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Chapter 124: Gu Yanhao, You Rogue

Five minutes later and the person inside still hadn’t walked out. Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow arched up: How long does it take to put on two pieces of clothing?

Err, Gu Yanhao nearly forgot, her arm was injured. Recalling this, Gu Yanhao exposed a charming smile as the corner of his lips tilted slightly. He rose and strolled to the bathroom door, raising his hand to knock lightly on the door.

Inside the bathroom, Song Wuyou, in a flustered manner, quickly asked, “What?!”

“How long does it take you to have a shower? Gu Yanhao’s low, rich voice came from the other side of the door.

“I’m already done!” Due to haste, Song Wuyou blurted out honestly words that she didn’t necessarily want to reveal.

“If you’re already done, why haven’t you come out?”

“Squatting toilet!”


Fine, let her squat in peace…but, does she need that long?

Another five minutes passed, yet Song Wuyou hadn’t emerged from the bathroom. Gu Yanhao once again knocked on the bathroom door. “Song Wuyou, if you don’t come out soon, I’ll break the door and go in.”

“Gu Yanhao, you’re so hateful!” Song Wuyou on the other side wasn’t even near the squatting toilet. The problem was that she couldn’t put her bra on~

“If you don’t come out, I will break in and do things that are even more hateful.” The corner of Gu Yanhao’ lips rose as he patiently  ‘guarded’ on the other side of the door.

“Go call a nurse for me.” Song Wuyou felt like crying a river of tears.

Gu Yanhao became nervous upon hearing that. He wrinkled his brows as he asked: “What is it?”

“Don’t ask so many questions, just go call a nurse for me, a female nurse.”

“This hospital only has female nurses.” Gu Yanhao stated. When Song Wuyou made such a specific request, Gu Yanhao guessed what was up. The sound of water had stopped so long but she wasn’t coming out? It must be because she couldn’t put on clothes by herself.

“Quickly go call for me!”

“Okay.” The bewitching smile returned to Gu Yanhao’s face. Coincidentally, a nurse walked in to check on the patient. Gu Yanhao curled his index finger at that nurse.  The nurse took in Gu Yanhao’s perfect smile and his cool appearance, and her face became red as she walked over.

“Someone’s looking for you inside.” Gu Yanhao said while pointing a finger at the bathroom door. The nurse was in a cloud of confusion. Someone was looking for her inside there?

Gu Yanhao knocked on the door, announcing: “Song Wuyou, the nurse is here!”

Song Wuyou didn’t believe him, “You’re lying, how can it be so quick.”

Hearing Song Wuyou’s voice, the nurse smiled sweetly and asked with a concerned voice, “Miss Song, do you need my help?” Hearing that there really was a nurse, she quickly opened the door with a clank.

Who knew the moment the door opened, Gu Yanhao’s tall silhouette would slip in?

“You can get back to your work.” Gu Yanhao said to the nurse before closing the door .

Nurse: “…………”

“Gu Yanhao, you rogue!” Seeing that the person entering was Gu Yanhao, Song Wuyou quickly grabbed the clothes hanging on the rack to cover her breasts.

Gu Yanhao blocked the entire doorway, watching Song Wuyou with interest, asking on purpose, “Can you put on clothes by yourself?”

She’d managed to put on the pants. Song Wuyou turned red from embarrassment, “Get out!”

“Can you do it yourself if I go out?” Gu Yanhao observed her with a funny expression.

Song Wuyou looked at him with cold indifference to cover her awkwardness, “Send the nurse in and I can get dressed.”

“Why can’t I do what the nurse was going to do?” Gu Yanhao found the situation ludicrous.

“You’re a man.”

“I’m your husband.”


“Your body, only I can see it. The nurse is not qualified.” Every curve on her body was perfect. Gu Yanhao only managed a quick glimpse, but it was enough to make him go slightly weak.

His words made Song Wuyou burn even redder. Glaring at Gu Yanhao, she snapped, “I’ll do it myself!”

“If you could do it yourself, then you wouldn’t have locked yourself in here for so long.”

“………….” So embarrassing.

“I’ll help you.” With fluid actions, Gu Yanhao picked up the brassiere hanging on the rack while his other hand removed Song Wuyou’s hand that was pressing against her chest. With her hand pulled away, a gust of cold air brushed against her skin. Two cute, full, soft bosoms shook a little, just like this, exposed before Gu Yanhao in all its glory.

Song Wuyou’s face was burning red from embarrassment, wishing she could just drill into a hole.

Gu Yanhao looked down. Seeing her proud peaks, his pupils darkened and his throat tightened as he swallowed. An electric shock ran up his spine.

Song Wuyou glared at him, giving him that look as if she wanted to swallow him whole. “What are you looking at? Quickly help me.” Song Wuyou turned her body around.

Gu Yanhao regained his senses and looked away, teasing, “Didn’t know your body was so mesmerizing.”

“I’m cold.” Song Wuyou stated coldly.

Gu Yanhao replied happily, “Too bad. I feel hot.” Though his mouth was taking advantage, his hands moved agilely as he helped her with the bra.

When the man’s warm hands slid across her skin, Song Wuyou stiffened nervously. With her left arm in a hard cast, it made it hard for her to ease her breasts into the bra.  Gu Yanhao leaned closer as he gently raised her casted left arm, his movements soft and gentle as he put the bra on her. When the skin of his palm brushed against her breasts, Song Wuyou shivered involuntarily. Her head snapped around and she glared at him.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’m just helping you put on your bra and I won’t do anything else.” Gu Yanho flashed her a seductive smile, yet his voice was low and throaty, and his eyes unconsciously swept over her breasts many times over. His throat felt dry, and hot blood surged to his…uh… brain.

“………..” Song Wuyou was speechless. Did he want to do something else, too? The situation only made Song Wuyou turn redder from burning shame. She raised her eyes and saw Gu Yanhao staring at her, and her heart raced, beating loudly.

A shiver ran down her spine to her toes when their skin came in contact. There was an inexplicable feeling rising inside of her that she was unable to resist.

“Nice shape…you’ve developed well,” he commented while cupping her breasts into the bra.


Her sudden moan, in Gu Yanhao’s ears, was like the call of a siren. His lower abdomen tightened, causing him to nearly lose his self-control and to take her there and then in the bathroom. His pupils darkened, turning a rich obsidian whirlpool of black.

Song Wuyou wanted to scold him for being shameless, but when she met with the thick dark desire swirling in the depth of his eyes, her words became stuck in her throat. It was as if his eyes contained a spell; the longer one looked into them, the more one was unable to break free.

Song Wuyou suddenly bent her head, her eyes focused on his chest instead. Pursing her lips, shyness turned to annoyance and anger, “Quickly put it on and be done with it!”

Didn’t he say he would only help her put it on and do nothing else? Truly, a man’s word cannot be trusted! Gu Yanhao was like this, Dongfang Xuan was one too.

“The way you look now is very lovely.” Finishing his task, Gu Yanhao pinched her red rosy cheeks.

Suppressing the comfortable feeling, Song Wuyou glowered at him, “This is the first time you’ve said I’m ‘lovely’. You usually use ‘annoying’ to describe me.”

This remark made Gu Yanhao’s eyes turn a shade darker that was sharp, but his answer was shameless nonetheless: “Did I? I don’t remember.”

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