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Chapter 118: Married a Man That Doesn’t Know How To Cook

Unsure how to answer Gu Yanhao, Song Jiuyue looked woefully at him as she gently placed the bowl of soup into his hand. Taking the bowl of soup, Gu Yanhao looked at Song Wuyou.

Mu Gu’s eyebrow arched up. From this angle, he could clearly see that the way Gu Yanhao looked at Song Wuyou was vastly different from the way he faced any of them.  Although it was still cold, it was a different kind of cold.

Gu Yanhao scooped up a small spoon of soup and placed it near his lips to test the temperature. It was still very hot! He blew softly, wanting to cool it a little.

Watching his chivalrous actions, Song Wuyou’s brows faintly scrunched together and her mind spun in confusion for a second. In the past, Dongfang Xuan was just as chivalrous. Unfortunately, after he  ascended the throne, his chivalry was no longer directed towards her.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes darkened slightly as he ordered.“Open your mouth.” … (No, he’s not the type to say ahh!) The spoon in his hand stopped right in front of Song Wuyou’s mouth, but the woman was watching him in a daze. Song Wuyou regained her clarity, opened her mouth, and drank the soup from the spoon. Swallowing the soup, she found it to be hot, bordering on burning, and the taste was…not good. She raised her eyes towards Song Jiuyue with an aggrieved expression.

Song Jiuyue was greatly dissatisfied by her reaction. That look on her face was obviously showing contempt towards the chicken soup she’d made.

“What is it? Not good?” Gu Yanhao asked.

“I think…there is no salt.” Song Wuyou had an embarrassed-to-be-exposing-someone- else’s-fault look on her face.

“I did add salt!” Song Jiuyue made an excuse immediately. “Maybe I put too little. I don’t normally cook.” In fact, this was the first time she’d cooked, and she had cooked for a woman she hated. Song Jiuyue really felt like slapping herself a few times.

Was she really so idle that she needed to resort to pulling hairs out of Song Wuyou’s damned horse?!

“It’s alright. It may no taste delicious, but I’m a patient; I should have bland soups that have less salt.” Song Wuyou smiled and said generously.

Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth vehemently, nearly crushing her them. Fine, Song Wuyou! I made chicken soup for you, and not only you did not say a word of thanks, you even complained in front of Young Master Gu and Mu Gu? The slut even remembered to remind them that she was a patient, so they would pay more attention to her? Song Jiuyue stared at Song Wuyou: when did this obnoxious woman learn how to play mind games?

“Bear with it for the time being. When you’ve recovered you can eat anything you want.” Gu Yanhao soothed surprisingly as his usually cold voice softened rarely.

Song Jiuyue was stunned as she watched him.

Song Wuyou smiled sweetly, “I want to eat something you cook.”

A sweet smile on a slightly pale face, just like a snow lotus in bloom, exceptionally beautiful and mesmerizing.

Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu were both blown away by her sweet smile, their gazes unwilling to leave her face.

“As long as you don’t despise the taste.” Gu Yanhao’s lips curved back into a smile, his voice as soft as before.

“Married to a man that doesn’t know how to cook is truly not a glorious thing.” Song Wuyou pursed her lips cutely, showing disdain.

“I can learn.” Gu Yanhao stated with confidence, “I’m smart by nature. I can learn anything in one try.”

“Hmph, hmph.” Song Wuyou believed him but she wouldn’t show it on her face.

“You want to eat Beggar’s Chicken? Teach me when you get discharged. When you want to eat it in the future, I’ll make for you. No need to do it yourself.”

“Why are you suddenly being so good to me?” Song Wuyou looked at him seriously.

Gu Yanhao solemnly stared into her eyes, “I thought about it.  Since I married you, I should do my duties as a husband well.”

For a second, Song Wuyou was moved by these words. On the other side, peach blossom eyes blinked. The focus that was on Song Wuyou’s face shifted onto Gu Yanhao. This man, when did he learn how to display his affections publicly?

Song Jiuyue, who seemed to have been forgotten off to the side, looked even worse after listening to their dialogue.

In a hurried voice, she said: “Jiumei is waiting for me to eat. I’ll make a move first.”

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