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Chapter 123: Imperial Consort Song

She was refusing him… The eyes she gazed at him with were no longer the same drowning pools of obsession, but plain old indifference. He could’ve overpowered her with dominance, forcefully bathing her…but he was afraid it would only make her hate him more.

Gu Yanhao returned to the chair and sat down, in deep thought as he stared at the locked bathroom door. Ah De walked in at this time. Sensing a new presence, Gu Yanhao’s eyes turned sharp and cold as he looked over.

“Young Master,” Ah De hurried to Gu Yanhao’s side.


“I managed to get my hands on Mrs. Jier’s hair.” Pitiful Ah De had followed Mrs. Jier for an entire day and night. It was only when she went to the hair salon to have her hair cut that Ah De managed to ‘wrestle’ sample of her hair from the there.

Gu Yanhao’s cold eyes shifted onto the pillow Song Wuyou had slept on earlier. On the surface, a few hairs were left behind. His hands reached out, picking up two strands of hair and passing them to Ah De. His expression was frostier than the cold winter: “Get it to me the in the shortest time.”

Ah De received the strands of hair, carefully placing them into a small transparent plastic bag.

“Young Master, I found out who Dongfang Xuan is.” A small strange light flickered past Ah De’s eyes.

Sharp light gleamed in Gu Yanhao’s eyes: “Speak!”

“It’s X Dynasty Emperor’s pet name. This information is almost buried away…”

Hearing Ah De’s words, Gu Yanhao stared at him coldly, “I want you to investigate present day Dongfang Xuan’s, not the ancient Dongfang Xuan,” furthermore, not someone who has been dead more than thirty thousand years.

Ah De persisted with an aggrieved expression, “I’ve already checked, there’s no one named Dongfang Xuan in the modern day.”

“Continue to investigate!”

Ah De nodded: “Yes.”

As an afterthought, Gu Yanhao instructed, “Prepare a detailed report on the X Dynasty’s Emperor for me.”



After Ah De left, Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed in the bathroom’s direction.
From the bathroom came sounds of water running down the shower, proving the person inside was already taking a shower.


At this moment, the mobile he placed on the nightstand rang. Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow rounded up as he checked the screen. It was a text message from Ah De.

Opening the message, he found information on X Dynasty’s Emperor. Hence, Gu Yanhao started reading. Slowly, seriously, word by word he read. This information, when compared to the information that came out from the auctioneer’s mouth about Imperial Consort Song… held discrepancies.

In the information Ah De gave, X Dynasty’s Empress was not Imperial Consort Song. She was bestowed the title posthumously. Even Gu Yanhao didn’t know how he finished reading the entire dossier, because truth be told, he had not an iota of interest in history. He had the brains for business, but he was far from all-knowing when it came to history.

After reading what was written , Gu Yanhao was suddenly very interested in this X Dynasty. This was a very detailed report of the Emperor, from the warring period and after. What made Gu Yanhao interested was the fact that beside the Emperor was an Imperial Consort Song that fought with him through it all. This woman was someone who didn’t conform to the ancient rules, shedding the restrictions placed on women in that era and making numerous meritorious contributions.

After he finished reading the information, Gu Yanhao stared dazedly at his mobile screen. Ah De had checked for so long, and the result was this singular Dongfang Xuan. Gu Yanhao thought of the sentence Song Wuyou said before she fainted, and it made his frown deepened. Who was the Dongfang Xuan in her mouth? The assassin that killed the previous President? Or the person who harmed the singer, Yang Xiaolan? No matter who it was, with Ah De’s capability, finding out was not beyond the realms of possibility…

Suddenly, the sounds of water coming from the bathroom stopped.
Gu Yanhao raised his lids; the person inside was done.

He had decided. They would have a nice chat once Song Wuyou comes out.

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