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Chapter 126: Dreamt Song Wuyou was Imperial Consort Song

She didn’t expect Gu Yanhao would be so capable as to find out who Dongfang Xuan was. Biting her lower lip, Song Wuyou wondered if the sentence she blurted out unconsciously made him suspicious? At this moment she truly regretted letting go of the reins. It was basically digging a hole for herself ah. She already knew this body was physically weak, so why did she still allow herself to be thrown off the horseback?

Look at the result: not only did she need to be admitted to the hospital, she was even being suspected.

Look, she wanted Gu Yanhao to blame Song Jiuyue, but there wasn’t a word of blame towards Song Jiuyue at all. That person likes Song Jiuyue so much, why would he blame her just because she pulled the hair of a horse? Song Wuyou felt like she’d lifted a stone and smashed her own feet this time. She was so stupid.

At the back, Gu Yanhao was still watching her in the same posture, long leg crossed over the other, his eyes growing gloomier by the minute―


On this particular night, not only did Song Wuyou fail to get some shuteye, Gu Yanhao was awake most of the night, too. One laid on the bed, and one laid on the sofa, both deep in thought and utterly confused until finally morning arrived.

Almost at the same instant light shone through the window, Gu Yanhao jumped up from the sofa. His usually sharp eyes narrowed and his brows scrunched together. Not knowing when, at some point during the night, he actually fell asleep and had a dream.

A very strange dream.

He saw that he was the X Dynasty’s Emperor, and Song Wuyou was Imperial Consort Song―

“Cough, cough…”

Song Wuyou’s coughing sound pulled him back to the present.

Gu Yanhao looked up, straight at Song Wuyou. She was curled up on the bed like a ball, coughing nonstop.

The night passed in a hazy manner for she couldn’t sleep due to messy thoughts crowding her mind.

She could not deeply sleep because her mind was messy, and when she managed to close her eyes, she was shrouded in strange dreams the entire night. When morning came, her throat felt itchy. Coughing helped relieved it a little.

“Cough, cough…. Cough, cough….”

When her coughs didn’t seem to end, Gu Yanhao got up swiftly and came to the bedside in large strides. He leaned over, the hand grasping her shoulder was also shaking due to the force of her coughing, “Song Wuyou?” The moment his hand touched her, Gu Yanhao was shocked and his hand flew to her forehead.

She’s running a high fever!

Moving her body over, Gu Yanhao checked her face. Indeed, her face was flushing red.  “You have a high fever!” A trace of worry flashed across Gu Yanhao’s eyes.

“……..” She had a fever. No wonder her head felt terrible… and those strange dreams too.

“I’m calling the doctor.” Gu Yanhao carefully moved her to her bedhead while the other hand pressed the call button next to it.

“So uncomfortable…” Song Wuyou mumbled incoherently, leaning against his chest.

“It’ll be better once the doctor comes.” His heart ached for her, his big hands caressing her temple and face again and again.

“Cough, cough…” Another bout of coughs attacked. Song Wuyou made an effort to look up, catching sight of Gu Yanhao. Seeing the worried and distressed on his face, she smiled feebly, asking in her weak voice, “You are worried about me?”

“You’re my wife. If I’m not worried about you, who would I be worried about?”

“Gu Yanhao, didn’t you find me annoying, want to divorce me?”

An eyebrow arched up on the man’s face. Stupid woman. If he found her annoying, would he have married her?

“Your fever is peaking and you still have time to think about these things?”

“Last night, I had a very strange dream.”

Hearing this, Gu Yanhao stiffened nervously, “What kind of dream?”

“I died, and my soul floated to another world.”

“Nonsense!” He snapped, “Death is death, what soul nonsense!”

Song Wuyou grinned wryly, “It was a dream….”

“Dreams usually happen in the opposite direction. You dreamed that you died, which means you will recover very quickly.”

“I hope so….”

Seconds later, the on duty doctor arrived, giving Song Wuyou a full check-up.

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