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Chapter 116: I Want You to Apologize to Me.

He…fed Song Wuyou water. Of his own accord.

He… the one person who’d always carried himself above and apart from everyone else. From a young age, he was the one being served.

What about now?

He was serving Song Wuyou…

This made Song Jiuyue even more certain: Gu Yanhao fell for Song Wuyou.

Her heart felt like someone was squeezing it in their hands, suffocating, extremely uncomfortable. Why didn’t the Heavens take her life and let her die from that fall?

“Ah Hao, is your great lover illness acting up again?” Mu Gu deliberately glanced at Song Jiuyue’s face before striding into the room. Mu Gu’s voice did nothing to affect them both.

Gu Yanhao looked at Song Wuyou, and a rare trace of tenderness seeped into his voice as he asked, “Do you want more?” The whole glass of water was finished by her, it seemed she really was very thirsty.

“No.” Song Wuyou answered. Her expression was calm and placid, neither happy nor upset. This entered Song Jiuyue’s eyes as she stood there, cursing in her heart: hypocrite!

She used to pester Gu Yanhao from morning till night, hoping, wishing, dreaming that Gu Yanhao would be just a little nicer to her. Now that Young Master Gu was being nice to her, she actually put on this hypocritical pretense of ‘it’s-a-given-you-should-treat-me-better’ and ‘I’m-a-queen’ front. This slut was really a two-faced scheming liar!

But not an ounce of these boiling emotions showed on Song Jiuyue’s face.

She walked into the room holding the container of chicken soup while looking at Song Wuyou, full of concern, “Wuyou, how’re your injuries? Is it painful?”

Song Wuyou raised her long lashes, looking at Song Jiuyue with a dumbfounded expression, “Dajie, you’re worried about me?”

The smile of Song Jiuyue’s face stiffened on a minuscule scale, but it lasted less than a half a second before she regained composure and gave Song Wuyou a reproachful look, “What are you saying? You’re my sister, of course I would be concerned when you are injured.”

Song Wuyou blinked her eyes innocently as she posed a naive question, “Dajie, do horses hate it when someone pulls their hair?”

Gu Yanhao was listening on the side. Hearing Song Wuyou’s question, his pupils darkened. Mu Gu glanced at Song Wuyou before turning to Song Jiuyue.  

Song Jiuyue paled unnoticeably as she made every effort to put on a natural vague smile, “Probably.”

“Then you still pulled the hair on my horse?” Song Wuyou looked aggrieved, “You knew I didn’t know how to ride, and yet you still pulled at my horse’s hair.”

Song Jiuyue’s face lost all color at Song Wuyou’s words. She indiscreetly sent Song Wuyou an angry glare while trying to suppress the anger bubbling in her heart.  Letting out an awkward chuckle, she excused, “I saw there was hay on the horse’s tail. I just wanted to brush it off.”

“Isn’t it very normal for horses to have hay stuck on their bodies?” Gu Yanhao interjected coldly.

Hearing his blunt words, Song Jiuyue panicked. Still, she kept her front. “It seems I did something unnecessary… It was my itchy hand [1].”

“Just because your hand was itchy, you caused me to be injured so badly. Dajie, I’m upset with you.” Song Wuyou’s eyes were red from feeling aggrieved.

Watching this, Gu Yanhao’s brow wrinkled; this woman knows how to put on an act?

Song Jiuyue was ‘apologetic’, “My bad.”

“I want you to apologize.”

Song Jiuyue was taken aback at the request, and her eyes subconsciously sought Gu Yanhao. And what she saw was Gu Yanhao’s broad back and the top of his head. She had no idea what kind of expression he had on his face at this moment—She wanted him to tell Song Wuyou off, saying she needn’t apologize, but…

“Quickly apologize. Wuyou’s mood is not good,” his cold voice sounded.

Spasms of pain rippled in Song Jiuyue’s heart. Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth; damn Song Wuyou!

“I’m sorry Wuyou.” She looked regretfully at Song Wuyou, “It was my fault. I shouldn’t have touched the horse needlessly.”

Song Wuyou was still eyeing her with that aggrieved and wronged look. This kind of gaze sent a chill through Song Jiuyue.



[1] Itchy hand(s) is a slang- referring to idle hands


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