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Chapter 125: You Cannot Do Intense Exercise As Yet.

“That’s how men are, always forgetting what they have said,” Song Wuyou said with obvious contempt in her voice.

Gu Yanhao fixed her blouse before putting it on her. “Done,” Gu Yanhao announced with a calm face. The frustrated desire look on his face swiftly vanished without a trace.

Song Wuyou turned around, wanting to go out…but Gu Yanhao pulled her back, saying, “I’ll carry you.”

Song Wuyou was irritated, “It’s just a few steps. I’m not an old lady.”

“The doctor said you cannot do intense exercise.”

“I’ll walk slowly, that is not intense exercise.” Song Wuyou felt powerless against his reasons. She turned back, shot Gu Yanhao an indifferent look, raised her feet and walked out.

Gu Yanhao watched her back, feeling somewhat wronged. This woman…

Song Wuyou dried her hair and then climbed into bed. The entire time, Gu Yanhao sat on the chair next to the bed, watching her with a dark expression. From coming out of the bathroom, ‘til she dried hair thoroughly, ‘til she climbed to bed, this woman never once open her mouth to talk to him,

Gu Yanhao observed her; did she really give up on him?

Song Wuyou laid on the bed to rest but there wasn’t an ounce of drowsiness. She stared blankly at the ceiling, looking bored.

“Can’t sleep?” Gu Yanhao asked.

“En,” was Song Wuyou’s simple answer.

“Song Wuyou, let us chat a little,” Gu Yanhao suggested as he crossed one long leg over the other.

Song Wuyou turned to the side with a baffled expression, “Talk about what?”

“I told Ah De to check on this Dongfang Xuan person…” Gu Yanhao began, his eyes focused on her face, not missing even a minuscule reaction.

Song Wuyou’s heart tightened within. On the surface, however, her expression remained the same, “Oh…”

Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow went up to his forehead, “You’re not curious about the result?”

Without really looking at him, Song Wuyou asked, “How was it? Did you find the person?”

“Dongfang Xuan, X Dynasty’s Emperor.”

Song Wuyou’s mind hummed with dizziness. Although she did her best to control her facial expressions in front of Gu Yanhao, when her pupils shrunk noticeably after hearing Dongfang Xuan’s name, she was still caught by him.

Watching her unusual reaction, Gu Yanhao’s eyes sank. Could it really be that sheㅡ

“This result is really beyond expectation,” Song Wuyou said calmly with a faint smile.

“Right, that means there’s no one called Dongfang Xuan here in the modern day?” Gu Yanhao sounded slightly depressed, however, inwardly, a surging tide was crashing in his heart.

“Maybe because this name doesn’t sound nice.” Song Wuyou pursed her lips.

Gu Yanhao played along, agreeing with her, “Yes, this really doesn’t sound nice. Those who are surnamed Dongfang are small in number.”

“…………” Song Wuyou’s manner remained taciturn.

“Song Wuyou, before you fainted, you said something to me,“ Gu Yanhao continued looking at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou was surprised, “What did I say?”

“Dongfang Xuan, I beg you not to execute my nine familial connections.”

“…….!!!!!” Song Wuyou’s pupils shrunk.

Gu Yanhao’s lips curved into a sarcastic smile, “I’ve checked. There are no games online with a character named Dongfang Xuan.”

“……….” Song Wuyou blinked, looking at him. What is he trying to tell her?

“So tell me the name of the online game that you usually play.”

A stab of guilt hit Song Wuyou: “I play many different games.”

“Really?” Gu Yanhao pursued, a mysterious smile hanging on his lips.

“I’m very sleepy. Don’t disturb me, I want to sleep quietly.” With a turn of her body, Song Wuyou faced the other side.

On the other side, Song Wuyou frowned slightly; he’s already suspicious?

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