah?” It was clear Song Jiumei was gloating from her voice.

“Probably not. Didn’t Mu Gu say yesterday that her injuries aren’t that serious?”

”Oh…” Song Jiumei’s voice fell with disappointment,.“Even this can’t kill her… What a pity.”

“Song Jiumei, don’t talk nonsense!” Song Jiuyue’s reprimanding voice rang out. Even though Song Jiuyue dearly wished Song Wuyou die, that wish cannot be spoken in such blunt words. After all, they were in Mu Gu’s house. If by chance Mu Gu heard what they were saying, the hard-built kind and elegant image that they paraded in front of Young Master Gu would be flushed down the drain.

“I’m not saying nonsense! I’ve always wanted Song Wuyou to die. Let’s see who else dares to compete with you for Young Master Gu.”

“Enough! Don’t talk about this any more. Help me put the chicken meat into the pot. When the soup’s ready, send it to Song Wuyou.”

“Dajie, why must you make soup for that slut?” Song Jiumei was extremely reluctant to help do anything for Song Wuyou..

Mu Gu sneered. Every word that came out of their mouths was slut this and slut that. Song Wuyou, having sisters like these two, was truly unfortunate.


Song Wuyou opened her eyes, and the ward’s white washed ceiling filled her vision. Her nose was filled with the scent of disinfectant. Taking a deeper breath, a very light scent of cigarette smoke could be detected. This scent was no stranger to her. She turned her head over, looking at the man sitting on the bedside chair. The man was supporting himself by placing his elbow on the armrest, with his fingers against the side of his forehead, asleep.

Song Wuyou looked at him. Just now she dreamed of Dongfang Xuan. Now, opening her eyes, there’s an exact replica of his face. Only, this face doesn’t have the sharp edges that push people away, but it is just as noble and cold.

On the battlefield, Dongfang Xuan was exactly like a wild leopard whereas this man in the business arena was just as merciless.

Song Wuyou stared at Gu Yanhao’s face without realizing it. Exquisite, manly, like a perfect sculpture carved by of an artist’s hand. The hair on his forehead framed his face, adding a rare a touch of softness. Those thin lips, extremely sexy. Long, curving eyelashes that could make anyone jealous.

Is this really you? Song Wuyou suppressed the sudden sense of loss and the tears that threatened to roll down. Her mind was a mess.

The dream she saw while in a coma, was it really a dream or did she return to her past life for a moment? She saw Dongfang Xuan die on the battlefield…

Song Wuyou was taken over by her sadness as she stared at Gu Yanhao. Is he Dongfang Xuan’s reincarnation? If he’s not, then can someone tell her how can they look so much alike? Thinking of the possibility that Dongfang Xuan was killed on the battlefield, Song Wuyou felt a throbbing pain in her heart.

She was suddenly very curious about what happened to his country after she died? Did the enemies try to encroach onto the their territory? Was there another war? Suddenly, she missed the past him… But when she recalled the scene where he appeared together with the Empress in the Cold Palace, her heart once again turned cold.

The eyes he looked at her with were so cold, so cold—

He said she deserved to die…

“Cough, cough…”

Song Wuyou choked, her parched throat making her coughed out loud, and it woke Gu Yanhao. Gu Yanhao’s shut eyes flew open, revealing a few prominent blood vessels lining the whites of his eyes.

“You’re awake?” He asked, straightening his body on the chair.

“En,” Song Wuyou grunted a reply, shifting her body whilst trying to sit up. Only then did she realized Gu Yanhao was holding her hand the entire time.

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