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Chapter 119: It Was All Your Fault

The instant she escaped from the room, Song Jiuyue began weeping uncontrollably.  Recalling the indifference Gu Yanhao showed her and the concern he displayed towards Song Wuyou, she felt immense grief and neglect.

Song Wuyou had liked Gu Yanhao since she was thirteen, but she had liked Gu Yanhao since puberty. Her feelings for Gu Yanhao begun much earlier than Song Wuyou did, and she knew him much earlier than that slutty woman did too!  Why, in the end, was the one Gu Yanhao married Song Wuyou and not her? Was it because Song Wuyou, with a thick-face, had stalked him everywhere until he married her?

Just outside the hospital, Song Jiumei was waiting. Song Jiumei doesn’t like Song Wuyou, so she did not go in. Seeing Song Jiuyue crying as she rushed out, Song Jiumei was flabbergasted, “Dajie, what happened? Why are you crying?”

Song Jiuyue ignored Song Jiumei, sobbing as she dashed into the car. Song Jiumei sat in the driver’s seat while her sister sat in the passenger seat, but Song Jiumei did not start the engine. She leaned over and anxiously looked at Song Jiuyue before asking, “Did that slut bully you?”

“You‐ Young Master Gu doesn’t like Song Wuyou one, one bit!” Song Jiuyue choked on her tears. Her voice was filled with hatred for Song Wuyou.

Although she didn’t like Song Wuyou as a meimei, she still refrained from bullying her when she was living with the Song Family, especially when Song Wuyou fell in love with Gu Yanhao and she came to dislike her even more. When Song Wuyou married Gu Yanhao, her bottled up feelings turned into hate towards Song Wuyou, and today, it multiplied as she watched the way Gu Yanhao treated her. What method did Song Wuyou use to make Young Master Gu suddenly treat her so nicely?

“What happened?” Song Jiumei was still in a cloud of confusion. Did she need to cry to this extent just because Young Master Gu was good to Song Wuyou? Song Jiumei rarely ever saw Song Jiuyue cry.

“He fed Song Wuyou soup, and Song Wuyou actually showed contempt by saying that my soup is not nice! Not only did he not scold Song Wuyou, he even comforted her, saying he would cook a meal for her once she’s discharged!”

“……” An expression of absolute jealousy flitted past Song Jiumei’s face as she listened to Song Jiuyue’s words. This slut Song Wuyou was truly fortunate!

“Young Master Gu led a pampered life. Consider his status and identity! He actually lowered himself because of Song Wuyou, promising to cook for her.” Song Jiuyue’s little fists turned white at the knuckles, “I hate this!”

Song Jiumei frowned as if she was greatly troubled, “Young Master Gu is suddenly so good to her. Could she be pregnant?”

This question triggered Song Jiuyue even more, her body trembling as she screamed, “How is that possible?! If she were, being thrown off horseback, that’d make her lose it, right?!”

Song Jiumei tilted her head to one side and pondered Song Jiuyue’s reasoning, “You’re right…”

“You’re the one to be blamed!” Suddenly Song Jiuyue shot a frigidly cold look at Song Jiumei, causing her to shiver involuntarily. She looked guiltily at Song Jiuyue, “Dajie, why are you blaming me again?”

Can she not put the blame on her head for every single thing?

“It’s because you drugged Young Master Gu! That pushed him to sleep with Song Wuyou. He started treating Song Wuyou nicely right after that. It’s because of your recklessness, thinking it was a great idea to drug Song Wuyou!”

Song Jiumei was feeling very wronged by that accusation, “How could I have known it would turn out this way?”

“You don’t know, you don’t know~~?! Why does our Song Family have someone stupid as you?!”

Dajie, do you think I want Young Master Gu to treat Song Wuyou kindly? Wasn’t my plan to totally ruin her reputation by drugging her so that Young Master Gu reached a firm decision and divorced her.”

“Young Master Gu had already decided to divorce her in the first place! It’s all your fault! You pushed them together!” Song Jiuyue’s extremely cold eyes were sharper than swords as she directed her gaze towards Song Jiumei. Everything, all the fault and all of the blame were dumped onto Song Jiumei’s body.

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