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Chapter 117: Feeding Song Wuyou Soup

She’d already apologized! Did she want to expose her in front of Young Master Gu and Mu Gu? Song Jiuyue raised her eyes, sending Song Wuyou a warning look behind her lashes, and coincidentally, this warning signal was caught by Mu Gu. Mu Gu’s eyebrow arched up, observing her and then Song Wuyou.

Initially, Song Wuyou wanted to shoot Song Jiuyue a provocative look to peeve her, but when she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Mu Gu was watching her, and Gu Yanhao was doing the same on the other side, she could only show helpless exasperation instead.

“If you can apologize to me, it means you didn’t do it on purpose. Dajie, I’m sorry. At first I thought you wanted me to fall from the horse, that was why I was angry. I even scolded you in my heart. I’m really sorry ah.” Song Wuyou briefly chose her words and said them to Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue’s face turned green and white listening to her words. She was a hundred percent certain Song Wuyou was intentionally choosing to say these words; saying these words purely to raise Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu’s suspicions towards her, making them think that she pulled at the horse’s tail on purpose. At the same time Wuyou was displaying her own magnanimous attitude in front of them by forgiving Song Jiuyue, simultaneously making her look bad! Song Jiuyue sneered inwardly. What kind of scene she hasn’t she seen before? With just this much, Song Wuyou wants to make her look bad?

In your dreams!

Song Jiuyue was very successful in repressing her negative emotions. She smiled amiably at Song Wuyou, saying: “I admit that I didn’t really like you much in the past, but that was only because you were too immature. But, as much as I disliked you, I wouldn’t bring you harm intentionally. Why would I be pulling at the horse’s hair deliberately when I know that you’re ignorant about horse riding? Isn’t that the same as looking for death myself, especially since recently you’re practically a changed person, unlike the nonsensical person that you were before. I couldn’t be more happy for you. Let’s not talk about unhappy things anymore. I made some chicken soup for you. Drink it while it’s still warm.” Having finished saying these things, Song Jiuyue’s hands moved around, pouring the chicken soup into a small bowl.

Hehe, Song Wuyou thought; truly a capable Song Jiuyue. Every word could wash white any stain on herself.

“Come, drink some soup.” Song Jiuyue’s eyes swept over the gypsum cast on her left hand, adding, “I’ll feed you.”

“Let me.” Gu Yanhao’s hand suddenly reached out to take the bowl from Song Jiuyue.


The smile on Song Jiuyue’s face stiffened. Her head bent down, focused on the nice looking extended hand that had a thin layer of callouses. Song Wuyou’s lips arched up in an ambiguous smile as she watched Song Jiuyue meaningfully. Mu Gu pulled a chair close to the bedside and sat down. All the while, he observed Song Wuyou quietly. After a long time, Gu Yanhao finally turned to look at Song Jiuyue when the bowl of soup failed to reach his hand. With a cold gaze, he questioned, “Did you hear?”

Song Jiuyue smiled even though her heart wasn’t in it, “That’s not it. This kind of work, just let me do it Young Master Gu.”

“What kind of work?” Gu Yanhao rebuked.

“Feeding Wuyou soup….”

“What kind of work is feeding Wuyou?”

“…..” Song Jiuyue actually doesn’t know how to answer this question.

Song Wuyou laughed and said in an off-handed manner, “What Dajie meant to say is, how can someone with Young Master Gu’s status and identity do this kind of work as to feed me? This is the work of a servant. You were served and taken care of since young, so you would be all thumbs in regards to taking care of others. What do you know about feeding me?”

Song Jiuyue glared at Song Wuyou, screaming in her heart: bitch!

Is she trying to paint her as a servant in front of Young Master Gu? On the surface, it seemed as if Song Wuyou was trying to help her out, but in fact…!

“Is it like this?“ When those deep eyes fell on Song Jiuyue again, they were icy. If Song Jiuyue answered no, then how would she explain why she wanted to feed Song Wuyou herself? If she answered yes, wouldn’t that mean she admits that her status is low enough to serve Song Wuyou?

Did they expect her to answer that she was jealous and didn’t want to see Gu Yanhao feed Song Wuyou soup?

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