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Chapter 120: He Has Time to Make It Up to Her

Song Jiumei’s eyes were red from feeling aggrieved that her sister was treating her like this, “Dajie, I’m not trying to push them together, I’m…”

“Don’t say any more!” Song Jiuyue suddenly roared at Song Jiumei in a gruff voice.  In her own car, outsiders can’t see what was happening, therefore it is not necessary for her to suppress or disguise her feelings.

Although Song Jiumei was already accustomed to her sister’s personality, it still did not sit well with her being blamed and roared at when she did nothing wrong.

Tears swirled around her red-rimmed eyes and her hands were gripping the car wheel tightly as she tried her best to repress the suffocating breath down her chest.

“It has become a fact Young Master Gu is good to Wuyou. If we want him to hate and dislike Wuyou as he did in the past, we must think of a way to totally ruin her  reputation.” Song Jiuyue’s cold voice broke the silence.

“What remains of Song Wuyou’s reputation that has not been sullied?” Song Jiumei asked, confused. The wronged choking voice was apparent. “Didn’t she turn into a Virgin Mary recently? Even her dress and style are not the same. You think of a way to make her return to how she used to be.”

“……..” This…what to do to make that happen?


Song Wuyou felt drowsy after finishing the bowl of chicken soup. Gu Yanhao gently laid her down, even covering her with a blanket in a caring manner. Lifting his head, he saw Mu Gu was still in the room. Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow as his pupils darkened threateningly. “Why aren’t you leaving yet?” The man’s voice was cold and distant.

A light flickered in Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes. The corner of his lips arched into a devilish smile as he said, “I’m waiting for you to invite me to dinner.”

“I want to accompany my wife,” came Gu Yanhao’s icy reply.

“You must still eat even if you want to stay with your wife ah.”

Song Wuyou gazed at him drowsily, “Go and eat something with Mu Gu.”

“I’m not hungry,” he stated, looking at her.

Those black obsidian eyes were so sincere that Song Wuyou couldn’t help but loosen slightly.

Mu Gu walked over to him. One hand grasped Gu Yanhao’s shoulder as he said, “You have lots of time to accompany your wife. Come, let’s go eat.”

Gu Yanhao wanted to brush Mu Gu off. His thick eyebrows were scrunched together as he glared at Mu Gu’s hand with contempt. Two men touching and holding, what kind of demeanor was this?

Yet, Song Wuyou behaved like she was shooing them off, “Both of you just go. I don’t sleep well when there are other people in the room.”

“Did you hear that?  Your wife doesn’t like you clinging all over her.” Mu Gu exclaimed playfully, but falling in Gu Yanhao’s ears, the words stung.

Half dragged and half pulled by Mu Gu, Gu Yanhao left the room, turning his head back once every few steps to look at Song Wuyou. He saw her lying on the bed with her eyes half closed as if she was unable to fight the sleepiness anymore, and definitely had no time to observe his antics. There was no sense of dependency and no air of depression, like there was no relation between him and her. Wrong, more like she preferred his absence. Gu Yanhao’s frown deepened. Was it really as Mu Gu said, she doesn’t like him clinging to her?  His thoughts drifted to the past, to a time when she was the one clinging to himㅡ

So, this was how it felt like being hated by someone you love.

Gu Yanhao exited the room and swung off Mu Gu’s hand with a cold expression.

Mu Gu noticed his dark as coal expression and quickly said, “I’ll buy, okay?”

“I don’t need it.” He has money.

”Wuyou needed rest, so you should let her rest properly. If you starved yourself to death and fell ill, who’s there to take care of her?” Shaking his head, Mu Gu mumbled, “I really can’t understand the two of you. In the past, she clinged to you, and now, you’re clinging to her. Is this what they mean by feng shui reversal?”


When Gu Yanhao returned, it was one hour later. He opened the door and walked in, carrying a food container in his hand. Seeing Song Wuyou was lying with her eyes closed on the bed, he lightened his footsteps as he approached the bedside.

Standing straight, he eyes gazed down on Song Wuyou’s sleeping face.

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