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Chapter 127: Mu Gu Made Beggar’s Chicken

Song Wuyou’s fever was due to the wound on her left arm being infected. It had been dislocated, suffered a flesh wound, and in the end, infected. This reason surprised Gu Yanhao. Her hand had already been wrapped in a hard gypsum cast, so how could it be infected? Could it be Song Wuyou accidentally wet the cast when she showered last night?

After the doctor left, Gu Yanhao looked sternly at Song Wuyou, “You’re not allowed to shower this evening.”

“I didn’t plan to shower anyway.” She was already burning with fever to this degree, where would she find the energy to shower?

Not taking long, a nurse returned to the room with oral medication and IV. While Gu Yanhao fed her the medicine, the nurse started the IV drip, then went on to clean her infected wound. Seeing her red and swollen arm and the bloody water flowing out made Gu Yanhao’s eyes turned gloomy. It must have hurt very badly for it to get so swollen! A cold glint shone in his eyes.

This damn woman!

After cleaning the wound, the nurse made a new cast on Song Wuyou’s arm. When it was done, the nurse left and Song Wuyou laid on the bed, whiling away time. She watched the solution drip down, drop by drop, from the transparent IV bag in the stand by the bedside.

“What are you thinking?” Gu Yanhao asked solemnly.

“Nothing really,” Song Wuyou gave a nonchalant answer.

“Do you want to eat something?”

“There’s a slightly bitter taste  in my mouth, don’t feel like eating anything.”

“No.” Gu Yanhao was stern. “Eat a little even if you have no appetite. You won’t get better quickly if you don’t eat.”

“Then what are you asking me for? You should have just bought something for me to eat.” Song Wuyou was not in the mood to talk.

“Millet gruel?” he tempted.

“En.” In the end, her mouth felt bland and tasteless, anything would be the same.

“I’ll go and buy it now.” Gu Yanhao stood up and grabbed the jacket on the sofa.


“Stay obediently on the bed, don’t move around.” Before leaving, Gu Yanhao wasn’t assured, thus he reminded again.

“………” Song Wuyou couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. She was hooked to an IV, where was she going to go?

Roughly three minutes after Gu Yanhao left, Mu Gu arrived, carrying a traditional- looking food container.

Not seeing Gu Yanhao, he asked in surprise, “Where’s Ah Hao?”

“Went out to buy porridge for me.” Song Wuyou looked at him, frowning slightly.

Mu Gu stood close to the head of the bed, swaying the food container in his hands while asking, “Wuyou, guess what delicious food I brought for you today?”

Because of her fever, Song Wuyou looked lacking in enthusiasm. Her voice sounded aloof: “Beggar’s Chicken.”

Mu Gu was surprised: “How did you know?”

Song Wuyou smiled weakly, “I smelled it.”

Dumbfounded, Mu Gu repeated, “You smelled it?”

He moved the container close to his nose and sniffed a few times, “I wrapped it so well. There is only a very faint smell, but  even this you can smell? Do you have a dog’s nose.”

Opening the container, a light flickered in Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes, “Come and see if the Beggar’s Chicken I made is good.”

When the cover opened, a familiar scent filled the room. A wave of nostalgia hit Song Wuyou as she turned over, staring fixedly at the chicken inside. The color and fragrance, everything felt the same. Almost the same as the one she’d made in the past.

“i tore it into smaller pieces; smaller pieces should be more convenient for your to eat.” Mu Gu placed the container right in front of Song Wuyou.

There was a complicated feeling inside Song Wuyou as she stared at the chicken dish in front of her, and her eyes grew misty.  “You also know how to make Beggar’s Chicken?” Her voice choked.

“Just a small thing, how difficult could it be?” Watching her only stare, Mu Gu simply brought a piece of chicken meat to her mouth. Smelling the tantalizing fragrance wafting from the chicken meat, Song Wuyou’s appetite was rekindled, making her mouth water. She knew she wasn’t supposed to eat chicken while running a high fever, but she missed the taste of it. Unable to resist, her lips parted and she ate the chicken Mu Gu fed her.

“How is it?” There was a smiling anticipation in Mu Gu’s sparkling peach blossom eyes.


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